Heres your news for July 23 2019.
WWE’S RAW Reunion is officially in the
history books and did it live up
to the expectations? Let’s see!!
Celebrating the Superstars from the
show’s twenty-six years,
this week’s RAW culminated in all the
legends appearing at the end,
to give a toast to Monday night RAW
Appearing alone in the ring, ‘Stone
Cold’ Steve Austin spoke highly
of the company and his fellow legends,
who looked on from the entrance ramp.
The usually emotionless Rattlesnake
also took the time to thank the legends,
the fans, and the crew, describing them
as part of the WWE family.
The Attitude Era star revealed that he’d
had an eventful day to say the least,
recording an episode of his podcast
with Hulk Hogan, meeting up with
old legends and sharing some stories
with the Nature Boy Ric Flair.
And yes, there was plenty of
beer drunk during the day.
Speaking of the beverage, Austin
ended the show with a toast to Tampa,
the United States and the rest of the
world, as the legends
joined him in the ring.
An amazing moment that showed just
how much fun WWE can be,
the toast was perhaps the best segment
during the entire three-hour show,
a show that had already had some
historic moments and great matches.
Austin had plenty of Steveweisers to
share with his fellow legends,
and though plenty of people got soaked
in the beer bash, notably
Lilian Garcia, we’re sure the former
ring announcer wouldn’t have
had things any other way.
A fantastic end to an otherwise average
show, that being said, tonight’s
RAW definitely led to an increase
in viewership.
Though Austin’s toast to WWE at the end
of the show was a feel-good moment,
there was plenty of shocks and surprises
along the way, though perhaps the most
shocking moment was seeing a current
Impact Wrestling star appear in WWE.
During a match between Rey Mysterio
and Sami Zayn, Rob Van Dam appeared,
flanked by The Hurricane, Kurt Angle and
Rey Mysterio, who watched intently
to make sure that Zayn didn’t try to
leave, during the match.
This plan clearly worked as Zayn would
end up losing to Mysterio, who would
defeat the former NXT Champion with
RVD’s very own five-star frog splash.
What many fans didn’t really understand
was, WHY RVD was in his gear?
According to PW Insider, Van Dam received
special permission from Impact
Wrestling to appear at RAW Reunion,
despite being under contract.
A former World Champion for both
companies, RVD’s presence on RAW was
certainly welcome, as the athletic
Superstar was such a big part of

the show for so many years.
Despite being a part of the Alliance when
he debuted back in 2001, Van Dam
was always loved by the crowd, and this
love would continue throughout his
years on the red brand.
Though the idea of a contracted Impact
Wrestling star appearing on RAW is
shocking, Mr. Monday Night isn’t the first
Superstar to do something like this.
Earlier this year, Rhyno appeared under
a mask at Impact’s Slammiversary
pay per view, despite being a WWE
Superstar, though the man beast
has said
he intends to leave when his
contract expires.
According to PW Insider, Van Dam’s
contract with Impact runs through Bound
for Glory this October, so don’t expect the
Whole Damn Show to be appearing
again on Monday Night RAW any
time soon.
Whilst the WWE’s RAW Reunion ended
well, this did not come easy, as the
company apparently had to jump over
many hurdles just to get the show together.
According to Dave Meltzer, many segments
for the Reunion had to be changed
at the last minute, reportedly due to
medical not allowing the
original plans to happen.
Whilst there’s no word on what exactly
was blocked by medical exactly, it can
be assumed that it was due to the
condition of some of the legends,
as though
many of them are still in incredible shape,
it’ll have been years, if not decades,
since they last took a bump.
WWE brought in tons of legends for the
WWE Raw Reunion show.
We’ll let you know what each
returning star did!
John Cena: Cut a promo, and had
a rap battle with the Usos, then
interacted with Rikishi
Rikishi: Cut a promo along with his sons,
The Usos. Managed them to a
win over The Revival.
Booker T: Commentary on
Usos vs. Revival.
D-Von Dudley: Seconded The Revival
to the ring for their loss to The Usos.
Torrie Wilson: Talked backstage with Alicia
Fox and Santino. Was seen in the
catering room later.
Jillian Hall: Was in a catering room.
Christian: Commentary on Viking Raiders
vs. Hawkins & Ryder. Did WWE
digital interview with Sarah Schreiber.
Eric Bischoff: Was recruiting wrestlers to
Smackdown in the catering room
Lilian Garcia: Ring announcing Viking
Raiders vs. Hawkins & Ryder.
Jimmy Hart: Cut a promo backstage with
Hulk Hogan, was in a catering room.
Eve Torres: Gave Mike Kanellis
parenting advice.
Santino Marella: Spoke with Alicia Fox
and Torrie Wilson backstage,
but was ran off by Drew McIntyre.
Pat Patterson: Won the WWE 24/7
Title from Drake Maverick,
losing it to Gerald Brisco.
Gerald Brisco: Won the WWE 24/7
Title from Pat Patterson,
lost it to Kelly Kelly.
Kelly Kelly: Won the WWE 24/7 Title
from Gerald Brisco.
The Boogeyman: Spooked out Drake
Maverick backstage in the locker room.
The Godfather: Showed up and danced
with Charly Caruso. Didn’t say “ho.”
Kaitlyn: Spoke with Alicia Fox and Dana
Brooke backstage. Was in catering.
Kurt Angle: Broke up argument between
Sami Zayn and Rey Mysterio,
suggested they have a match. Kept
Sami Zayn from running out on his
match with Mysterio.
Candice Michelle: Beat Kelly Kelly for the
WWE 24/7 title, lost it to Alundra Blaze.
Alundra Blaze: Beat Candice Michelle
for the WWE 24/7 title. Sold the
title to Ted Dibiase.
Melina: Reffed two WWE 24/7
title matches.
Rob Van Dam,the Hurricane and
Sgt. Slaughter Kept Sami Zayn
from running out on his match
with Mysterio.
“The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase:
Bought the WWE 24/7 Title from
Alundra Blaze. Lost it to Drake
Jerry “The King” Lawler: Commentary
on AJ Syles vs. Seth Rollins.
DX (Triple H and Shawn Michaels):
Supported Seth Rollins.
Brawled with the Club.
The Kliq and DX (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall,
Road Dogg, X-Pac):
Supported DX, ran off the Club.
Mick Foley: Got attacked by Bray Wyatt.
Mark Henry: Stood on the stage for
the Raw toast.
Hulk Hogan: Appeared for the Raw
toast and cut a promo.
Ric Flair: Showed up for the Raw toast
alongside Hulk Hogan
Moving on, the WWE can be a difficult
place to work backstage.
It can also be extremely frustrating, as
history has shown Vince McMahon
will fire someone over a small infraction,
and last week, two of the company’s
longest tenuring writers were
sent packing.
A report by Pro Wrestling Sheet has
revealed that SmackDown co lead writer
Steve Guerreri, and RAW lead writer Steve
Oppenheim have been let go.
Guerreri was with the company since 2011,
whilst Oppenheim joined in 2012,
and worked in WWE’s headquarters
in Stanford.
According to the report, the termination of
these two wasn’t connected to
Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, and
Bischoff isn’t set to take over on the blue
brand until later this week.
Back to RAW Reunion now and though
many of the legends had a blast,
one Superstar who wasn’t so lucky
was Mick Foley,
who fell victim to Bray Wyatt.
During the show, the Hardcore legend
appeared in the ring to talk about
his favourite moments, but was stopped
when the lights went out, and the
Fiend appeared behind him.
Adding insult to injury, Wyatt used
Foley’s own Mandible claw finisher
against him, causing the Best selling author
to pass out in the ring, whilst
Wyatt’s voice played on the speakers.
Since his return last week where he
attacked Finn Balor, Wyatt has shown
no remorse for his actions, and though it
seems that no Superstar, past or
present is safe from the eater of worlds,
this attack on Foley was easily one
of the best segments during the
three hour show.
And finally, today we’re looking back at
the 24/7 Championship, as the new
title went on quite a journey during the
RAW Reunion.
From the moment R-Truth entered the
arena, he was a wanted man, and it wasn’t
long until he was ambushed by Drake
Maverick during an interview.

Pinning the rapping Superstar, Maverick
won the title for the third time, and
kicked off the first of many, many, many
title changes during the show.
Attempting to escape, presumably to
finally consummate his marriage to
wife Renee Michelle, Maverick wouldn’t
get far as after seeing the
Boogeyman, the British Superstar would
be scared witless,
collapsing on the floor.
An easy target for anyone who walked
past, it was WWE Hall of
Famer Pat Patterson who got lucky,
pinning Maverick to win the 24/7 title,
nearly 20 years after the Canadian became
the Hardcore champion back in 2000.
Not only that, but Patterson made
history during RAW Reunion,
as at 78 years old, Patterson is
now the oldest person to
ever win a title in WWE.
Unfortunately for the record breaker,
his reign would be
short lived, as later on during the show,
we saw Gerald Brisco with the title,
as it seems the stooges turned on each
other over the 24/7 title.
As the third new champion on the show,
Brisco would only get a few feet
before he was attacked by Kelly Kelly,
who won the title, becoming the very
first woman to win the gold.
Backstage, Kelly tried to celebrate her win
with Candice Michelle and Melina,
but was shocked to discover that Melina
had trained to become a referee.
Before she knew what was happening,
Kelly was attacked by Candice,
who became the 5th person to win the
gold during the show.
Much like the others though, Michelle’s
reign wouldn’t last long,
as she would be attacked by Alundra
Blayze, who made her tap out,
the first time the title has changed
hands via submission.
Heading to the stage, Blayze threatened
to put the title in the trash,
something she had done to the WWF
Women’s title when she jumped
to WCW in December 1995, but was
interrupted by the
Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.
Proving his mantra that everyone does
indeed have a price, DiBiase
bought the title from Blayze, making
the affluent Superstar
the new champion,
as well as Blayze a wealthy woman.

Planning on leaving the show in style,
DiBiase got into a limo, (of course),
but was ambushed by Maverick,
who won the title from him,
making Drake now a four-time
Attempting to escape once again, Maverick
was chased all over the arena,
and though Mick Foley made a terrible
attempt to grab him,
the British Superstar made it back to
them limo, where his wife
was waiting for him.
Unfortunately for the champion, Renee
wasn’t the only one waiting for him,
as R-Truth re-appeared, and after attacking
the British star, won the title for the
tenth time, escaping the show with the
title he had lost at the start,
with Maverick’s wife still in the limo.
Like most weeks, the 24/7 title
escapades was definitely a
highlight to the show, as it seems fans
have finally gotten behind
the new title after some initial backlash.
Having Truth somehow leave Tampa as the
champion was certainly a surprise,
but it seems only a matter of time before the
rapping Superstar loses the gold,
one more time.
So, what is the final verdict of the
WWE Raw Reunion?
Well, obviously it was a massive event
with some hits but many misses!
It was fun to see the legends again, and
Austin certainly did a great job
at the end of the show with his toast.
Though we’ve had a lot of good things
to say about the show
we can’t help but feel disappointed that
WWE didn’t do a big angle
to keep fans tuning in next week.
In addition, getting to see a Stunner by
Austin would have been good,
fans including us wanted KO and Austin
share the ring and give some
stunners to some bad guys!!!
Though many legends were there, only
so many were actually used,
as even top names like Ric Flair did
little but just strut around,
as it seemed that the WWE was ready
to congratulate itself for just
having legends appear, without giving
many of them an actual reason
to be a part of the show.
Despite this though, it’s clear that
the WWE and the legends
were having fun, and whilst the show
was objectively great, the company
clearly has things it can improve upon,
if they do another reunion, next year.
Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
comments below
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