Why James McAvoy shaved his balls… ⚽⚽😳 – BBC

Why James McAvoy shaved his balls… ⚽⚽😳 – BBC

Weirdly, because of this movie and
X-Men, you have no hair a lot.
Like, you’re bald…
I’m very smooth a lot of the time.
No hair!
Are you scared that eventually your
hair will get tired of growing back?
If you want to look closely,
you’ll see that it might be.
Oh no, is it getting
a little fatigued?
Getting to the age of 40, pal,
it’s receding,
it’s receding – cannae lie.
Yeah, I quite like it,
though, to be honest.
I quite like shaving my head.
OK. So, you do quite like shaving.
How old were you when you used
your grandfather’s razor?
Uh-oh. I don’t know,
how old was I, Granda?
Oh, is he here? Is someone here?
I can’t remember what age I was.
Where’s your Grandad?
Don’t look at me!
I think I might have been about…
12 or 13, I don’t know.
No, I was younger than that.
I was getting pubes.
Oh! OK! Well…
I’d gone past the point of one,
gone past the point of two,
gone past the point of three,
I tried the plait.
Wait, you’re shaving the..?
I basically got enough
of them that I thought,
“I don’t know if I want
this for my future”.
So, I thought “I’m going to…”
I was bored one day and I saw my
grandad’s razor and I thought,
“I’ll have a bang at that.”
And I started to shave them off.
I…did it badly
and I stopped quickly
and I cut myself a little bit.
Yeah, you were bleeding!
And so, I got some tissue
and I dabbed it and I was like…
There was blood on it
and I chucked it in the toilet,
cleaned everything up
and I went up the stairs.
And about ten minutes later,
I just hear, “James, James!”
And I’m, like, come to the top
of the stairs, “Uh-huh?”
“Can you come down here
for a wee minute, son?”
And I was like, “Um, what’s up?” And
they were like, “You all right?”
And I was like, “Yeah,
I’m fine – why, what’s up?”
And they were like,
“Are you all right?”
And I was like,
“Yeah, I’m all right.”
And they’re like, “James, are you
OK?” And I’m like, “I’m all right.”
And they were like, “There’s blood
in the toilet and there’s blood on
“your Grandad’s razor,” and I think
they were worried I was doing
something to my wrists or
something like that. Oh no!
“Show us your wrists!”
“I never did anything!”
“Show us your wrists!”
“I wasn’t doing anything!”
“What were you doing?”
“I was shaving my balls!”
The look…
The look on their faces
was kind of like it is now.
There was a stunned silence
and a… “You what?”
And after they collected themselves,
my granny sort of took me aside
and explained to me things
about hygiene and how he’s
going to be using that on
his face and stuff like that. Oh.
Good point, Granny.

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100 thoughts on “Why James McAvoy shaved his balls… ⚽⚽😳 – BBC

  1. It really angers me when people go 'awwn' when they're introduced to someone's grandparents. It's incredibly patronising. They're just old, not retarded (not that you should 'awn' at or in any way patronise the mentally challenged, mind). They're just people who happen to be old, they're not a cute fluffy kitten you see on someone's lap. Utterly ridiculous behaviour.

  2. James, Richard, and Sarah were a really great group. I thought all three of them were really funny together and seemed a lot more comfortable with each other than some couches I've seen. They were all laughing their way through the episode and seemed like they were actually listening to each other.

  3. This is hilarious! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£ This is the best story I have heard! James is hilarious!

  4. Omg he's actually telling a story about shaving his balls on tv πŸ™‡πŸ™‡ her reaction is me tho OH…?oh…Ok… when he call granda it's so adorable tho his voice.

  5. 2:01 – 2:06 reminds of me of that 'Tell me what to do? – I don't know what to do" part in the Dark Phoenix trailer on loop. THumbs up if you know what I'm talking about …

  6. When I am at my lowest point, I will think of James McAvoy's smooth ballsack, and it will sustain me.

  7. So good to know that James grandfather is still alive.. I lost both of my grandfather when I was still young

  8. This story is up there with Patrick Stewart's story about not knowing whether he was or wasn't circumcised as my favorite Graham Norton guest stories! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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