Why Is CNN Defending Fox News Channel?

let’s go to howard kurtz kissing his
embryonic opening promoting the post and there you have a conversation at the
about whether you know boxes straight news are
not and and then a carpenter who’s a
conservative com theater will jump in for a stand let’s listen now to eight but let me give you my concerns here
which is that this is also poll right now you happen to be mission impossible
greatest news organization or a threat to western civilization hiatt criticized things that are willing to set it up and
he has said certainly on this program i told glenn beck that he was being
offensive when he was more to the ad for muscle member of congress i had the same
time i don’t think that entire organization should be judged by a few comedies anymore than i think
it’s very jed c_n_n_ by the things that we don’t have to look at some of the
people of fox wrote as a manger major garrett used to work a c_n_n_ bill
hemmer here’s to work at c_n_n_ greta van susteren used to work at c_n_n_
chris wallace used to work at a_b_c_ n_b_c_ the bill drink the cooley when
they went there no yeltsin’s boxes reflexive opposition to obama believes in today’s
news coverage as you were saying nico but i don’t think it’s fair to argue on
the same brush one of a denon well i i i mean i think it does i think you can get
a little too moderate relook at take their flagship uh… uh… news program
special report would prepare george mason university study eighty
percent of the coverage is negative basis so far the for obama towards the
end of the uh… the opinion ranting on that note just the first thirty minutes
on have taken control of the some parts
from san diego on anybody we do now paper but have no doubt that i know i
mean if you talk about their about this is not fair and balanced in the news
coverage if it’s not just backing him even had a lot of any info on it welcome i think that now that you are you seriously that box
is just how to cover all bali eighty percent negative because there’s been a
lot about this outlet that we could use a go back there
all are bad news that delicate years at then tacitly strictly there are content was at its top edges
that every indicator of social well-being was at the top of the
nineteen nineties from ninety six a two thousand all flights newt news that was negative reporting on bill
clinton and i want to cut your go great when bush was in charge went boxes kept
doing favorable coverage i watch while we came here what it was a joke a but
the more important part of the reason why we pleaded with god is howard kurtz is defensive boxes it’s six you see that using sap your
product when it when i i i major garrett in bill hemmer greta van susteren were all
c_n_n_ the session online rawal coworkers and i know this guy’s a more
friends r_u_ criticizing them say they have it instinct to want to
protect their friends right there in the news they’re getting
paid to do the same news acting as howard kurtz and other people on
c_n_n_ are interest in protecting their own
self-interest we had former cut a republic artistry john will be a on and
he said the same thing he said look one-day howard kurtz or any of those
guys could also be getting a big paycheck from rupert murdoch at foxnews you know i’ll bring those bridges they don’t give a damn what their agenda
is you think major gaddis it not bill
hemmer bill have it was god walks in his head of your resume that
guy psyches pr probably the single worst anchor in the
country okay but he looks pretty and it was pretty so he comes out a little ole lao and here is what i was in the proctor you think he knows is an agenda interests to put the noted genders
advices he’s like look what do i get the paychecks and what do you need me to read okay you want me to read that c_n_n_ was
married advisers was midori disarmed a damn you know how much news bill hammers
broken in his life oh brycen evans at paternalism shop and it was the road not even close
to one percent nothing right using analog reporting is what what is
going to report it up and or a damn thing here is the proper like an actor so and that’s why the guys at c_n_n_ and
somebody that i am msnbc n a_b_c_ c_b_s_ n_b_c_ et cetera you want
to protect their friends that box as the pink the airport for the grace of god go off i would so i’d just like they did and i’m not sure i’m smart enough to
realize i was so yeah i want to defend those guys and that’s why they don’t you know it grew with the president and
they don’t want to let the american people know that it’s all sure ought this all fake and that they don’t know what the hell they’re
talking about did the whole television news brought in a large way but you know what common that that you
saw this and it’s let’s keep it real i saw a great documentary frontline
number of civil and sometimes we see greg reported here
reminds you of what the other stations aren’t there they went back and they found who was
frightened who was wrong in arguing for legislation and regulation and and houari for deregulation and a trace
it to what happened in the current day what
happen in the global knocked out they realize abruptly bourne who’s in
the clinton administration was fighting for the uh… writing some of the bad
guys or robert rubin larry summers alan greenspan who i’ve tried to destroy her and make sure that they did deregulation
which led to the disaster now that’s not dept pro-democratic all
those people they criticize were all democrats now brooks
it was also democrat but one of the other heroes is sheila blair and she was
a republican he’d autobahn administration than they
were smart enough to hire her now they should
be additional ibook seaborn as well but i was reporting it didn’t matter who they were criticizing mother was
democrats or republicans a look over it stressing c_n_n_’s example when’s the last time c_n_n_ broke a story any idea honey producers and so-called
reporters c_n_n_ paris and on godly enough you you you mean that many reporters and
producers any idea what we can do that we would be hundreds maybe thousands of stories the
year i meet we’d be solved and aggressive and
try to find you actual news and i don’t care if it hurts the
democrats are appalled as i could care less our jobs inform you get all but staff all that money all those resources how many reports real breaking news stories the c_n_n_
break not hate the administration just said this and we
got it first lab elaborated a story but here’s the buyer per and just tell you what the
administration’s how do you have a broken glass i would bet you did zero i made a they called broke one and i
miss that beer before zero the year before zero
the year before zero many broken story here and there i think i remember one or two in the
last ten years now do news they do acting secretarial work for the people power
people in power and they don’t want you to know anything
you figure out the boxes full of crap the next thing you might realize that all television news a scrap and that’s what they’re trying to
desperately war

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