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100 thoughts on “White House Announces It Won’t Participate In Impeachment Hearing | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. The White House has records of everything. If any record could show trump as innocent and he won't show it, what's the logical conclusion ? He's guilty, of course. He's the definition of guilty.

  2. The only place for a white supremacist is in a ditch filled with other racists. Oh, that is Trump's base, so be it.

  3. Trump makes Christianity look bad. He has no moral anybody can see he lies when he gets up in the morning…… I feel sorry survivors of any crime. If you're honest, you go to jail. What will the new laws. He already have his gang who will control the new government. What happened to having good moral character? The new religion is Trumpis. Daily dimes will be delivered in a tweets. daily.

  4. Get real, Matthew Miller. I think Trump should be impeached on the basis of these hearings. I think he's committed at least a half dozen other impeachable offenses. But to say that Democrats are "moving quickly to be fair to the President" is just ludicrous. You look like those conservative shills on FOX. Your blind partisanship makes me sick and we are in the same party. MSNBC should not have this panelist back, despite his impressive former position. Arguments like the one he presented here aren't helpful. In fact, they're an embarrassment.

  5. TERRORIST Virgil Pearson Tasha Williams/ Natasha Williams: She is being paid and housed to torture me. SHE HAS JUST ABOUT EVERYONES INFORMATION HELD FOR QUESTIONING AND LIE DETECTOR TEST SHE WOULD EXPOSE MORE AND SENT TO A FEDERAL PRISON! Last four digits of her social security number are #270-29-2745 possibly born in 1983. I heard this number in V2K a psychotic criminal and narcissistic vicious terrorist, mother with a daughter (Aisha) who is 12 years of age a child she smoked crack while pregnant and was arrested for abusing her daughter this child was sent to the emergency hospital she loss custody. Parents home went into foreclosure. Natasha Williams is located of Salem Dayton, Ohio on public assistant/public housing. Arrested for identity theft, not paying child support, child abuse, (state is paying for terrorist). She remotely rapes me every day every night. She has stripped me of most of my memories in exchange for drugs and food, if she took a lie detector and was asked how she knew so many details about my life not ever interacting with me in person ever that she simply viewed my past through the data retained in my brain as memory only Carbon Copy. This would prove that Remote Neural Monitoring was a real weapon being used to torture Americans like myself. She makes child pornography daily virtually. Black mails others perpetrators and is being housed she was in public housing in Dayton, Ohio DANGEROUS. She has created child pornography and involved in Human Trafficking for the pedophiles of Kettering, Ohio she is paid to torture innocent people in Montgomery County crack cocaine, Domino’s Pizza that is delivered often along with other criminals paid by a bank account that is in Kettering, Ohio. There is a parking lot in back of Tasha’s apartment. She has been given this apartment only because she tortures and stalks me.

  6. I used to be republican. Serious republican. I just cannot in good faith, stick my head in the sand. This federal employee….Trump….should be fired. He was hired to do a job. Any company would fire him on the spot for ALL the corrupt and disgusting acts he has committed since being hired. Why is it so hard for anybody …..anybody….to see this?

  7. The orange buffoon is throwing a hissy fit because for the first time in his life he’s being held accountable for committing a crime.

  8. "I'm implicated and I want this to go away"- devin nunes
    "We interfere with American elections all the time, why should we impeach our guy over it?"-the GOP
    "Trump is god"- Trump's base

  9. Retardicons are making this partisian by not participating .the dems have given retardicons every opportunity to participate so just because retardicons refuse to participate isnt the dems fault .since they cant defend the evidence they are trying to con you into believing its partisian but on the dems side ,hence retardicons. .they always try the stupidist cons to pass their agenda .

  10. Why doesn't Nancy put Schiff on Judiciary for the hearings, that is what the Republicans did with Jordan putting him on intelligence

  11. Geez, all they have to do is collect and play every news video ever shown of Trump and his tweets then rest their case.

  12. Whichever Democretin vote against impeachment would be exposed as just another politician more interested in their career and position than their duties to the constitution and the rule of law. They should just join the Republicunts, because they will be acting as reluctant enablers to this orange pestilence in the White House.

  13. Of course not. Trump is a blowhard and coward. But even if he wasnt, his lawyers would tie him to a chair rather than have him testify – he mostly lied in his written answers to Mueller…

  14. The Kangaroo court of the democrats? Why would Trump lend any credence to this abject bollox of democrat collusion. Zelensky already stated there was no quid pro quo several times. The fake news media are selling a garbage narrative to the gullible.

  15. So, I am sick of this dividing our country. I understand that this is a big deal, and it needs to end. However, I am so sad. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am, the people…and it makes me so sad, that the freedom fighter branch "republicans," are completely ignoring the people.

    I see, a man who has been brought up from a family with endless money. I see, a man who wanted to make a name for himself, apart from his father's money. I see, a man who swindled countless Americans, when he created (and ultimately destroyed) his university. I see, a man who was triumphant in making a name for himself with his hotels. I see, that this same man maneuvered a military operation, in accordance with boosting his business in Turkey. I see, this same man, who pulled out American troops in defiance of our allies in the middle east, allowing ISIS to regroup. I see, that he cares more, for his own interests, than that of mine, the American person…

    I see, that there are people defending him. I see, that I have friends that defend him. I also see, that this person is devoid of reason and understanding, even to his own party. Finally, I see, that this man, is by all accounts, a DICTATOR. This is just my opinion; however, if our own leader can cause such disarray among it's own people, imagine the goal of the person pulling his strings.


  16. Come on Nicole!
    Look . . . I get the reasons WHY you have stopped asking questions that you know the Puppenfurher and his Minions will not answer. It seems pointless, and might even get you banned from the press pool. Unfortunately, while that excuse might work for most people, if you are a journalist, then its your JOB to ask those questions.

    For example, when the White House lawyers say the process is "unfair", you immediately shout: "What specific detail(s) is unfair, and how would you change it to make it fairer?" This has gone on for months! Demand the specifics, and if they refuse to give any, then STOP REPORTING THEIR TALKING POINT! You dont say: "The White House lawyers call the process unfair…". You say:
    "Despite offering no evidence or specifics to support their claim, White House lawyers made vague claims of "unfairness", as they have been doing since the outset of the investigation."

  17. You guys are SO delusional!! The facts are clear and all y'all are beating is some mumbo-jumbo "he-said…-she~said" ….it's becoming clearer by the day – and I'm a German-born <American> living in Spain!

  18. Oh no! The ratings are low! These people are complete and absolute idiots. These are the people who thought Hillary was running a great campaign.

  19. Best thing about these BS Impeachment hearings. So much BS and lies
    were told by the Democrats and fake news that my liberal tree hugging
    Vegan daughter has become a Trump Supporter. I still am in shock she
    became aware of reality.

  20. Best thing about these BS Impeachment hearings. So much BS and lies
    were told by the Democrats and fake news that my liberal tree hugging
    Vegan daughter has become a Trump Supporter. I still am in shock she
    became aware of reality.

  21. I hope they don't try to bring the Mueller findings into the next phase. Yes, it shows a pattern of "obstuction". However, it's best just to keep the impeachment hearings about the Ukraine matter. It's easy to understand. It shows "abuse of power, bribery, obstruction of justice AND obstruction of Congress". It's a clean and clear matter that's VERY easy to understand.

  22. Calling the Impeachment process "unfair" reveals that Republicans are leaving
    the door open for the impossibility of ANY future President to be impeached.

  23. I wish the Dems would introduce into evidence how many Ukrainians, especially soldiers, died while the money was held up. It goes to the case being made. I don't mean to sound indelicate but it really is important. I think that's something Americans who have loved ones in the military would understand.

  24. The catch 22 is that IF thumper pardons anyone it will reflect upon him "abusing his power". He'll continue to ignore it. He may pardon people as he's leaving office but I think that would be the only time. Plus, I hear all of these people saying he'll "blanket" pardon himself for his own crimes when he leaves office BUT you can only pardon someone once they're found guilty of a crime AND pardoning yourself is a blatant ABUSE OF POWER.

  25. Actuation without conformation Republicans where's the proof ? You constantly mirror Democrats verified proof but Republicans twists, flip, and steel verified information about your unlawful behavior and say democrats are the bad guys. Steve Wonder can see this and well, you see my point.

  26. How do they get to opt outta a trial? Isn't this also impeachable in itself? Guess they can make a ruling without them. 🤦

  27. Reading these comments, I see some small ray of hope for our country. Super blunt: Most Americans just couldn't imagine the evilness in the WH…

  28. For the sake of the rest of the world, please get this man and the republican party out of power. Nearly 400 bills in the Senate are not going forward because of Mitch McConnell. America is ripping up contracts and treaties, destroying relationships empowering Russia and China on the way. The economy is over heated on Wall Street and the real economy is increasing the economic divide in America and 40% of the population could not stand a small extra expenditure of $400. Black Friday sales are up and everyone is happy, but the reality is that everyone is buying before the prices go up because of the trade war. And all the time the planet is heating up, fires are burning and water levels are starting to rise. Now I am really depressed.

  29. So we continue to live in a dictatorship where a ruler tells his goons to defy the rule of law and the legal process that the founding fathers made clear in the constitution.

  30. The Republicans don't want facts. They want alternative facts.
    The House didn't have a choice but to launch an impeachment inquiry under the circumstances. If they did not, then Trump and the Republicans would then say that Trump did nothing wrong at all because the House, the branch that has the power of oversight, didn't even investigate. The House is doing their jobs as determined by the Constitution. Plain and simple. Any argument against that is just noise. If the House isn't going to do their job then why were anyone in the House elected to begin with?

    As far as the poll numbers and the ratings for the public testimony, let's be real here. Large portions of American society have the attention span of an A.D.D. kid on meth. Not to mention those that can't read or can't comprehend what they're reading. Unfortunately, we're not talking about people accustomed to using good sense, logic, reason or critical thinking. If the opposite were true, then Trump would have never been elected in the first place. He should have never been nominated. If good sense and reason were more commonplace in America, people wouldn't have cheered the ridiculous notion of the return of coal. More people would have understood that climate change is real. People would have understood that it's NEVER a good idea to ask a foreign power to interfere with any American election under any circumstances, especially not an enemy of the United States, let alone to ask publicly in a televised rally. People would have understood that the President should have been a person of better character, above petty internet disputes, name calling and childish rhetoric. People would have understood that you don't elect a proven con artist, a draft dodger and blatant liar with absolutely no experience in public service to the highest political position in the world. If that's not stupidity I don't know what is.

    Even with that being said, the impeachment inquiry had to go on even if it's doomed to fail due to Republican greed and self serving interest with a portion of the public that doesn't get it and won't even try to comprehend what "abuse of power" means and why it matters. It had to go on not out of rabid hatred for Trump or his extensive dumbassery that is well documented. It had to go on because the Constitution demands it based on Trump's own actions and comments and the actions of key members of his administration.

  31. So…I can go rob a bank and decide not to participate to the trial when I got caught? Even so, all witnesses inside the bank who say it was me was all hearsay? OOOHHH NICE!

  32. Trump pleading guilty by not defending himself. He knows he has no defense. That's why he won't let his appointed administration testify. They all know he is guilty and they don't want to lie for him and go to jail.

  33. The GOP are deceitful dimwits displaying their delusional defense of the dotard’s dirty deeds even after Sondland and Dr. Hill dropped a dime on the demented dimwit. Traitorous Trump is a virus unleashed by Putin.

  34. REPUBLICANS ARE RUNNING SCARED! It's time for everybody to call their Republican representatives and express their distain for the pathetic display of blind faith in the President in spite of ALL OF HIS UNLAWFUL ACTS AGAINST AMERICANS. TIME FOR REPRESENTATIVES TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE!

  35. Disgusting and shameful behavior from Republicans. Democrats have gone out of their way to follow the process TO THE LETTER. Are Republicans saying the Constitution is worthless now?

  36. When hundreds of ISIS Fighters escaped Trump said he was not worried because they would go to Europe! : (
    now he is in Europe
    I wonder is he worried now

  37. Trump had no choice ,but to release the aid, he got caught in his corrupt pressure scheme . Trying to lie his way out of it will not work, not this time around !

  38. Let me break it down, short & sweet. One third of Americans worship a demagogue and they absolutely do not care about the law, the Constitution or the precedents being created. Another third detests the Tangerine Tyrant as a pathological liar and narcissistic sociopath. The remaining third (if that) capable of taking in best facts and using logic to reach a reasonable conclusion are either too busy or otherwise occupied to read and understand a 480 page report detailing multiple counts of collusion and well over a hundred contacts with a hostile foreign government (apparently).

    We need to focus on one simple, straightforward crime because our national attention span isn't great enough to overcome Putin's trolls working in tandem with Republican Senators to destroy this great experiment. Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it. How strange it is that Russia and America both fought against Hitler but now Putin has installed his own fascist demagogue in America (with the willing assistance of so many here.) The 'patriotic' Americans who fought for slavery during the Civil War and who marched for Nazis here during WWII are always under their rocks, ready to spring out and bring back racism and ignorance, usually under the guise of religious belief. Hitler had the blessing of the Pope, Trump has Jerry Falwell Jr. & Paula White.

  39. I like how Democrats always have to be super careful about every little thing they say or do because of the potential consequences, while Republicans get to just do whatever tf they want with no fear of consequences whatsoever.

  40. “How Adam Schiff conducted himself”?? He conducted himself with honor & dignity! He kept Republicans from turning the hearings into a circus! He maintained decorum & fleshed out the truth! trump is a criminal!

  41. I think Jerry Nadler is going to do just fine. As for not including anything from the Mueller report, why not? I mean, seriously. People need to read this thing. trump should be impeached just because of the Mueller report. I will never understand why Speaker Pelosi didn't begin impeachment inquiries after that came out.

  42. Incredible. Brave, decent people are dying in Ukraine, and here we are stuck with playing semantic tiddlywinks with a demented, corrupt real estate agent. I think I'm going to puke.

  43. I'm sorry this is not a Democrat, Republican or Independent issue this is an American issue and the citizens of this great country understands this!
    It's about protecting OUR United States Constitution and "The Rule of Law"…….. PERIOD!!!! No president should break OUR laws and get away with it!

  44. What evidence? Not one witness provided first hand knowledge not one said anything that was a fact I watched the hearings. MSNBC is in fact not giving the truth. Liars. I can hear and I can read. Americans know the truth.

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