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6 thoughts on “Where U.S. Relations With Ukraine Stand Amid Impeachment Inquiry | NBC News NOW

  1. Another absurd fabricated statement this time from a dude who acts as if he is permanently high and obviously takes himself very seriously All this is is a primitive permanent JEALOUSY FIT and grotesque obsession from a small flock of EU wannabes and useless wimpy ANGRY American Idiots It’s also called STALKING BY WIMPS

  2. We know how you are trying to cover up. Leaking this garbage. Trust me we have you guys planning this. Do you think we are stupid. Do you really think we are looking for the emails dummies? Really your group is stupid. You left all the emails on the White House computer. We’ve had it for years. We just wanted to see you idiots operating in it. No more deals. Sorry. Your gonna have to pull your false flag. We’re waiting and watching.

  3. There were no bombshells, you DNC lapdogs. The President of the United States and the President of Ukraine were elected to stop corruption in government, and we the American people can clearly see who is obstructing that endeavour!

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