What do we know about the Iran protests? | DW News

What do we know about the Iran protests? | DW News

In Iran, nationwide protests first erupted
last Friday. With the Internet there effectively shut down, it’s been difficult to get a
clear picture of the protests. Deutsche Welle has verified videos and information
and compiled a summary of the events that have taken place over the last week.
Here’s what you need to know about the unrest: Nationwide protests first erupted last Friday
after authorities rolled out a sudden petrol-rationing scheme and slashed subsidies. This sent fuel
prices soaring by at least 50 percent. Though Iran promises to redistribute the subsidy
revenue to poorer people, it’s nonetheless getting harder for ordinary Iranians to make
ends meet. The US decision in 2018 to withdraw from the
Iran nuclear deal, reimpose sanctions and choke off the last remaining sources of Tehran’s
oil revenue, has crippled the Iranian economy. While the protests were triggered by Iran’s
worsening economic situation, people are also angry about corruption, poor living standards
and social inequality – and they’ve begun calling for a radical overhaul of the political
system. Here we see demonstrators chanting “bless
Reza Shah’s soul,“ referring to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah, or king, of Iran
– known for his efforts to modernize Iran before its 1979 Islamic Revolution
The protests have spread to cities and towns across the country.
Posters and buildings associated with Iran’s Supreme Leader, have been burned
A theological college was set on fire as were multiple police stations and cars
in various cities. Bank and gas stations were also set alight.
Amnesty International says that so far, at least 106 people have been killed
We believe that the real number [of deaths] may be much higher, given that there is now
a total, or a near total block on access to the internet and many are not able to communicate
information about the loss of their loved ones. We have also obtained eyewitness accounts
and corroborated video footage that came from inside Iran, which shows [that] security forces
are using live ammunition and tear gas and water cannons to violently disperse protesters.
So all in all, a very severe and bloody crackdown on people who are taking to the streets to
express their political and economic grievances. This has been the worst unrest in Iran since
late 2017. In recent days, both Iran’s president Hassan
Rouhani and a judiciary spokesman have claimed that calm has been restored in the country.
Rouhani blames the protests on the country’s quote “foreign enemies”

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  1. I have a friend who used to go to University with me who lives outside Tehran and she has been offline for days now, I am so worried about her. Does anyone know how bad this situation is first hand? Is it like this everywhere in Iran?

  2. Yeah right, the regime would love to hear that demonstrators want the Shah back, so they can just shoot them: This most hated former puppet installed by the US still is a main reason d’etre for the reign of these dictators. Wasn’t DW plaid here? Whatever comes out of Iran now is what either someone really secreted out, or it is what the regime let someone smuggle out.

  3. Iranian Gov kept busy with their kids trashing the joint & raiding the fridge has to be a good thing for their neighbours.😝

  4. Islam religion of Mafia and cruption has to vanished from the face of Persian lands for the good of nation!

  5. From a conservative trans woman of Canada, i am with you all and send to you my wish of success. Your are brave people with a great history. You deserve to have a good life. I have put your video on my facebook so others can see.

  6. No one here is blaming America for sanctions because this really what they wanted..so sad America is always looking for bloodshed each and every day

  7. Interesting how many protests are all over the world . Now changes can be organized thanks to interconnection. There seams to be dissatisfied people all over because life is not as easy as it was in the 80s. The main problem is that there are too many people on the planet.

  8. Wow, I’m surprised DW actually covers the Iran protest which result in over 100 protesters getting killed and not just the HK rioters with no death at the hand of the HK police. 😂
    Now can you please cover the Iraqi protest which over 300 protesters got killed by the Iraqi security forces as well?

  9. "Reza Shah" does not refer to Mohammadreza Shah but his father Reza Shah (known before becoming a king as "Reza Khan"). He was the leader responsible for the first major steps in modernizing the country and rebuilding it from the rubbles left behind by the Qajar dynasty. He is revered by many in past and present generations as the father of modern Iran. Too bad he was toppled and exiled before he could complete his work and train his less than capable son, Mohammadreza Shah, to be a much better leader than he turned out to be.

  10. Same stuff going on in France for over a year now. Stop the unlawful sanction. Economic sanction and forcing other countries to abide by or they too will become subject of sanction is = war on every nation. The UN has not declared economic sanction on Iran, but USA has and forces other to abide by it. Ask yourselves: what is the UN good for?

  11. Thank you for providing this informative clip about the most recent Iranian uprise against the Ayatolah's brutal theocratic and unelected regime. Reza Pahlavi II is the ideal candidate to lead the future of free Iran into prosperity, social freedom and peace in the region.

  12. کس ننه همه ایران ستیزان غرب گدا کونی ، جنده ، کون کن ، جنده باز ، کونکش و کسکش در ایران و خارج

    راننده تاکسی

  13. Govt wanted them to go poorer… ! Go with self made DiY totally "Electric Car for Iran" Vehicle Engineer of IRAN !!! In USA is around $$8,000 per unit on old chassis car body !!! Use Lithium battery fr China your car will be much more lighter ! N powerful ! Stock up food for butter trade ! Plan own food inside house compound ! Learn from Chile only 1 enemy "their Billionaire President" ! Don't follow HK way can even figure who is their Real enemy is after more then 4month of Protest !

  14. They are burning government buildings down burning police stations!!!! What would you expect to happen? Like Cmon wake up! What if this was to happen in the USA? imagine it! What would law enforcement respond with?

  15. Hey , why you report wrong ?
    The fuel's price suddenly increased %300 not %50 per litre.please correct your big mistake.
    It was 10,000 Rials /litre that changed to 30,000 Rials/litre.
    Got it?!

  16. The Shah started hinting at some "string pullers" and suddenly he was driven away.
    Is not fuel almost for free in Iran? The percentage-wise increase makes it sound quite drastic, but is the fuel there so expensive even with the increase? The price is omitted, it should not be.
    For years, narcotics from Afghanistan has been smuggled into Iran as an undermining effort, targeting youth at Universities, for example. How much of this ruckus is caused by these weak souls?

  17. Western media is salivating at the prospect of regime change. Not gonna happen. Iran and her allies in the region will emerge stronger, while the US, Israel and Saudi will be weaker than they already are.

  18. The Iranian government made the decision to spend all their money on fighting proxy wars and funding terrorism instead of paying the people in their own country no wonder they're pissed

  19. This regime must fall. Iran needs a new government. This government needs to step down. Iranians fight hard and shut this government down. Iran needs a new government.

  20. Here in Papua, Government shut down the internet for 2 month,
    Due to Anti Racisme demonstrastion…when the stuation back to normal, the First Reaction by the people was,!? You guess?..
    Yes, we burn down the Telecomunication Company office

  21. All it takes is one tweet from the CIA.

    There's no need for CIA agents to be in Iran to destabilize the country. The internet!

  22. Why is this video not showing the many ppl of iran who went on the streets on support of the iranian government… This is just a small population more support government soo

  23. We know the german state supports the regime for the last 30 years. From hanging g ays to nuking juden. All german funded.

  24. They show a group chanting reza shah and then they show show a picture of his son Mohammad reza shah. Get a single Iranian when you are doing a piece on Iran to verify your claims.

  25. India, Catalonia and New York are the same.

    But Western medias show different attitudes towards different countries. Only those protests in their enemy countries are called "fight for democracy and freedom" while in other countries are called "terrorists destroy social order".

  26. Başa düşmürəm kim kimnən dalaşır??
    Evlər ,maşınlar yandırılır .Kimin??Dava nədən düşüb ? Öz dükan bazarların niyə yandırırlar??Kimnən nə istiyirlər??

  27. In Malaysia, all Iranians bank account holders are shutdown by the threats by USA to the Malaysian PM lately….100,000 Iranians living in Malaysia. This news nobody knows.

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