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66 thoughts on “Watch live: House Judiciary Committee take historic vote on Trump impeachment

  1. Do not be fooled people with these sorry looking Republicans because there all lying defending Trump.. people do not be fooled there defending a President that cheated in the elections and got caught trying to do it again in 2020 Elections.. do not be fooled these Republicans. The Democrats prooved there case with facts (proof).. these Republican attorneys with all this intimidating talk couldnt even show one witness or document to collaberate Trumps innocense. lies, lies and more lies same on you Republicans not defending the constitution of the United States.

  2. So let me try to Understand the President and the Republicans. Joe Biden and son being American citezens.. are the cause of all the corruption in Ukraine. Because thats the only thing documented with the president on corruption with Ukraine. The president and republicans cant proove what there saying.

  3. No matter what happens in the trial.. Americans need to hear the truth about this Presidents abuse of power and obstruction in congress..

  4. Gaetz has typically a face to slap when he says that the Administration has cooperated… forbidding his staff to testify before Congress. Decidedly, those GOP people take you for idiots

  5. The facts are the facts. Each dem voting for political bias alone are traitors to America, and the constitution they were supposed to uphold. Pilose, schiff, Nader, are traitors and will be remembered for their political coup!

  6. Not a sad day for country just excuses Nothing unfair these gop reps are all going to be voted out trump lies every time he opens his mouth gop has dug it’s grave polling says most americans want trump out yes voters will remove all these lies

  7. Leslie Sanchez needs to stop sharing fake news.. the Democratics have been more than fair.. its been the republicans that have been unfair.. Leslie must not understand obstruction of congress. Obstruction of Congress meaning there was absolutly no cooperaton at all from the president and republicans.. so both parties could sit down and impeach the right way that Leslie is talking about… Its abvious Leslies trying to defend Trump and his unfair republicans..

  8. I wonder how many people on the impeachment proceeding know about this?

    On September 24, 2019, Representative Lance Gooden proposed a resolution to remove Nadler from his position as chairman of House Judiciary Committee, accusing him of unlawfully beginning impeachment proceedings before the House has given the committee authorization.[19][20]

    Jerry has tried to impeach other Presidents before Trump.

    This is making a laughing stock of the Democrat’s!

  9. All the Republican's interviewed at the end were absolutely right in their remarks. And…if you watched the hearings all the way through and still disagree, you are willfully blinded by hate only.

  10. Still voting for Trump. Now to move on to legal action against Biden and his quid pro quo in regards to Ukraine and his son. Also exposing the FBI for working with Obama/Clinton. America will know the truth.

  11. When all the republicans let it be known they’re okay with the HEAD of the EXECUTIVE branch committing crimes lmaoz

  12. i gave you a thumbs down because your commentary sucks. stop posting your networks narrative, instead my be be real news and just post the hearing and lit people come to their own conclusion.

  13. Stick to your guns AMERICA (no pun intended) back Trump in 2020, it's the only way to really send the swamp a message. Impeachment will fail and Trump and America will win in the end.

    The left did this in the UK over BREXIT, they called us ignorant, racists, stupid. With the full force of the media and elites they tried to overturn BREXIT. Yesterday BREXIT finally WON. So too will Trump.

  14. Burisma was corrupt af lol who worked at burisma? Who held up a loan guarantee unless Ukraine fired a prosecutor who was investigating burisma? That's corrupt. Why would Trump ask the old corrupt Ukrainian president to look at corruption? He asked zelensky to look at crowdstrike, not debunked, and bidens corruption, not debunked. If Biden did something illegally is he protected by running for president? This is effing nuts

  15. ALL the corrupt democrats know that President Trump is the hardest working president EVER! They HATE that they No longer get illegal KICKBACKS! THEY SHOULD FEAR BEING VOTED OUT!!!

  16. What the Republicans are going to be upset of that impeach in this man broke the law no one is up but all is above the law not even the President of the United States

  17. So now you cant say a person has anger issues if they are autistic? What? Infact autistic people are caple if having anger issues it's not illegal to point out they are angry just because they are autistic..

  18. Republicans mad, cause they got outplayed (so hard) & they're losing $$$$$$ for their big businesses after the impeachment.

  19. Yes, They know Trump will win 2020. That is why they (Dems) are attacking trying to impeach Trump. Dems will loose 2020!

  20. In the words of a democrat and a republican, “We Make Children Lives Better Again.” or MCLBA. I am that democrat and republican. And it is my free will to make this a hashtag. #MakeChildrenLivesBetterAgain #MCLBA or to be funny about my hashtag. Mac Lba lol. But please make this hashtag work? And make #MyKidsMatter work, too?

  21. Listen carefully to Rep. Mike Johnson & Debbi Lesco[29:30…] and think – maybe THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT THEY SAY !

  22. Is there cause for impeachment? Yes
    Are there witnesses to support cause ? Yes
    Have empirical evidence been submitted supporting constitutional violation? Yes
    Start Trial.

  23. Matt Gaetz, Jordan, Collins, Lesko; corrupt, lying people, in my opinion. How dare they claim any of their bogus defenses!? DT did NOT provide documents! Did not cooperate, and THAT, is obstruction of process. The mere FACT that DT/WH, tried to HIDE evidence, is enough to show guilt. All I want for Christmas is, A NEW PRESIDENT!!!! Hopefully, a qualified one.

  24. This people are a bunch of liars and failed in their duty The Republicans are going to pay the price as Voters enact their own justice.

  25. 63 million American vote for trump? When do this happened? Not on 2016 election where Russia is involved. I bet trump give them those numbers. The trump administration has a chance to testify and bring witnesses to the HJC, trump has the chance to defend himself, but he decided it not to because on his mind he believed he is the GOD on earth and he is above the law. Who they are trying to fool with this nonsense that there was not probe of what he did and has done. I believe the only thing we miss as probe to impeach him was a video, everything else is in the table. #Nomoretrump

  26. In my three score years, I have never seen such a flagrant "abuse of power" as that displayed by Messers. Schiff and Nadler – Shame on the whole Democrat Party!

  27. What I have learned thru this whole process, is we need term limits in the House and Senate there are two many government officials running around Capital Hill thinking they are God…and when that happens they don't remember why they were voted in and that they work for the American People

  28. Dems, think a minute. I know it is hard to do so considering you are all feeling your feelings, but let me help you. THEY were talking about how to get rid of him when he was nominated. So it takes 2 1/2 years to craft this means that "abuse of power" cannot be a reason. This is a coup conspiracy, 100%.

    So please, think a minute. Spark the neurotransmitters across the synapses, take a deep breath and think.

    During the house vote calling, your Dems interrupted Biden 11 times to protest against the rule of law. Article 15 and 17 of the Statute that states there can no be debate in a joint session and objected needed to written and signed by 2 House members and 1 Senator. THEY knowingly tried to disrupt the session. Now think about it, if from day 1 they trying to get rid of him then, don't you think it is a coup conspiracy?

    Or do you simply agree with them because you have hurt feelings?

    Hurt feelings is not an impeachable offence.

  29. What a hypocrite. Cause a protest during the count of the electoral college and then sit up here like there is some kind of evidence? Abuse of power.

    YOU Sheila Jackson-Lee, may I remind you that when you objected, you did so against the statute and when Joe Biden gaveled you, you actually kept trying AGAINST the articles to do exactly what you wanted to do. Now you sit here and think you have some kind of victory when you have been trying every way from Sunday to find him guilty of something and when you couldn't find something, you manufactured it.

    YOU objected before the man even took the oath of office, which means Sheila Jackson-Lee, because you tried to go above the law, ignored the Articles 15 and 17, even when reminded of them, you still kept on. You are not above the law.

    Therefore, all Dems AND CBS, this is coup conspiracy orchestrated by the Dems and you were their propaganda mouthpiece. Before he took the oath of office you were already trying to impeach him. And since you started before all the "abuse of power" means you manufactured a lie. This is NOT about abuse of power, this is NOT about Russia, this is NOT about Ukraine, this is about you and your high and mighty worship of your former lord and savior messiah his royal highness Barack Obama that you told everyone to worship or else.

    Now, do you people not comprehend? If they were on day 1 trying to impeach, and that was before all these accusations, it means the accusations are FALSE. Would you like me to get that signed in writing by a member of the Senate? You didn't like the fact that you were told to do so.

    CBS, you didn't pick that one up, PBS did. What did you report on that? Did you report about the 11 times Biden was interrupted in taking the counts? Did you report they were talking about impeachment when he was nominated? Did you report on the illegality of these Dems manufacturing stories because they simply didn't like the man personally?

    Do you, CBS, not like him personally, and that is why you willingly go along with the propaganda? And they call Republicans the fascists. YOU CBS are part of the problem. YOU CBS will force your future reporters to have to apologize for the crap you are doing.

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