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100 thoughts on “Watch: Drone footage of military raid that killed Baghdadi

  1. I am so proud of my United States military. 💪🇺🇸 🦅 This brave and honorable action has brought closure for hundreds of thousands of victims of ISIS. The blood of the innocent will no longer cry out to heavens, because of man's evil desires. God bless all who fought this mighty battle 🙏 No stone remains in this wicked compound.

  2. Most to been very nervous moment for our brave especial service men, thank you for you amazing and bravery act destroying this cold criminal Al-BAGHDADi

  3. All the intel and most of the planning for the raid came from Kurdish Intelligence sources – all of whom have now been killed by the USA's cowardly withdrawal.

    The US military may be able to conduct such raids anywhere on the planet but they require Intelligence from local sources in order for those raids to actually reach desired targets.
    Regards from a Tom 🙂

  4. Trump is a war hero. trump is a god. i am voting Trump because He is an alpha male. Trump is EXACTLY what we need. Liberals must be jailed or executed.

  5. It's ironic how you laugh at people with these images.. I'm sick of all corrupted politisians. I'm so disappointed at president Trump.. he is just another US president..

  6. 1/104000000000000000000000000 Probability that this was NOT Buttdadi. The same as Warrens chances of being Native American! lol…. dumb kunt.

  7. What happens when America puts a price on your head – Lets sing
    Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    Ain't No River Wide Enough – Baby

  8. Al-Bagdahis compound was 4 miles from The Turks Border??? What the F? The Turks/obama/soros/UN have been funding ISIS and Al-Bagdahi for years. Remember when obama was President ISIS rolling around in all those thousands of brand new Toyota Tundras with slick ISIS wrapping around the vehicles. It looked like an organized antifa, blm or code pink rally/ parade. It's pretty obvious that obama is a sunni ISIS leader. Iranians say the same thing, even though he gave them billions too.

  9. All you never Trumpers better take note, see how your out numbered 20 to 1 here? It's going to be that way at the 2020 election. Trump 2020

  10. those drones can pinpoint a freaking coca cola bottle from the air and blow it up and they only give us these super crappy footages of a huge operation give me a break

  11. Jennifer has liberal tendencies with her gotcha questions . SMH . We announced we were getting out because we were. 😜😜😜

  12. I watched that footage beginning to end….I didn't see trump in any of it….maybe his bone spurs were acting up again…..poor bastard.

  13. Kurdish informant provided key intel in operation that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
    So doesn't that mean that the Kurds are working with ISIS???????????

  14. I love a President with BIG BALLS and that would be PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. There should be another world for useless DEMOCRATS.

  15. It’s getting bad. Even Fox has now started the innuendos against the President. It’s getting close. The truth will set the country free. What did Ben Franklin say?

  16. The media still doesn’t get it. Trump has written in his books that you don’t tell your enemy your movements ahead of time. If anything the announcement of troop withdrawal was probably a fake out to trick the enemy. Exactly what good strategy should look like.

  17. Our Constitution begins with "WE THE PEOPLE".
    America has always been the Greatest Nation in the World.
    Support “E pluribus Unum", Out of many one, as our National Motto.
    And by popular demand a World view.
    Unite Us to build a better tomorrow.
    Thank you

  18. And the Democrats are mourning the loss of this “Austere Religious Scholar”. Face it folks, the Democrats are not on the good side.

  19. Obama and Omar are SERIOUSLY PISSED.
    Have you read their comments about the raid?
    It’s evident they despise Trump and America. Big time.

  20. Obama and Omar both commented how the raid was unjustified and how they are weeping over the lose of a peaceful loving man.

  21. I voted trump but we shouldn't be showing this footage. do the job and get out, but this is antagonizing terrorists to strike US civilians. Trump just wants political points, he has Secret Service protection anyways.

  22. Donald Trump didn't do anything y'all acting like he even lifted his finger to help.All of you guys will get us killed if you vote for him again. Seriously have you all lost all your brain cells. Dont worry there'll be a new generation voting and we will have to fix all the sh** y'all ignorant people have done so we won't suffer while y'all are gone. What does the phrase make America great again mean to you? Answer that then ask yourself was American ever great if you say yes respond with what year or century it was great and I will tell you why you are wrong.

  23. How stupid the questions are in this clip. The ISIS leader was killed because Trump terminated the YPG's contract. YPG was keeping the remaining 1% of ISIS and their leader secure, in order to keep getting billions from the US. Would you have terminated ISIS completely if you were paid billions of dollars to fight ISIS? Remaining ISIS was the livelihood of YPG. Trump recognized the situation and terminated the contract with YPG, and as a result, remaining ISIS leader was killed. There is a cause and effect relationship between two events. Stop fooling the US taxpayers.

  24. Most of the media still appear to be ignorant of the fact that the "troop withdrawal" was part of the plan and lulled the ISIS fighters into feeling more secure and therefore less alert. Neither the media nor the Democrat leadership are very smart these days.

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