WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Latest News: First Screenshots, New Features Revealed | PS4, XB1, PC 2018

where is our chief or will be released for PlayStation 4 and switch and feature 170 favorite characters the highest in the series the latest issue of weekly food scene reveals in addition to new playable character reveals quickly Famitsu also has a leak at various arrangements including the new divine art action attack method and an evil deal with producer of Misaki feel sorry for sour now that the Warriors Orochi for development starlet about one and half years ago from the end of 2016 which means it’s also confirmed that this game was traded in parallel with warriors all-stars Orochi for will have a total of 170 playable characters and five of them will give any characters in the series however for sour mention that collaboration guest characters such as ninja gaiden screen Hayabusa and others will not return the team wants to go back to the words and focus on building relations between the two main title IRA’s featured in Wallace Archie the Chinese Three Kingdoms period of dynasty Warriors and the Japanese ones the experience of samurai warriors fight when you can’t as an exact taste to be beaten and the great world leaders such as Athena and Poseidon but the first culture confirmed we will be the center in 10 as he brings back the body like energy while this game may have been absent such as live fucking style stage addressing needs the game stolen will focus on Western utility as a serious teacher antagonist erosion will still be a key figure in this game in the interview full Sawa also stresses a desire to have a showdown between ROG and ROG ex who both appear a separate entity stop here ROG force storyline continues up from the true ending of Wallace log3 well the dynasty and samurai warriors heroes return to the religion world and lost their memories of what happened in past Orochi titles this setting will help the team in developing new character relationships from scratch and the glutens of characters who will become eyes and enemies are also being renewed however the Roche exclusive mystic cutters unity lose their memories so they will be able to remember what happened in the past for chief or will retain many of the serious gameplay features such as the player controlling a train and fatty car tags like power or sphere movesets you see the series staple charge system and facility stolen characters at the base camp a free mode like feature that lets people replace stages that have been cleared and online and offline co-op multiplayer however this game will also add a new divine technique action system which can be unleashed with the new sacred treasure items which are equipped separately from weapons sacred treasures also have their own type groupings separate from character types and each of them will activate different kinds of divine techniques they are some of the few key Story characters we have a new education feature after reaching a certain point in the story line like fulfills city requirements these characters will receive built like costumes and can also unleash more powerful actions Wells Rocha 4 is planned to be released for PlayStation 4 Nintendo switch and PCB see in Japan – hm [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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