Waking Up To Reality | One Night Of Ecstasy Ep 4

Waking Up To Reality | One Night Of Ecstasy Ep 4

We’d taken a few ecstasy tablets.
We were all on a really big high. Everything kind of was downhill,
downhill from there. One man has died and four people
have been admitted to hospital after taking drugs
at a music festival. He just looked like my boy, asleep. He was still warm. We’ve already lost
one of our best friends, you know – are we going to lose another? MONITOR BEEPS He looked awful. He was lain on a bed with tubes
coming out of him from everywhere and a thing down his throat. He had sort of like a… Breathing stuff.
They’d put him in an induced coma so he wasn’t breathing for himself,
he had a machine that was going… SHE SUCKS AND EXHALES There was beeps and
this thing going up and down that was raising his chest
up and down and there wasn’t any part of him
that was working for itself. Having seen what happened
to Christian in such a short space of time, we were absolutely
aware of the potential for deterioration with Jordan. He was in
a life-threatening condition. I can just remember walking
into this room and, like, his whole family’s there. As if they’re all sitting
at the sides of the room and I’ve walked in and it’s just
like I’m a shadow in the doorway. In my heart, I was thinking,
“Please, don’t let him be dead, “please, I can’t lose him,
please don’t let him die.” MONITOR BEEPS It seemed like I was looking
at myself on, like, a table, just lying there, and then when
I’d woken up, it seemed like seconds but I knew that
I’d survived a really lucky ordeal. I wouldn’t never have a second
opportunity like that again. Because of the dizziness,
it all felt a bit like a dream but as soon as I woke up,
I knew that it was all real. I just remember feeling like
a really big sense of, like, fear and…just like a realisation
of what had just happened. He slept a lot. He did ask about Christian. I said, “We’re going to have to tell
him. He’s going to have to know. “We can’t not tell him.” I was looking straight at my dad
and I asked him if Chris was OK. And he just stared at me for a bit and, like, he started
looking down and tearing up and, like, had his
hand over his mouth, so I knew that he didn’t want to… He had something
he wasn’t going to say and my sister started shaking
her head and she was crying. I think he just said, “I’m sorry”
while he was crying, and he was like,
“Chris didn’t make it.” And he just turned his head away and he didn’t really want
to talk to anybody. You could literally see Jordan’s
whole world just crumbling there and then, just
in that way he just looked away. Um… I think that was a part of Jordan
that got destroyed there and then in that hospital bed. Everyone pulled the curtain and let
me have time to, like, absorb it. I was up constantly with
night terrors. Everything that had happened
in, like, Kendal, it’s just happening
over and over again and it’s like, that’s my latest,
most clear memory of Chris so my mind just wanted to
play it and play it and play it. I was just thinking about Kendal
and, you know, if I could have done something, if someone else
could have done something different. NEWSREADER: An investigation
is under way following the death of a man who was taken ill
at the Kendal Calling music… Staff at the Cumberland
Infirmary in Carlisle called police just before seven o’clock… Early investigations show that some drugs may be connected
to these casualties. We were all talking about things
in the waiting room. Yeah, CID walked through the door. They wanted to speak to me
about what had happened. And it was after that interview
when they asked me to go down to the station. It’s at that point
where you’re like, “Right. I’m under investigation.”

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30 thoughts on “Waking Up To Reality | One Night Of Ecstasy Ep 4

  1. This is what happens when you take pills whilst also heavily intoxicated on alcohol. H20 is the only liquid you need when taking pills, little sips at frequent periods and you'll be fine.

  2. Problem here in my opinion is that it is making e pills appear as though they are going to kill you. When in reality if taken correctly they won't. MDMA kills 100's of people a year in the UK while drinking kills 1000's and you don't see BBC making a dramatized story about Jimmy who necked 14 fosters and ended up in hospital…

  3. I've done this hundreds of times in the 90s and never had a problem, but the pills were clean back then. All sorts of crap in them these days.

  4. cant see a single video on alcohol in the last few months on this channel when it kills 10's of thousands more deaths than ecstasy. pills arent tax'd no wonder they produce content like this. im not promoting the use of ecstasy. id rather a video on safe usage or a few rules if you plan on consuming them.

  5. 4 people die from pills and they make a documentary 2,5million die a year from alcohol and every ones ok with it but if u take pills your a criminal okay very logic much thought

  6. Is ecstasy not slang for mdma? These are pills, not mdma. A real dose of ecstasy/mdma would not cause this. This is the equivalent of saying carrots are bad for you. Look here one that was shit out of a tramps arse and is only actually 20% carrot. We don't know what the rest of it is but stay away from carrots because they're dangerous.

  7. This shows that the government needs to allow test facilities for drugs. Because if they tell people to not take drugs there’s always going to be people who will still do them. The other thing they need to do is have better education about drugs rather than telling people yeah just don’t do them. Then they would have known not to have been drinking before taking pills as they severely dehydrated you and they would have known to take half a pill as most pills are over the top strong these days as at festivals you can get away with having one pill

  8. I take pills myself and personally i have never had a bad experience while using ecstasy/mdma. All you need to do before using these drugs is test them and know what your buying!! If you don’t have a drug tester there’s other ways for example licking your pill to see if it tastes like mdma and also if you lick your pill and it turns and blue/purple colour it is a fake. Know your drugs before you buy them be smart and take half first to see the reaction to the pills when your first starting I personally am now comfortable enough to take pills in full form

  9. Suppose it’s what happens when you take festival pills. Fake, real fuck knows. Gotta get on pills in a good mood or you have a bad trip. I’ve only threw up once on pills, never have I seen anything like dis.

  10. MDMA is so safe if you make sure it's actually pure and not dirty shit you buy on the streets. Makes no sense buying at a festival as you have no idea what's even in it. Stupidest thing you could do. Probably was cut with numberious other things with minimal amounts of mdma in the pill. Also taking circle pills are stupid as they are so easily pressed

  11. I always wonder:
    -how much did they take
    -did they do it often before this time
    -did they take these pills from this dealer before

  12. Don’t take more than 1 pill if it’s your first couple of times on ur first maybe only take a half till u find out how much u can handle if u take multiple ur rlly likely to overdose so just dont

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