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100 thoughts on “Voter: I do not recognize the Republican party of today

  1. The Democrat politicians in DC are seditious traitors.

    They have been attempting a soft coup from the very day President Trump took office.

  2. the republican party is the old confederate traitors. Trump is their Grand Wizard and Puppy for Putin. They will be destroyed in 2020. You're either with the USA or your with a Russian traitor. Which side are you on boys?

  3. Today's Republican party is disgraced. It is not that of our great grandparents, or grandparents who had morals and great pride for America. Many were hard working people, with concerns of conservation and nature.
    Nowadays, it's unrecognizable from what it was 30, 40 years back. Very sad, for tRump has forever tarnished Republicans. I'm sure Putin's proud of his orange puppet.

  4. Your damn right about that fat ass! Now real Americans are in the Republican Party. Nothing like that Boner dude and Mc Cain the isis loving trash that used to get gang banged by mike and berry the 11 trillion dollar disaster Obama. Now we have a real President in Trump. He’s much better than that limp wristed man bun wearing granola headed dirt fuckers in the democrap 💩 party! You can all have the privilege of worshiping our Glorious leader Trump! Have a nice evening space wasters!
    Oh yeah-Elijah Cummings died also. 😃 Wasn’t that one of the most beautiful presents we were 🎁 gifted with ever? We just keep winning! TRUMP 2020 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸

  5. First and foremost, anyone who votes for a "Trump loyalist Republican Georgia candidate," means your current medical healthcare insurance is at risk. Republicans has admitted …
    their primary goals are to focus on Trump, Trump, Trump, impeachment exoneration and not improvement for their devoted constituents jobs, pensions, safety net, healthcare insurance, 401Ks, farms, homes/properties, businesses, etc.

  6. How low will the GOP go?…we believe that in the end after all the crimes felony and treason along with all the things the trump crime family has done . After all is said and done 4 will be hanged for treason 10 will do 16 to 20 federal time and 10 will do 3 to 6 federal time, many others will lose the jobs in the senate and congress including staffers and aids cleaning the house will prove to our allies we can be trusted again, only time will tell.

  7. They seriously need to ship Ruppert Murdoch back to Australia! He's destroying our democracy with his Fox News and idiot cast of characters!

  8. Pull your head out of your ass lay off the dope and maybe you would see the Dems are the liars here it's not gonna work Americans are finished with the Dems and the fake news media

  9. The extremes of politics "believe" they can do no wrong and don't engage the other side – this leaves them in a self made bubble or echo chamber – I've got news for both sides – the Independent 40% don't believe all these conspiracy theories and "process" arguments and are the voters who decide elections, and at this moment in time the GOP are treating them like idiots – beware the backlash – both sides.

  10. This isn’t even about party anymore. Trump is a traitor who sold out the country and our allies to Russia for personal gain. He used all tax payers’ money for that and people are still talking about democrats this and that. We’re all Americans and should impeach this traitor.

  11. OMG, read the FACTS! There isn’t a question of extortion. The only question is are you okay with it?

    Then, about the process that disturbs her so, it was written by Republicans! AND it’s obvious she is speaking from talking points bc her assumptions are erroneous and I’ll informed.

  12. Low unemployment figures, high GDP, strong US dollar, Opening of International factories inside America, removal of troops from the middle east and tough stance on China. Well done America stand proud.

  13. Delusion. Blame "the process". Don't want to discuss ole Billy Barr's refusal to do as Congress asked now do we? Guess it's ok in Republican voters minds that the AJ is a partisan…as long as he's THEIR partisan. Hypocrites.

  14. Debbie Fisher was probably in her 50s when Clinton was impeached (so she must remember very well) over the "inappropriate relationship" of the president with an intern. I think the Republicans also brought up a land deal the Clinton made in some southern state which turned out nothing. Now, she doesn't like the process? It's amazing that she's comfortable with this president throwing the country under the bus, being bff with Putin, and having Giuliani running a shadow diplomacy to look for dirt on a political opponent. And, let's not mention that since he's a "Star" women let him grab them by the p***y. Another conservative value she might share with him is cheating. I bet she does mind at all if her husband cheats on her with a porn star and model. Oh, and let's not mention that he's on wife #3, two of them foreigners. And, that's just the beginning. There's no room here to cover all the lies or falsehoods he spins on a daily basis.

  15. if Debbie fisher was better looking, dumbass Donald could grab her pussy-and she would see nothing wrong with that. get her a BIG glass of kool ade!!!

  16. Yeah -how can I get on TV??? Oh yeah call CNN and tell them I want to bash the President and the Repubs…. they’ll put on -who cares!!!!

  17. Debbie Fisher is a stupid bitch the democrats are following the same process and rules that the republicans did during the Clinton impeachment. It is the guilty trump and his goons covering their tracks by putting out the false narrative that the democrats are messing up the process when the real fact is the democrats are doing it perfectly and Debbie Fisher is just a stupid ignorant republican bitch that doesn’t deserve a vote after standing behind an obvious traitor and con man like trump

  18. Lol impeachment is the only road to victory for democrats,it sure won’t be democrat’s record of accomplishments in 2020.Since 2016 democrats have accomplished absolutely nothing but their deranged impeachment pursuit.When on the debate stage with Trump ,President Trump can rattle off his long list of accomplishments and democrats can list how they have done absolutely nothing but try to block his every move.It’s not going to be pretty….

  19. If you don't recognize the republican party of today then you've been willfully blind for the past 45 years. This is what it's been since Nixon took the Oath. Wake the fuck up, morons.




  23. I am really getting really sick and tired of these stupid, head-in-the-sand republicans complaining about "the process." Look, you idiotic people, the "process" that you are saying is "wrong" and "not appropriate" is the same process that was basically used in the Nixon matter up until he realised it was better to resign than have his head on a platter and in the Clinton matter. As a matter of fact, the closed door hearings that you fools are bitching about; well, all you need and should do is look at Trey Gowdy, who in 2015, came up with rules to start with closed door hearings with BOTH SIDES sitting in and being able to ask questions in the same format as Chairman Schiff has described. Once the house got to a certain point, it was agreed to have public hearings. Again, these are rules that were approved by the house in 2015. So if you seriously have a problem with "the process," than your own republican party is to blame. If you don't believe me, look it up. That is what search engines are for. Here is another suggestion: turn to other news media other than faux news. You can read online a wide variety of news stories that pretty much say the opposite of faux news. The reason why I can it "faux news," is because those talking heads, and I use that term very loosely, do not read the news. A good 99.9% of the noise that comes out of their mouths are opinions. The closet person who talks "news" is Chris Wallace. Yeah, yeah, CNN has their opinion people too, but you can tell when they are reporting a news story and when they start an opinion discussion. Plus, there are hundreds of newspapers, that you can read and get news. If you want opinions, you can read the opinion page. But at least, you have opened your mind and can see that there is more out in the real world. If you do not bother to expand your mind and see what has clearly been proven that the orange menace completely broke the oath of the office, than I can only say, "take off your blinders and open your eyes!" I know people who have publicly stated that they made a mistake by voting the wrong way.

  24. I'm sure the woman would have said the same.

    If it were Obama or Hilary?

    I swear, the HYPOCRISY of these folks…

    You have failed GOD's test; supporting "the WOLF in sheep's clothing…"

    (as he eats your herd… aka ruin the Rep Party)

  25. @1:29 Trumpist flashes map pretending to be a majority opinion, forgets that the Blue parts are where most of the people live, not prairie dogs

  26. For all those who voted for Trump and now regret that decision, the YangGang welcomes you with open arms. Yang2020.com

  27. Trump supporters: old white "Christians" (even as, the lying, corrupt, pussy grabbing Trump is anything but christian) and a handful of nutty black Americans.

  28. Debbie is an illiterate moron. Read the transcript? Heh, read the Mueller Report. Trump is as innocent of Treason as O.J. is of murder.

  29. Yeah Republicans and Democrats are dead catch up!
    Some of us got tired of going to the same trough voting for the same carrot on the same stick in the same bullshit lies!
    Thank God for Trump!!

  30. debbie fisher is a total idiot there must be something wrong with her eyesight and her hearing she must be blind and deaf if she can not see what trump is a treasonous traitor a compulsive liar a rapist a racist putin puppet and all round scumbag just like the republicans destroying america shame on them 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  31. If you notice one of the key difference between those who still blindly follow the current Republicunts and its corrupt leader, and those that sees something wrong with the party, is education .

  32. She is arguing about the process but the reporter never seems to push back and say that the process was legal and it was pass by republicans. Now i believe when Trump says that MSM is the enemy of the people.

  33. I think most of the women fancy Trump that is why they support him. I would love to see their faces when they realise they have been taken for fools by him.

  34. Debbie Fisher Congress is following rules brought in by the GOP. Benghazi was done behind closed doors at the beginning. So please stop with the outrage they are investigating it the Senate does the court case.

  35. Really? The party is the same, same agenda, same policy, same racism, same bigotry, same false sense of religiosity… Even same old farts that support the party for at least 40 years.

    What's different? They don't care to hide anymore, since the president is a criminal they don't care if in broad daylight they support scammers, con mans, pedophiles, thiefs, psychos, racists or any other criminal as long as they remain in power.

    Trump didn't convert the party in the smelly pile of shit that it is, but now thanks to him You can see and smell the pile more clear than ever.

  36. This reliable Republican vote of nearly thirty years voted straight Dem last Tuesday, and I'll continue to do so till Trump is booted from the White House. And I may never go back to the GOP! Their defense of the president's unconstitutional and unlawful power grab is unconscionable!!

  37. That woman reminds me so much of the nanny in the Omen. Scary as heck, especially when she did that weird cackle at the end when she mentioned the President.

  38. Bwaahaha….where's the crime you god-forsaken commie bastards? Maxine Waters: "I don't know, we will come up with something." MSM brainwashed Zombie: He fired the Ambassador, asked for dirt of his political Rival, Did a Quid-Pro-Quo, and Guiliani is guilty of obstruction. OK….Did you hear me? i asked you to show me a crime.

  39. Trump humpers need to wake up-they have no idea how at risk our country is to fall into fascism but, maybe that is who they are

  40. She doesn't recognize the REPUPLICAN party of today???? OMG!!! Any you understand the Democrats??? Wow! These are the types of clowns that voted AOC, the halfwit bartender, into Congress!

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