VGATW Latest News – Kentucky Governor blames Florida shooting on video games

VGATW Latest News – Kentucky Governor blames Florida shooting on video games

Hey people! This is Gian, host of VGATW. First of all, I want to offer my condolences
to the families of the victims of the shooting in Florida. You know, I am not surprised that crap like
this was bound to happen. This never, ever for once ceases to bother
me everytime there is a tragic event like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook,
the Navy Yard, Umpqua, Charlottesville, San Bernadino, the Pulse Nightclub, the church
shooting in Texas and now this. Where a bunch of people lose their lives. Some, piece of freaking scum went on a killing
spree. Hey, he should be held accountable for his
actions, he should be able to take blame and it cannot be that he might have been messed
up in the head. He might’ve been bullied or was beyond any
type of basic understanding. Or he wasn’t raised properly, it can’t be
ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING, that would be logical. Truth be told, people have been messed up
in killing since the freaking dawn of mankind. People have killed other people over race,
religion, lands, money, resources or words and books. But in cases like this, there is NEVER a logical
explanation. Of course, the media, the politicians they’re
constantly twisting things around whenever something like this happens. Some dumbass activist or journalist sits his
or her ass down acting like freaking Batman or Sherlock Holmes, doing some idiotic detective
work saying like: Let’s see what kind of stuff he was into, because it was most likely the
music he was listening too, must have made him do something like this. What he read or saw in a movie or TV show
was the cause. Nope, nope! It’s that tired as hell lame excuse, video
games. Let me tell you something, there was MORE
violence before Pong was invented, WAY more violence before arcades existed but nooooooooo. It’s always games. When this thing happen, this dumbass Republican
Governor from Kentucky blames it all on games, and never finding a logical explanation. Of course, one side is like blame games. The other side is like ban guns and dumbass
celebrities using events like these to ban guns and take away people’s right to defend
themselves. Why don’t you hold some damn charity event? To the families that will not be able to afford
this messed up funeral that they have for their kids, their brothers and their sisters. You people could’ve done something like this,
but you didn’t but instead you’re trying to find out what made him do it and say like:
Oh, headline news! It’s Grand Theft Auto that did it, it was
this game he played, that must be a logical explanation of why he decided to go and kill
a bunch of people. If it isn’t freaking music, if it isn’t movies,
if it isn’t TV shows and if it isn’t something they’re reading, it’s always something that
they’re fracking playing. These things don’t make any sense and it’s
not what they’re playing don’t even tell me. DO NOT TRY TO FREAKING CONVINCE ME THAT IT
WAS A GODDAMNED VIDEO GAME. Now, there was a time when politicians would
blame rap music on random acts of violence because they felt that the lyrics promote
violence. Rap music reflected the realities of what
was going on in the hood, hence the talk of guns, drugs, sex and money in the songs that
rappers like Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Snoop Dogg and many more were
rapping. Let me tell you something, people should be
held accountable for their own actions. But of course, they never find anything logical
and it’s always blame something that the killer was into, and also ban guns. Never trying to find out if the person was
being bullied or having problems at home or at school. I had my share of bullies when I was in school,
but I defended myself. They never talk about the problems that person
have, but use games or guns as a damned scapegoat. If you have something to say about this, comment,
rate, go for it. This is Gian, host of VGATW. I’m done.

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