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100 thoughts on “Unpaid Bills Pile Up In The Wake Of President Donald Trump Rallies | All In | MSNBC

  1. I went to the Rolling Stones the city of Denver did not have to provide police protection. The event was awesome. They just did it.thanks Denver

  2. No surprise here! All will ended up with nothing just like those who did business with him! Get him now or soon there will be nothing!

  3. Just because these places claimed that he owes them that money doesn't mean he really does it's just you saying it with no proof

  4. Now you know how Trump made his millions. Run up huge accounts and then do not pay. Ever!

    Imagine being one of his contractors or creditors. What hope would you have of being paid? See you in court !!

  5. I have a prediction , If he get's impeached , (I will believe it when I see it ) , he will file bankruptcy with his Campaign funds , and he will walk away without paying a dime . I hope I am wrong

  6. Fox News is not reporting this. If you can stomach it, have a look at the comments on Fox News from his supporters. It is sickening, and you can see how dumb his supporters really are.

  7. So the municipality OF THEIR OWN VOLITION assigns additional law enforcement THAT WAS NOT REQUESTED by the candidate, then attempts to have the candidate foot the bill. I wouldn't pay them either.

  8. Trump is well known for not paying his bills. I'm sure he has no plans to pay this money owed. They should put up giant billboards telling everyone what a deadbeat he is.

  9. Trump never pays his bills! He’s always been that way! And his moronic supporters will continue to support him! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. I hope these cities remember this when it's time to vote. Maybe he was saving money to send to the Ukraine after he received info on Biden.

  11. On top of those bills is the movement tab for AF One, support aircraft, personnel, andground equipment. With the inclusion of just hauling "The Beast" around alone could fund a relief trip to Puerto Rico, school needs, homeless relief, teacher salaries, medical needs. And people call this conservatism? It's presidential welfare.

  12. There is one born every minute. Rich privileged presidents never pay bills his suckers do. Cash up front would sound great, the buck stops at his desk. Sue his trifling arss.

  13. Strange Trump is responsible for the cost of extra police services in relation to his rallies but Jussie Smollett is not responsible for the police overtime in Chicago where Jussie faked his own racial assault? Why? Please someone explain?

  14. So I said this before nobody thinks it's funny that he gets all that campaign money and so on and he can't pay his bills something is fishy really allegedly I must say how can he get away with doing that recieving contributions from big donors but not making payments wake up States

  15. From what I read, the cities never made a legal contract with the campaign to assign police protection and the price of doing so. Big mistake on their part since Trump and his campaign do not have to legally pay for it. And knowing them, they WON'T pay for it. However, if the campaign does not foot the bill, guess who does?

  16. So he owes almost $12 million to these places listed, which is to be paid out of his campaign money, why do you think he still doesn’t pay it most likely his campaign $ is being laundered into something else for him or he thinks what ever money is left in his campaign after he’s done running and serving he can keep, so he’ll screw over every city by not paying , just like he does to everyone else even the people that he has to pay from law settlements ordered by judges. This is what he actually thinks of people, he’s saying that you, your family and your community isn’t worth or good enough to receive money for services that was actually donated to his campaign for this purpose. Wake up people it’s bad enough he’s funneling taxpayers money into his businesses instead of writing it off and putting the money back into government programs that could use it. Just like the thousand of G.I’s he conned out of their grant money for school in his fake trump university. Wake up.

  17. "I am very rich" … Yeah sure, show us your tax-returns, and that will explain mostly everything .. Fake rich person, fake president, fake living creature!!

  18. To boost his ego ,Trump stages rallies. It is your right to do so, but pay your bills otherwise admit that you're broke!! It's not a good image for a so called "billionaire" and businessman extra- ordinaire.

  19. He is a bankrupt president he never pays his bills so this needs to stop where is he campaign money going to his pockets

  20. Bet he blames President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for his bills plying up. (why wouldn't he, he blames everything on anyone other than himself) Say what, Trump doing the right thing? The only "right thing" for Trump to do, is to divorce his wife, move to North Korea, and marry Kim. Trump did day that they were in love with each other. Do the right thing Trump, marry Kim, and make him an honest man

  21. I've never seen anything any THING in my LIFETIME of such an AWFUL situation and AWFUL Family in the WHITE HOUSE .I'm not American, I'm not a RACIST I'm am white and have lived in this WORLD of OURS for 81 years. I've seen so many things in my LIFETIME. I'm so SAD that this WORLD of OURS is not what it should be TRUMP is definitely DESTROYING the HUMANITY OF HOW WE SHOULD BE WITH EACH OTHER. I REALLY DON'T LIKE WHAT HE'S DONE WHILE BEING P.O.T.U.S OR ANY OF HIS FAMILY

  22. True to form. What did you expect?
    I saw a news piece interviewing his followers at his rallies. Unbelievable. I wouldn’t want to be a reporter covering them. I have seen film of Hitler rallies, and Trump is much more hateful.

  23. Oooooooohhhh do i see another bankruptcy again!!!
    Do nothing next time & move the police force away from the events & don't answer the phone 😉

  24. Trumpeters: he's being smart
    Everyone including those halfwits: why are my taxes 5 cents higher oh yeah to pay for POTUS golf trips and rallies. Another reason non trumpets detest this thing know as agent orange

  25. I have no sympathy for the people who don’t get payment up front. He’s wealthy by not earning it all. Most of his wealth is from not paying his bills.

  26. Trump has the cheek to charge the Irish police that served as protection when he visited his to his golf course in Ireland. They were offered tea, coffee and snacks while there never told they were being charged for it

  27. When you don't pay your bills, where do you go? Usually to JAIL. DO NOT HESITANT to put his butt in jail. Lock tRump up

  28. They are never getting a dime of these fees. Trump is like Typhoid Mary and just spreads incurable infection wherever he goes. If you go to bed with this guy go come crying that you have a dose of Super Clap.

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