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100 thoughts on “U.S. And Taliban Reach A Reduction Of Violence Agreement | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

  1. so trump is ending wars and bringing our troops home? nice find a way to complain about it, i know you will dems.

  2. This man, the so called president had no idea what he is doing nor what he is talking about, we are in deep trouble with this one

  3. This is the US way of pretending we didn’t lose in Afghanistan.
    We’ve lost Syria as well.
    We’ve lost many different goals at home and overseas, primarily because Israel won ownership of our lawmakers

  4. So trump doesn’t do anything about our troops getting killed a week ago and it’s okay, but republicans will still say Obama was the weak president lol weakest president America has ever had.

  5. This is good news if it develops into lasting peace. Trump gets it done man. If people would just leave him alone we'd have peace in the middle East by the time he's done.

  6. After over 20 years i think its safe to say " not working" ! I see alot of failure comments, anyone have a real solution?
    Food for thought

  7. Not sure American public knows what they want out of Afghanistan.

    Comments are based on partisanship. Having no skin in the game, it's just partisan politics now.

    Sucks for U.S. soldiers who are trained expertly in art of war, forced to babysit shepherds and opium farmers because US soldiers have become nothing more than political fodder.

  8. The left has become the modern day pro-war mccarthyists; and like they forget the deal obama made with the largest state sponser of terrorism in the world; that's fine, but orange bad! rabble rabble rabble !

  9. A backward society has a right to exist but when a backward society becomes a threat to an advanced society it must be eliminated by any means just drop the freaking N Bomb and get the job done

  10. I think this is better than trading Gitmo Terrorist Prisoners for a US Army Deserter that no one wanted back, then called a HERO by the Obama administration, only to be DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED from the Army, what do you think Fake News MSNBC?

  11. Trump will give away what ever is needed to get our troops out of Afghanistan. Months later, after a brief but brutal civil war, the Taliban will be in power. Months after that, there will be terrorist training camps. And larger poppy farms. Make America Great Again! Trump is a sham-meister.

  12. The Trump 'Caitlyn Jenner', tax and budget plan, rolls on…
    The future discriminates against his 'orientation', when it comes to 'Congress and Budgetary spending', I am not sure why the present does not also? Oh, right.. they too, require the 'special restrooms'..

  13. So the US changed its stand on negotiating with terrorist. I'm surprised trump hasn't invited ISIS to Camp David for a BBQ.


  15. “The United States Doesn’t Make Deals With Terrorist”. What Happened To That ? That Was Literally U.S. War Motto In The Middle East…..

  16. Born in the 🇺🇸 40 years ago. Been to almost every state. Never met a taliban or Afghan. Plenty of racism tho. Personally i rather see some of that $750b a year spent on healthcare or homeless or hunger.

  17. You love USA because Trump only want gain for him self while he has you paying for his life style!!!! All military use ur brain don't listen to politics shoved in you listen to you hart

  18. 2,977 killed on 9/11. Approximately 2 trillion spent for the ensuing "war". 7,000 troop casualties. But nah, it's cool bruh, just promise you won't be bad and we will not treat you so mean.

  19. Better not be money, weapons or poppie growth allowed in this so called deal.
    I don't want to hear from marijuana smokers either that oh, why don't you want a poppy growth allowed.
    As long as you don't do it, it doesn't affect you.
    Fk you as* fking liberals
    You want to go to sleep……?
    Then you want to wake up….!
    You fking liberals don't know what you want.
    But you want to tell everybody else what they need and how to raise everybody else's children by your rules…
    Probably 99% of you fkers ain't got children.
    If you do they're laying on a fking doctor's office floor ripped apart or suffocating in the corner

  20. What happened to the 'not negotiating with terrorists' shtick? These people are religious fanatics that literally think they have a god on their side. You can't trust them to hold any agreement.

  21. Admiration for dictators, extortion attempts, and negotiating with terrorists…Sounds like another day in Trump paradise.

  22. Trump's pefect letter to the Taliban –
    Dear Mr. Taliban,
    We're sorry for invading your country and killing your civilians. Can you please stop shooting at us so we can retreat in peace?
    With love,
    Prezident D/////T////

  23. Outrageous. You can't never trust the thugs Taliban 's. I wouldn't hold my breath on that. Your trying to make a deal with the devil. It will never work. Sent the corona virus to them instead. 🗣🗣🗣🗣😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

  24. A 7 day cessation of violance? It's still winter in Afghanistan. This is the season of violance. Back in 2003 everyone was saying there would have to be war started in Iraq by March because that is the latest a three month drive could be sustained before the heat made the hazmat suits unbearable. (That was back when Bush. Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were insisting Iraq needed to be invaded because they had ssoooo much WMD.)

    What evidence does Trump have the Taliban will be different now from what they have always been? Has Trump decided he will not be able to trick the Kurds of Afghanistan as easily as he abandoned their brothers in Syria?

  25. I feel like America should be watching every and anything over there, too many planes with 100s of people went down over there. But why did they say bring them to Camp David 👀 wtf is y'all smoking.

  26. Taliban Trump established a deal. Maybe he can get the Talibans' top generals to stay in Trump Tower this September around the 11th…

  27. I thought we don't negotiate with terrorists. Peace deal. Ha! They just telling you whatever you need them to say so you can duck out without looking like you lost to your American public. And they still attacked U.S. Soldiers

  28. The Taliban isn’t a single organisation its is hundreds of small ones and while this “”deal”” may have been agreed on with one of them most will not hold to it, also what happened to the notion that we done make deals with terrorists?

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