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100 thoughts on “Trump voters react to impeachment inquiry. This is what they said off-camera.

  1. If Trump came put and kicked a puppy, his suppoters would clap and say puppies suck. Everyone needs to stop trying to understand them or convert them. They will never change, to change would mean they would have to admit they were wrong when everyone was telling them they were wrong and they lack the moral character to do that.

  2. Trump has strong supporters that are driven by hate, bitterness and resentment.

    You cant change their minds if their hearts are hardened.

    They are usually the black sheeps, arrogant-ignorant and/or antagonizers who love being different in a negative way.


  3. I always wonder when people wear clothing and apparel adorned with the US flag if they realize that a lot of these products aren't even made in the US. Would it even matter if they knew?

  4. If you are an American citizen and you believed the Russian collusion hoax for the full two years until it fell a part, and you now find yourself believing in the Ukraine collusion hoax—I want you to know it’s not your fault.

    Your low I.Q is not your fault.

    Hang in there.

  5. I wonder if YouTube will claim your video for the back street boys playing … probably not, but hey .. I'm just saiyan

  6. Legal immigrant for Trump, LEGAL!!! , if ur legal you got nothing to worry about, only fake news cnn would want ppl to think other wise

  7. "Latinos for Trump" ??? = "Latinos for Deportation" ????….Are you fing kidding me? Grow a mind people….you've been duped several times over at this point.

  8. Trump is supporting ISIS in Syria by way of the Turks and al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia by way of the Saudi Royal Family but if you ask a Trump supporter why they support ISIS and al Qaeda all you get is "HURR DURR LIBTARD HILLARY CLINTONS EMAILS" and a bunch of other indecipherable MAGA mongoloid bullshit. I'm a 2nd Amendment guy and I hate Communists and Antifa, but these dipshits have gone too far and need to be stopped for their own sake.

  9. You still have NOTHING after Fiona Hill's recent hearing, and you will NEVER have anything!! How do I know? I know because Hillary still walks around FREE, along with Joe Biden, that's how I know. Ha! Ha! Once again. See you in 2020 Lahoohoohooozers (LOSERS)!🤣🤣 oh, and Fiona Hill IS A FREAKING RUSSIAN SPY DUDE!! He's NO Lady! She's a MAN baby!!

  10. All trump is doing in his presidency is rallying his base. Locking up children, buying treasonous acts, keeping guns.
    If these people still think he is working for them, no wonder Trump keeps throwing mud on everything.
    Sad people want freedom and all they do is follow a cheating, lying treasonous scum.
    The USA need to teach their citizens to read, think, problem solve and community. Then maybe they can get past greed and corruption.

  11. Oh look no vote on impeachment. Will there ever be one? NO they are just trying to hurt trump and it’s not even working lol

  12. Republicans, why do you support a President that lies as much as he tells the truth. He will betray you as he has the Kurds.
    Hispanics, Mexico is not paying for the wall. American tax dollars are. Trump dispises Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. Look at how little he did to help Puerto Rico after the hurricane & he is their President as well.
    He supports racism, takes away food supplements from the American poor, yet give millions to foreign aide and is under investigation for receiving monies from foreign governments.
    Church leaders support his family values. Why, when he treats women with comments of just grab them by the p-ssy.
    I suppose also he just gave Stormy Danniels money because?

  13. I like to make little hunches in my head and I think Syria is happening because there is no wall. You don't want him to have a wall, he'll let loose isis so we have to round them up all over again. Now I'm not saying after some time they might realize they're over-reacting but if people are looking they might keep going just to save face. I think trump is like that.

  14. Lol! CNN has got to start making up stories about all the voters they "talked to off camera" that feel a certain type of way. LOL! What a sham if a "news" network.

  15. Hope things get so bad Latinos can't even find work and have to run for food stamps and eat beans and rice forever

  16. What about Biden using tax payers dollars using Air Force 2 for his son’s business deals? That’s BS Biden should be ousted! Thanks Trump for revealing a crook #Trump2020

  17. I called them Gringo Latinos they think they're part of Trumps Rally's when the racist is sitting next to them hates their guts LOL Latinos are clowns

  18. It is not democrats and republicans against one another at this point. It is now clearly the ignorant against the non-ignorant.

  19. I only come to YouTube comments for entertainment, these days. I refuse to believe there are really these many slow and dimwitted adults. People who care about the issues don't sound like most of this tripe on here.

  20. Nobody is ever perfect, bit the opposition Will do There dawndest to capitalise On any imperfections.
    People Must choose if they want an imperfect president who's heart is to put an end to illegals entering The country or choose an imperfect president that will open The door for illegals entering The country.
    If people want to hen peck at trivial matter's and judge him incapable of doing The job they voted him to do, then go ahead be overrighteous and shoot yourself in The foot. You will destroy The best chance you have at making America great again. Good luck to you

  21. In this case no, then what fuc** case? Does he need blow up something for his batch of crazies to say at least maybe he not the best choice?? Anyone who is still supporting trump at this point is all about themselves like trump or just plain ignorant period! Yes he won the election with help from Russia and we where stuck with him I can to terms with that and gave him a chance but he has done nothing but make the rich richer and the poor poorer FACTS.

  22. Mexican lady has bleached whitening cream Mutating her dna. Don't worry about her. She'll get dementia soon enough.

  23. A significant portion of Americans do not appear to have a decent sense of morality and decency. A 51% to 49% in favor of impeachment reflects that.

    Their continued support of a president who has no capacity to understand politics, the economy or world issues is staggering..Their inability to simply understand the difference between and wrong is concerning. If the American population votes for him again, the country will lose it's venerable position as the leading country of the free world. And the the decay well continue.

    The message being sent to the rest of the world is America is going to shut itself off from the world.

  24. trump voters all have brainrot bc they voted for him in the first place. trump could come tell them personally that they were stupid racists for voting for him and they'd be like 'haha, you said it mr president'. america is such a disgusting place.

  25. Yes, but long term, what do we do about these people? Seriously, how do we handle them? Education is of course the long term solution, but what do we do with them now?

  26. It’s very POLITICAL!? Ummmm duh bitch his using his political power to try and get dirt on his opponents, you know like what he did with Russia and Hilary fucking idiots! God I fucking hate Americans sometimes most stupidest fucking people on the god dam planet!

  27. When asked a yes or no question, if you begin your response with "in this particular case?" you're not inspiring confidence in said response. When you say that, I hear, "not this time, but there have been other things…"

  28. Nobody trusts CNN or the Democrats they work for. I can't blame them for not trusting what they are hearing. We never heard a word out of any body on CNN about any of Obama's crimes. You guys are saying that what Trump did is unethical but no word what Biden did. As someone that isn't a fan of Democrats or Republicans this biased news media bullshit is getting ridiculous

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