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100 thoughts on “Trump takes flak from Dems after proposing $2.5B to fight Coronavirus

  1. Schumer is such a tool the guy should be sold at harbor freight.

    Trump could literally come up with the cure on his own and the dems would still cry about it. And the lady on red would lead the crying circle.

  2. For the love of God, Schumer, let the President do his job without your petulant comments. The American people are tired of you and Nancy Pelosi and your childish games. Stop your whining and start acting like you actually care about people more than politics.

  3. Liberals all want us SICK!

    Sanders and every other Democrat Candidate wants the rest of us to feel COMPLACENT that no one can beat TRUMP so we don't need to go out and vote.

    That kind of thinking is what cost us the House.

    Sanders first Executive order is to make America an OPEN BORDER country.

    Get all of your friends, co-workers and relatives and get out and VOTE in November.

    The Democrats want to turn America into a Socialist country.

    Google: The goal of socialism is communism. ~Vladimir Lenin

    We have to get out and vote.

    Google: List of corrupt Democrats.

    Sanders will pick Hillary Clinton as his Vice president.

    Google: Dead people the Clinton's knew.

  4. President Trump is so right, it he says 1 billion, chuckie boy would say it's too much; if he would say 500 million ; it's not enough. A classic "Damned if you do and damned if you don't. "

  5. Oh now he's not asking for enough money? Yet they wanted to shut the government down for a wall that would be really nice to have fully built right about now.

  6. This Reporter sounds like Snake Eyes Schumer's illegitimate Daughter! Sorry Folks 'Who' 1st Denied there was a Epidemic after 1st case hit in Sept 2019 till peak finally hit end of Jan. Early… but not too early for average 12 weeks Seasonal Flu virus run. Which are averages for most of latitudes above 30* N. Latitudes btw late November to late February will see peak end of Feb. From there Seasonal viruses peter out by April are rarely seeing infections into May! …meaning no way will we see Flu Season extended into March for peak season even!
    Egg Vaccines are Time Dated but cell based aren't past DRIFT change only modifies them into generational Shift. Plasma Antigens from Donations, from recovered patients will also last full season! …that is until Drift changes same months or years ends in Shift changing it entirely! MERS>SARS>COVID-19 Season Peaked in Wuhan already! …that is it's not going to get any worse there and only colder climates will see cases past April w/near nothing into MAY!

  7. Not enough, means that the democrats won't be able to steal some of that money. Democrats are dumb in the head and they are still stupid. People like that should be liable for doing wrong and abusing their power.

  8. just like chuckie the tumor trying to upstage the Donald they had the last three months to do something so why did they not do it Oh I know they were running a fake impeachment and lost all their marbles

  9. Let's play Jerry Springer in congress and let it spread to people. That's right. Mabey the American population needs to March in capital hill and throw them all out. Why not? They're getting paid to do nothing.

  10. Dems always criticizing & smear'n Trump. go do sonething for once for d country. what's d Dems hav to offer as a solution?? not enough fund'n then approve more fund'n & set it up as only for d virus. how stupid r y'all. Don't complain. Do something about it!! Stupid Dems!!!

  11. Chuckles Schumer to go hide under a rock somewhere this guy is such a freaking lining snake he should be he should be investigated he is a piece of crap what has he done for the area do you represent unfortunately this is my district nothing he is worthless he is repulsive he's a lying sob=👺😷😈💩🐉🐷

  12. We don't even have A 100 cases of Corona virus in the United States there's no pandemic here to be requesting that much money

  13. Yea the Democrats wants to give to the crooks in WHO the criminals hey maybe Chuck you may get some kick back from WHO to your criminal cohorts

  14. You don’t need a dime to fight a virus. All you need is soap, water and some common sense. I treat sick people all day every day and do not get sick.

  15. Simply because you don’t like Trump, doesn’t mean he’s not prepared for the corona virus. He’s the worlds leader in heading off this virus . Why don’t you just do your job for a change because I know you recognize the greatness in Trump.

  16. What an a.. He cant spell stupid. What do you think President Trump has been doing? He sure has not been sitting on his hands like the Dems. Too little too late!

  17. LOL! The dems haven’t done anything for the last 3 years and will continue to do nothing. Then they want to blame the president. Gotta love liberals 🙄

  18. No one is panicking.🙄
    But, it is NOT enough.
    And the CDC,which has no party, just 2 hours ago, came out saying that it is not a matter of IF but WHEN it becomes a community spread U.S. issue.

    In addition, Republican senators cornered trump's spokesman today and got him to admit that we need more than 300 million respirators to prevent pandemic spread, but we only have 12 million.
    Furthermore, all U.S. owner manufacturers of respirators ARE IN CHINA.

  19. 2 billions to end up in democratic bank account. This kind of money usually ends up in corruption. Maxine waters who looks after the finances can see a world pool coming her way. The house will give the money to all kinds of different ways.

  20. I thought the Dem-o-rats said Trump was spreading fear when he started talking about this virus. Why in the heck do you idiots on the Left coast keep electing these mofo;s???

  21. Everyday I wake up and thank God President Trump is my President! God bless him, his family, and his work. VOTE RED and vote Nervous Nancy & Shifty Shiff OUT! Trump 2020!!! KAG 4 MORE YEARS!

  22. 7:10…give the lady a raise! All Western nations giving up their industries to China and Co. whilst under closet leftist Marxist 'globalist' governments. 'Globalist' must be made the new word for 'traitor'…. better update our thesaurus.

  23. I sure didn’t hear him offer up any suggestions to help America since they claim to care so much about us even though you can’t point to an example.


  25. Taking care of the health of your constituents is apparently white supremacy.

    And to think someone will still vote for these clowns in 8 months…

  26. Democrats would like millions to die from this virus so they can use it against trump.

    The Democrats are the domestic enemies that are founding fathers warned us about

  27. The democrats open the border and then blame Trump for letting the virus come into our country…. can they really believe Americans are that stupid? And because they’re in office, apparently some of us are!

  28. Medical and public health experts have been expressing warnings for years about the danger of open borders and no screening or tracing of infected immigrants leading to the outbreak of a disease epidemic.
    And what have the Democrats in congress and the media been demanding? OPEN BORDERS, NO SCREENING, AND NO TRACING OF INFECTED IMMIGRANTS. The blame for every single case of coronavirus infection in this country belongs directly on the Democrats in congress and the media.

  29. he cute $ from the CDC who’s responsibility is to work on Epidemics pandemics. he says it’s NOT as BAD as they say. Guess ALL these sick people are FAKE! There ALL OUT to GET HIM! & it is President O’bama’s fault. he is such a 💩Head! He is his own (and AMerica’s) Virus! STAMP him OUT! VoteBlueVoteBlueVote

  30. I used to love Fox News but I also watch MSNBC CNN and every other news agency now they became the white nationalist cable television channel

  31. Fake Fox News sleeping in bed with Donald Trump and the elites they run with their talking points on a regular basis shame on you

  32. Yeah chucky, and you will want the clinto ns to dole it out, like they did in Hiati, Puerto rico, disasters, the same people that laundered the money and sent it back to their off shore accounts? The medical experts will see only several million bucks.


  34. The next time you think Trump wasn't prepared for this pandemic. Trump said "China targeted the farmers so were helping them"
    Disinfectant Active Ingredient : Ethanol – 56%
    Let that sink in… No seriously, let it sink in for 60 seconds thats how it kills 99.9% of Coronavirus…

  35. The dems are disgusting trash for using this virus as a political weapon which once again proves dems dont care one bit about the people.

  36. Would the Democrats like to see coronavirus grow to a full scale epidemic in this country with many thousands getting sick just so they could blame it on Trump and win the election? You can bet every dollar you have they would.

  37. Trump is asking for 2.5 billion for coronavirus prep and Schumer is a deceitful fraud. He has had no concern prior to this and now says congress needs to spend 8.4 billion to fight the coronavirus. In the House McCarthy suggests 4 billion and Pelosi has said nothing. All Trump needs to say to Schumer is— you are in Congress, send me the legislation!

  38. My enlistment in the USN ended in 2000 but I remember needing parts to fix equipment and having to send senior sailors to a ship graveyard to scrounge them up.

    I remember getting new parts out of the box and seeing "Made in Canada" on the box, so the leftist, communist de-industrialization of America has been ongoing for a LONG time.

    Thank god it didn't get so bad that I ever saw "Made in China" on any boxes – but it was bad enough.

    So thank god for President Donald Trump.

  39. trump is always looking for a new way to steal money. That's what the Ukraine delay in aide was all about, now he will steal money claiming it is for the virus! Still can't believe his resort is charging us taxpayers for all his secret service & staff at his golf resort where he golfs 3 times a week! Anyway who would ever believe a word this pathological liar says about anything? Oh except the idiots he originally catfished….they just keep on believing because to not do so is to admit to how stupid they were when they first got conned. I wonder when he will pull out his sharpie & change the CDC numbers?

  40. Trumps first problem…..and he backs down….hands the issue to Pence to deal with…..COWARD….same way he dodged the Draft….President BONE SPURS

  41. Schumer and his party hasn’t done 💩for this country in 3 years. Complain …complain… complain but where is your solution CHUCKY???

  42. Trump is absolutely right! He asks for 2.5 billion Dems scream not enough! Incompetent! If he asks for more… To much!  Incompetent! The Dems just flat out have to make everything dramatic.

  43. With proper quarantine controls in place there will be no pandemic the democrats are politicising this entire affair and people should see it fir what it’s for, if it dies become a pandemic Congress will be 100% to blame for it.

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