Tom Hanks does a hilarious scouse accent | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Tom Hanks does a hilarious scouse accent | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Tom, you’ve done some
accent work, haven’t you? Well, yes, some.
Cloud Atlas, you did…? Yeah, William Conacher,
our dialect coach, kept saying, “No, that’s not it.” So, I was trying to play
somebody cockney, and it seemed like every one
of our sessions would go like this – “All right,
start with the dialogue.” “Oh, it’s a bloody waste of time,
this is. “Do you know what I want to do? “I want to smash him
right in the face and… # All I want is a
room somewhere… # So, I’m channelling Audrey Hepburn. In all my dialogue. But you also,
didn’t you teach Mr Hanks Scouse? Well, he tried a little bit. Cos when I’m on the phone to…
He is on the phone all the time! Only in the chair, though!
In make-up! Chair in make-up, “Ow are yer?
Hello, love, I love yer loads!” “I love yer loads!” Love yer loads! His family had a long-standing
holiday that he wanted to be released from work for, and his kids sent the most adorable
video to our director. They were like, “Oh, we hope that
you will release our daddy.” “We know that you have him
for possible rain cover shots, “but if there’s any
way you can let him come “so we can have our
traditional holiday.” Yep. And then the family pet
came through, and your daughter said,
“Oops, I just tread on the cat.” APPLAUSE But then I went on the holiday!
Oh, you went on the holiday! I made certain!

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91 thoughts on “Tom Hanks does a hilarious scouse accent | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. i would love to see the video his kids sent to the director
    that would make me laugh so much specially when i remember Tom's impression of them

  2. Before you all get butt hurt and whine that that's not a scouse accent blah, blah they said he TRIED to do an accent. He knows he couldn't do it correctly. It's funny bc it's his take on the people he met. Geez

  3. I never used to be a fan if graham norton, having never seen the show if course, then it popped up as a suggestion on here and now I'm hopelessly addicted!! He keeps me up half the night in hysterics and makes my daughter tell me off for keeping her awake in the next room!
    That man can bring the bad out in anybody!! I'd never be able to have a conversation with him because my sense of humour is bad enough already but I wish I had the guts to ask him for help with a small wind up I have going on with my granddaughter about keanu reeves, I'd love to see her face as I served the winning shot in our little war! Baring in mind that her previous best insult to me is "why dont you go and watch another marvel film old granny!" Lol

  4. The fact that Tom Hanks and Stephen Graham have previously talked on the phone to each other is for some reason oddly beautiful to me…

  5. Tom has got to be the American guest with the most visits to Graham's show and for goodness sake, they make it very clear that Tom knows his "scouse" accent is not any good. The other guest makes Tom laugh by saying…"well, he tried". Read the title to the video! It doesn't say it's a GOOD attempt/ smh

  6. I was sorting through my many DVDs one day and I decided to put them in order of the actors and I noticed I had many more Tom Hanks films than anybody else without realising it. That told me what a superb actor I think he is.

  7. Wait so it's not the director Martin Scorsese accent? I'm so confused that's what I thought it said, so who if this person scouse?

  8. Wens aaa fookin da gettin sum time of work la. We are off t ge rat arsed over the crizzy period. Oh shite, just trod on the fookin kitty ka and nearly loped it's fooken ed off ….eh.

    I type a better scouse accent… What was that Tommy boy?


  9. His accents are the usual horrid American attempts at English (though they are really American accents as no-one in England sounds like that) but he is so pleasant to watch it doesn't matter.

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  11. This highlights audience ignorance and their apparent desire to be spoon fed complete and utter rubbish by ignorant and greedy producers who continually ignore art for profit.

  12. There are so many many British accents, it's hard to keep track.
    In the US we have a few distinct regions with accents and… one city.
    Hi Boston.

  13. I used to like Tom Hanks,but his reactions to Ricky Gervais' JOKES at the Globes has shown me that he's simply a closed-minded fool.
    …and his wife bleating all over twitter about her make-up & hair-stylist being late…truly pathetic
    Its a good thing her arse-wiper wasnt late;she wouldnt have made it at all

  14. 1:07 is Tom impersonating a handicapped child or something? What on earth is he doing with his hands?? It reminds me of what Donald Trump did when he was making fun of that disabled reporter! And this is supposed to be Mr. Rogers behaving like this? WTF?

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