The Zenith Update: Latest News

Hey people’s and welcome to another
Zenith update I just thought it was
about time to just let you know what’s
going on
this one is unscripted so I’m just gonna
kind of waffle on about stuff and I’ll
probably cut some bits out where I tend
to waffle on like I’m doing right now so
in the background I don’t have any new
footage to to put up or anything so
this is just a clip of me playing
Sleeping Dogs I played it on stream one
random night and I really liked this
section it just reminded me of the
gunfight in hard boiled which is one of
my all-time favorite action movies but
anyway let’s get on with the update so
Zenithfilms play seems to be doing
exactly what it is that I wanted it to
do which is raise my watch time there
are a lot of videos going up from
gameplays I’m streaming Wednesday Saturday
Sunday but I sometimes randomly stream
on other nights as well if I’ve got some
spare time and so far I’ve got a small
community of people over on Twitch which
is nice and the videos that I’m
archiving on YouTube we’re getting you know
between 12 and 50 views per video and that’s
great because you’re looking at a you
know an average of around 12 to 50 hours
worth of watch time which is exactly the
reason why I’m doing it just trying to
raise that watch time get YouTube to
remonitise my channel again but we’ll
see the but Zenithfilms plays was step
one step two is Zenithfilm’s reviews
now I haven’t actually started writing
them yet I’m still trying to work out
what my top 10 all-time favorite films
are I know most of them it’s just some
of them and they are going to be the 10
films that I review but I do know what
the first Zenithfilms review is going to
be and that’s going to be the 1992
director’s cut of Blade Runner because
that is my all-time favorite movie that
version specifically and I’ll go into
details why when we start doing the
review I hope to start doing them I’m
gonna say summer but that’s not a hard
date and you know summer is rapidly approaching
Patreon is doing really well
for Zenithfilms we are now raising a
hundred and one dollars per month
from our patrons that in English money
equates to around 70 to 80 pounds which
is what I pay an actor per day so each
month I get enough money to pay Olwen
to do another day’s filming that is amazing
I never expected to raise ten
dollars let alone a hundred dollars and
yeah I know the goal on Patreon is a
thousand dollars but when I was doing
the whole page I think they were like
well put what it is you want what what
is that goal and it’s like well the goal
is a thousand bucks I mean with a
thousand bucks I don’t have to worry
about anything anymore but whether we’re
gonna get there or not I’m I don’t know
maybe I mean in just a few months we’ve
got 10% of that goal so who knows. I have
updated the tiers now there’s a dollar
tier as well as you know $10 $25 and $50
I was just thinking you know ten dollars
might be a lot for a lot of people who
really want to help Zenithfilms but you
know ten dollars a month is a bit much
so that’s why I made the dollar tier so
you can go check out those tiers over on
Patreon there will be a link or a card about know
So what I’m currently working
on right now is the DVD slash blu-ray
extras for Silent Hill Requiem I have
just finished the first say work in
progress draft of the making-of
featurette it’s running for about 40
minutes I’ve showed it to my team to my
friends and to my family and I’ve been
given quite a lot of feedback on it some
good some constructive and so now I’m
just going to go and apply that feedback
to it and I hope that by the end of the
week the featurette of the making of
Silent Hill Requiem will be done
then I need to do deleted scene, there is one long deleted scene from the film
now I’m in two minds about how to actually go with it am I going to just cut the green
screen footage together and just leave
it as is or am I going to go that extra
step and key it and put it in the right
environment and make it look like it is
part of the film? That is pretty much
what I would want to do because that’s
what I’m like I always like to go that
extra mile
but at the same time it’s gonna take
more time so depending on how long it
takes me to get this making-of
featurette finished will determine which
road I go down with this deleted scene
then I’m just going to go through all
the shots I’ve got of everyone and
just find as much behind the scene stuff
as I’ve got, we didn’t film a lot of
behind the scenes stuff because I only had
one camera only had one memory card so
I only ever pressed record when I knew that
we needed to capture something so I
never left the camera running you know
so there’s not a huge amount of behind
the scenes content but there’s some
I remember some so I’m going to go through
that and find all that and then just
kind of I’m just going to make a collage
you know there you go there’s a little
collage video of all the behind the
scenes stuff then I’m just going to add
on the proof of concept and I want to
recut the thank-you video just because
the thank you video features Olwen
singing but all of these shots from
the film are actually from the proof of
concept so that’s actually Della as
Cheryl not Olwen so I want to just re-edit
that so it’s more concise as it is which
is basically going in there and just
chopping out all the proof of concept
footage and just slapping in all the
actual footage from the final film
I’ve done all of the menus they look like the
Inventory screen from Silent Hill 2 and
I’m just hoping that when I put them
into the DVD maker that I use that they
they animate as close to how the Inventory screen animates in the game and
then once that’s done it’s then just
compiling it all together and then I’ve
got to do two separate versions you see
because I was hoping thanks to the HD
revolution that TV standards wouldn’t be
a thing anymore but apparently they
still are and that means that I’ve got
to make a pal version of the DVDs and the
blu-rays for most of the world and then
I have to make an NTSC one for America
now that’s fine I’m just hoping that
when I encode it through my DVD maker it
does the work for me
then I know one of my Producers on
Patreon comes from America but is
currently living in England he doesn’t
live that far away from me actually and
he has an American DVD player
so I can test the ntsc’s DVDs
with him then just comes how am I going
to test the blu-rays now hopefully he
might know some other American friends
in England that have a blu-ray but if
not I’ve got some friends in America
that I could just send them the ISO
of the blu-ray and they can burn it and
test it for me but then that will be
that then it’s just burning the DVDs
buying the boxes printing up the inlays
and then mailing mailing mailing
then there is a few other bits, part of the
one of the perks was you get a
storyboard of the film so I need to so I
just need to go over the storyboards to
kind of darken them up a bit because
it’s all in pencil then I’m gonna get
them printed up with Lulu or something
and then get them sent off and then some
people also getting signed exclusive posters
so I need to do that and then once I’ve
done all that, that’s it,
that’s Silent Hill Requiem finally put to bed
so hopefully that’s going to be this
summer. So just continuing talking about
Silent Hill in regards to Silent Hill
Lazarus we’re still raising money we’re
still you know donations are coming in
slowly but surely you know people have
wanted to see Requiem and then any
donation they give to Requiem goes into
the Silent Hill Lazarus budget so far we’ve
got about a third of what we were trying
to raise when we did the indiegogo back
in February so you know we’re getting
there so what I’ve decided to do is that
I have postponed all filming, filming of
any new projects until summer next
year because that’s twofold. Firstly it
allows us to raise more money so we can
get more money for the Silent Hill Lazarus
budget so we’ll push that into summer
next year, also I’ve got such a massive
backlog of films I need to cut. Now when
I started in the films I just filmed
filmed and filmed and filmed and filmed and I thought right we’ll just keep
filming stuff you know because I’m doing
it on green-screen so I can just film
actors kind of haphazardly and then I’ll
have all of this footage that I can then
do so when there’s some downtime I’ve
got something to edit but then when
Silent Hill Requiem got funded there
hasn’t been any downtime for the last
three years. The feature-length version
of EPiSODE needs to get put together
it’s all ready to go I mean I was
actually editing it before Silent Hill Requiem got funded
but then when that got funded
it got put to the sidelines
so I need to put that together and that will be one of my next feature films
and then five short films I need to sort
out, that be the proof of concept for T.L.E
the proof of concept well that I say
proof of concept they’re all short films
but they can also be used as proof of
concepts if I want to then use them to
crowdfund to make them either into a
series or into a feature so yeah so
there’s one for T.L.E there’s one for
Syndicate Wars
there’s one for Parasite Eve there’s one
for Resident Evil and we also have
Helsing, now Helsing was filmed as a web
series 5 part web series but I’m
currently in two minds about whether to
make it a web series or to turn it into
a graphic novel. Now I’ve always wanted
to make a graphic novel I just haven’t
had you know the time and you know I’m
good at drawing but I don’t think I’m
good enough to draw an entire graphic
novel but the way I’ve envisaged
Helsing is like a graphic novel so I’m
thinking that might be cool too rather
than just make it into another web
series is to make it into a standalone
graphic novel that I could then sell on
my store, because I’ve already wrote a
book I wrote my first book when I was
traveling Thailand
‘Constellation Gemini’ it’s kind of a sci-fi fantasy
story about the last day of Atlantis but
my version of Atlantis is that they
were far more technically advanced than
we are now so it’s so it’s pretty crazy,
it’s one of three books I’d like to
write in my lifetime but then I’d also
like to have a graphic novel so and then
I could then make like a digital
graphic novel version of it to use
like a like a trailer to sell the
graphic novel, but well I’ll see how I
feel when I actually get round to
getting back to Helsing. I also need to
cut Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot.
That’s all ready to go so I’m thinking
once the DVD of Silent Hill Requiem is done
I’m then going to cut the short films
which is T.L.E, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil
and Syndicate Wars and then straight on to
Splatterhouse Jennifer Smells of Rot, so
then that’s all that done and then that
should hopefully take me through to next
summer when we’ll then know how much
budget I’ve got for Silent Hill Lazarus and
then we film Silent Hill Lazarus, film T.L.E and
then the short films for the Syndicate
Wars, Parasite Eve, Resident Evil etc
I’ll probably sit on them because I want
to use them for crowdfunding is I would
like to turn them into larger projects
but there’s no point crowdfunding
something while I’m crowdfunding
something else
so once the crowdfunding has ended for
Silent Hill Lazarus which will be next
summer we’ll film that and then I will
release them you know staggered and see
if we can crowdfund them you know one a year so to speak and that
be cool I mean the Resident Evil I’m not too
sure about because I know that there’s a
there’s currently a reboot in the works
for a Resident Evil movie so that might be
something I’ll need to hold off on if I
want to use it’s a proof of concept of course
and then next year we’re also
going to be filming our proof of concepts
for Tomb Raider and for Carmen Sandiego
as well, again that’s all next year and
again I’m kind of sitting on the Tomb
Raider thing because we’ve just had a
Tomb Raider film come out but apparently
it didn’t do very well and if there I
read somewhere that they’re thinking
about making the sequel but they’re not
going to make it with, is it Alicia, this
time. I was like okay so they’re blaming
her for why the film didn’t sell, fair enough. You
know she’s just an actress she just does
what she’s told why you would, you know, a… whatever, a debate for another
time I guess. So yes that’s why I sat
on my Tomb Raider thing but we’re gonna film
that next year because by next year I
think we’ll know whether there’s going
to be another studio Tomb Raider or not,
might be there’s a new game coming so we’ll
have to see, but that’s the goal get
Silent Hill Requiem all done by summer
get it out of my hair so I never need to
worry about it again and then it’s just
edit all of the stuff that’s been
sitting on the shelf for
years you know patiently sitting on the
Shelf waiting and then come next summer
‘bosh’ we start filming again so I’ll
probably do another one on these updates
probably in a months time or something
just to let you know how things are
going and where I am with my plan, shall
we say, but as they always say ‘best laid plans’
Okay guys well I hope you’re
having a lovely week, a lovely day or a
lovely weekend whenever you’re watching
this and I hope to see you on my social
media outlets Facebook Twitter Instagram
and please come by and join us for
Twitch I’ve got a lovely little gang of
people that turn up on a regular basis
they’re always chatting about something
in the chat
it’s always fun and I always try to play
different games all the time
games that interests me. And before we
finish this update I’d just like to thank
my current Patrons over on Patreon,
Andrew Key, Sylvia Garcia, Jason s Perry
Everything Horror Podcast, Jani Nieminen Amy Balot. And that brings this update
to a close, I hope this finds you well
wherever you are doing whatever you’re
doing thanks for listening and welcome
to the world of Zenithfilms=)

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