The New Hampshire Primary 2020 | The Daily Show

The New Hampshire Primary 2020 | The Daily Show

New Hampshire– it’s the state always asking
Vermont to do something about the weed smell. But, today,
they were the state holding
the second Democratic primary. And because, normally,
the most exciting thing to do in New Hampshire
is watch mountains grow, Election Day gets the people
going like nothing else. After months of campaigning and millions of dollars
in TV ads, it all comes down to this, voters here in New Hampshire
already heading to the polls. Overnight in New Hampshire, the first votes were cast
in the Granite State. As they’ve done for decades, the tiny town of Dixville Notch
went to the polls at midnight. We were in Exeter,
New Hampshire, at the town hall there. It was beyond capacity. People have been coming in here
all day. They’ve been lined up
since 5:00 a.m. this morning. They vote for sport
here in New Hampshire. -I voted for Warren.
-Steyer. Why? He’s cute. No, he seems
like he can tackle Trump. I voted for Bernie. Um, I voted for Amy Klobuchar. -Tell me why.
-Uh, I actually went in -and eeny-meeny-miny-moe’d it.
-You’re kidding me. -No. Between two candidates.
-Literally, in the booth. -In the booth.
-Whoa. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe? That’s not how you should pick
your potential future president, although it is
how the president picks his spray tan shade for the day. He’s like,
“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. “Ooh, crème brûlée.
Sounds fancy. So fancy.” So, New Hampshire voters spent
the day carefully deciding who they want to be
the Democratic nominee. But, of course,
none of the votes matter if they aren’t counted
correctly. (coughs)
Iowa. Luckily, according to state officials, they’ve got this thing
under control. New Hampshire Secretary of State
Bill Gardner, he told us
he slept well last night and today’s voting
will be simple and secure. Keep it simple. Keep the moving parts
the smallest number you can. Could this be hacked in any way? You can’t hack a pencil. How many apps do you have
involved in this process? Oh, oh, we don’t have
any apps involved in any of the tabulating
or the counting. -No apps.
-No apps. It’s an app-free election. -You can guarantee that?
-Yes. You know, it’s funny how,
a few years ago, people were like, “Guys,
we need to vote with our phones. It’s the future.” But now,
thanks to the disaster in Iowa, it’s like, “We’re going back “to how our forefathers
did this, okay? Everyone gets one rock
and we put it in a jar.” “Yeah!” “Then our slaves
count the rocks.” “What?” “Oh, too far back?
Too far? Sorry, sorry. Too far back.” For more on New Hampshire’s
big day, we go now to our correspondent
who is live in the Granite State right now, Michael Kosta, everybody! (cheering and applause) Michael, you’re on the ground
in New Hampshire. What is the energy like? Hey, Trevor,
I am not gonna lie. Today’s been pretty stressful
for the Democratic candidates. In fact,
Joe Biden was so tense, he gave himself
a surprise massage. -You know what I mean?
-Well, it makes sense, Kosta, because, thanks to Iowa, there’s so much more riding
on this primary. Not only that but the candidates
have had only one week to completely change
their cultural messaging. Because Iowa
is mostly white people, but New Hampshire is mostly… white people. Kosta, I don’t–
I don’t get the difference. It sounds like both states are
just a bunch of white people. Wow, Trevor,
“just a bunch of white people”? That is so insulting. First off, it’s not a bunch. The collective noun
for white people is a gluten of white people. And, second,
white people are not a monolith. We are a rich tapestry
of ethnic diversity. Let-let me show you on
my Caucasian color wheel, okay? Now, see, the… the New Hampshire white people
fall here in the eggshell section, while the Iowa whites
are all the way over here in the oatmeal cream section. Uh, Kosta, that’s just basically
a blank circle. (stammers)
White is not blank, Trevor. Zero is not nothing. “Free to go” is
not “innocent of all charges.” Although you do– you do hear
that a lot when you’re white. I mean, how-how would you feel if I said there was no
difference between black people in South Africa and black people
in… (stammers) What’s another country
with black people? Well, there’s this one. (stammers)
Thiswan? I never heard of it.
But I’m sure Thiswan is a beautiful country! Okay, look, Kosta, I’m not
saying there’s no difference. I just don’t understand how the
candidates campaign differently in New Hampshire versus Iowa. It’s a totally different
ball game. For-for example, in Iowa, you can say,
“It’s great to be here in Iowa,” but that’s not gonna fly
in New Hampshire. Yeah, you’re right.
That does seem like a challenge. And then there’s the voters. Remember, you’re talking to
very different groups of people. Iowans are rural, while New Hampshirites
are not urban, okay? Iowans, Iowans are blue-collar, but New Hampshirians
are working-class. Plus, Iowans call it pop, and New Hampshirinos
call it soda. They’re-they’re
basically different planets. I don’t know about that,
Michael. A lot of people don’t agree
with your assessment. For instance, how would you
respond to the criticism that these
predominantly white states aren’t the best states
to kick off the primaries? Because these candidates
could be starting in a more representative state
of the country, like-like California or Florida. I hear what you’re saying,
Trevor, and yes, Iowa and New Hampshire
are white, but hear me out. They’re also boring
as hell, okay? -(laughter)
-And that’s what we want. We don’t want our candidates
going to fun states, like Florida or California. If you got to spend a year
campaigning in Miami, everyone would be running
for president. -(laughter) -But if you’re
willing to spend a year eating bland food
in subzero temperatures, pretending to care
about how big a pumpkin is, that’s how I know you really
want to be president, okay? And that’s why the road
to the White House has to go through here,
Des Moines, Iowa. No, Kosta,
you’re in New Hampshire. What? Eh, who cares? These places are all
the (bleep) same anyway. Michael Kosta, everybody.

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100 thoughts on “The New Hampshire Primary 2020 | The Daily Show

  1. What the fuuuck! Y in the world can't this idiots take voting seriously. Come on ppl! Vote Bernie Sanders!!! He is the only that genuinely wants our country best interests ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– Bernie Sanders! Bernie Sanders!! Bernie Sanders!!!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  2. yo trev. "white" is a term created to enforce racism. its creates unity amongst otherwise unrelated people against a common enemy. that enemy? "black" people. "white" cannot exist without "black". Efforts to paint white people as a monolith, as all related, as not being culturally unique is racist strategy 101. not racist against "whites", mind you. Im not pulling some reverse racism thing. its the foundation of racism against "blacks". it creates the "us" that can then be opposed to the "them". so called white people are a tapestry of nations that have unique history and culture. highlighting that will only undermine racism. I know its just jokes, and that's great. but remember what you create here will influence people in real ways. this is where young people get news. saying "its a comedy show" can only go so far. eventually you need to own up to the fact that you are NEWS. this is something John couldn't do. I really hope you can!

  3. If you change a gluten of white people for a gluten of black people or a gluten of brown people, do you know how quickly leftist morons would be screaming at the top of their lung racism.

  4. The GOP has Ben Under Full Koch Net Work Control Sens Around 2008. The Real Republican party leaders Have Ben Gone for about 11 years
    Now All of Them Sellouts. and The Third Party The Koch Net Work won't stop With The GOP They Want it all They are Already Working on
    Taking Down The Democrats and Getting a constitutional convention Called The Koch Net Work Is Truly worthy of being a James bond villain

  5. Voting with apps is really the dumbest thing I ever heard. This is forbidden in Germany. All votes are hand counted several times by different people until the results match up. If there is cause to suspect foulplay at the counting, new people are randomly asked from the populace. US really has a thing for making things more difficult than they need to be. But that's why they're not a democracy.

  6. The Granite State? Sounds like there's not a lot going on.
    Never heard that one before. And probably won't for the next four years.

  7. That awkward moment when three candidates drop out and you only know one of them…
    Yang was just too soon. Hope he'll try again or team with Bernie.

  8. Probably the best sketch this show has ever produced .. was literally rolling on the floor laughing! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. It's the granite State, so results are Rock Solid! Iowa picks the corn, New Hampshire grinds it with granite stones, then Nevada adds salt, South Carolina bakes it as corn bread, by the time it gets to Wisconsin we toss on a little butter and then it's just right!๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒž

  10. Pretty racist…. I don't get why this guy still has a show. I guess liberals think he's funny when he makes fun of trump over and over again?

  11. They haven't even hired enough people to prevent waiting lines. That is the problem with democracy.

    You know why no waiting lines in Russia? Because only 30% do vote. It's exactly the number of employed adults in Russia, btw. 70% unemployed who never vote they count as votes for Putin and his ยซUnited Russiaยป party, so Putin wins with 70% ยซvotingยป for him.

  12. As someone who was raised in new Hampshire, it's great to hear the media make fun of us. Just hearing someone else say granite State was wonderful.
    Also we have liquer stores off highways.

  13. The interviews with correspondents have been on fire recently. "New Hampshirinos" is gonna be the name of my new book club.

  14. Sad news guys…NH was indeed rigged. Klobuchar and Buttigieg the benificiaries. The ones making moves of open riggers so far are clearly Buttigieg (in Nevada he's ballin like Putin), Biden and Bloomberg. Warren tanked under an Obama hit-job, let us not forget she is a bit of a socially troubled politically right-leaning progressive even if she's being made to dance snakelike right now by her Obama team.

  15. My home state of South Dakota is right next door to Iowa. Iowa is quite an interesting state if you go during the corn harvest.

  16. Whites are minority in USA already.
    You'll never count them so, as you never counted asians as persecuted minority, ever.

  17. Now hold the ef up. I thought votes are supposed to be confidential? Why'd anyone wanna tell ppls who they voted for anyways?

  18. What people are more careful about than money ? If we can use our phones to pay for things and access our bank…we definitely can vote using our phone…

  19. Hahaha. Just keep arrogantly mocking white people. Then cry again after you see how many will end up voting for the other side. You people not only don't understand basic psychology.. you just don't learn either. Perks of being arrogant know-it-all's I guess. And full into Einsteins definition of insanity -> watch the repeat of 2016 unfold.

  20. Mayor Pete isn't who he says he is. Bernie Sanders is on point and has been for decades. Please stop obscuring the election as if the two even compare.

  21. Sometimes modernizing things makes it worse. If it ain't broke don't fix it. What they should do is make it easier to vote, by having more polls booths, declaring voting a national holiday

  22. Why does everything devolve to which โ€˜teamโ€™ you back here? There are some options for the sport you choose, it's political party or it's race, sometimes it's class, but the discussion is somehow never about policy and objectives, and no thought is given to the fact that each individual lies in the intersection of many different categoriesโ€”so each individual is in truth a minority of one. Yang, at least, wanted to talk about the changing structure of the economy and doing right by everyoneโ€”what government should be aboutโ€”but now he is gone. And we are back to random teams seeking to delegitimise each other.

  23. Note how he doesn't mention who won.
    They literally used race and identity to deliver absolutely zero information. Jon Stewart would never have sold out.

  24. The vote in Iowa was counted correctly as it turns out, Bernie won. Yet the media did an early victory lap for Pirate Pete three days early! So when he wins again in New Hampshire, the crow about Pete's close second , and Amy's third? GTFO.

  25. I could actually see the difference in the white in that chart that Kosta held up. Women are known for seeing the difference in colors better so I guess it makes sense right?

  26. Let's change the way we pick candidates.

  27. Eny meany miney moe that just show you how easy white men ๐Ÿ‘จ and white women ๐Ÿ‘ฉ have it in ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ America because there going to be overwhelming better off than everyone else especially blacks and that's what matters most

  28. Being the first state to caucus is all we got here in Iowa, at least let us have that. Plus, there's at least 8 or 9 black people.

  29. why don't people just say how they really feel and then we can have a real conversation. You hate white people and you want them removed from this earth.

  30. So racism is ok as long as it's towards white people, ok, exactly like fat shaming Lizzo is not tolerated, but fat shaming Trump is fine, the left are such hypocrites.

  31. Oh god. Florida. Don't let us start the primary. We can't be trusted. Yeah we're not as white but our white is throwing alligators into burger kings.

  32. I think it's worth noting that the woman who voted for Bernie at 0:53 said she did because she was disgusted by MSNBC's constant attacks on him lol. Should have played that part

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