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100 thoughts on “‘The Life Of Those You Love Is Worth The Fight’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Now let's show the faces of those who die every year in swimming pools, vending machine tip overs, hammers, ladders and being left in hot cars. Why is nothing being done about those things?!

  2. What about all of us black people in Chicago? That's the kids die in the streets everyday? By gangs using illegal guns stolen the bad guys will always have the guns you take them away. They will always have the guns Sweden. They just had a grenade attack. In Europe in these places all you guys love that are gun free. They find rockapella pelled grenade launchers when they raid places. And guns, it doesn't stop the bad guys. You'll never stop them. You can take two tubes. Of metal and slam them together. They create a gun. You'll never get rid of it. Thank you. My wife's home country the Philippines. They have these guns everywhere little homemade guns all over the place.

  3. Anyone who isn't moved listening to Mr. Guttenberg – to all the victims and their families – is heartless.
    RIP Jamie and fellow victims

  4. This man is so brave to be able to speak for his daughter. I lost my little boy. Not to a shooting, he drowned, but I still think about his last moments under water. If there were a way to fight against child drowning I would do whatever it took for him.

  5. He was planted there by Pilosi. Why? He would snap. He had NO other reason to attend. He's not a member of Congress, not an award recipient. Ask yourself why was he there.

  6. Stop trying to disarm law abiding citizens. You'll only make more victims. BTW many schools have shooting sports teams. They get scholarships and some go on to the Olympics!

  7. I am a gun owner and have been since my youth, but what is going on with all these shootings is madness. I am not sure what the answer is, but the status quo cannot be tolerated.

  8. now that i can stand behind we must be able to defend out selfs against any one trying to take our freedom and rights i think this is the first smart thing trump has ever siad

  9. people like me should be hired as school security armed i would have died for that kid easy id run into gun fire alone i was security officer for many years but the companies we worked for worked use hard wail putting up with gun fire all over the city at night for minimum wages wail paying for our own gas bullets license am i perfect no but i would lay my life down for kids id run in there and if i die i die

  10. this broke my heart, and I HEAR YOU. For my childrens future, and in honor of your child Mr Guttenberg im renouncing my political stance and destroying my gun. And you Joe guys, your show has caused me to switch sides to join with the truth and the law of our wonderful country

  11. Gun violence? The left doesn’t know anything about gun violence. Loss of life is terrible but you don’t blame inanimate objects or law abiding citizens because of what a criminal does.

  12. Man caught drunk driving so we are arresting all American citizens. I wish these idoits would come take my guns. Please oh please.

  13. When you look at all of the red flags from this kid, and all the other student shooters from the past, it is evident that there were many signs and very few efforts to address his challenges. The hardest question to answer is, “Who is ultimately responsible for this child? How did he fall through the cracks like this?” From what I’ve read there were various attempts throughout his lifetime, from his parents, his school, police etc. to address issues as they arose, but it seemed no one was well enough equipped to handle the complexity of his case. How is an ordinary mother supposed to handle the complexity of serious mental illness of her adopted child after he found his dead father? Who is responsible for this child after she died unexpectedly? And why is ok for such an obviously disturbed person to have a gun? The bottom line is that even if parents are responsible for their kids, situations like these demonstrate that the support they need may not be sufficient.

  14. OMG as a mother of a teenage daughter THANK YOU Fred Guttenberg for your courage and for sharing your love and your dreams you had with your beautiful daughter. That last minute of this interview inspired me so much that I am right now looking up when and where I can show my support and get these stupid and dangerous guns out of the hands of ppl who should never have them. How can anyone choose a gun right over a human right is beyond me!! God bless you Fred and all the parents and families who have lost loved ones to gun violence! Thank you MSNBC and Joe and Mika for giving him this platform to speak to all of us. I am moved to action and I am sure I am not the only one!

  15. What about the victims for gun violence? What about the people who are not victims today because someone shot the bad guy. I own firearms and have never shot anyone and that is the same for the vast majority of gun owning Americans in this Nation. Finally, his daughter isn’t here today in part because of the fact that the sheriff’s office failed to act.

  16. The worst part about that shooting is the government had plenty of warning about this kid the people that knew that kid couldn't have screamed any louder that this kid was a problem but he was able to buy a gun and able to do what he did and they had more than enough warning the government failed us on this it has nothing to do with gun rights it has to do with the government not doing the right thing everyone that came across them did what they were supposed to do and notify the authorities the authorities did nothing as far as I'm concerned the bloods on their hands there's no gray area here black and white they did nothing when they had the information to do something

  17. Tragaties are horrible. But the problem is the mental illness unhindered dilusion. I'm very sorry for this man. It's a shame for anyone to suffer like this. But uninformed fearmongering is disgusting. When you outright ban you only have the illegal ones. If this were a world where there were no guns I'd maybe agree. But I choose to be informed and to protect myself and those around. I hope more people will step up and do the same. This is shameless propaganda they're using this tragedy for the wrong reasons.

  18. We in other developed nations have guns, you as an adult go the the cop, get tested that you’re not a fuckwit, n ya get a gun.. but maybe that’s the problem with getting that kind of law in the US … too many fuckwits want to own guns…

  19. This is why the democratics are going to LOSE, OUR CONSTITUTION IS OURS and the ONLY thing that PROTECTS US CITIZENS AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT!!!

  20. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens, no matter the type is absolutely the most disgusting thing to come out of any of these events. The GOVERNMENT WANTS TO DISARM THE POPULATION. And Trump is a 2a snake. And we arent going anywhere where guns are out of the ppls hands. You are trying to brainwash the population into feeling guilty for these deaths. Your scapegoating them. We must not forget for our freedoms. U wanna be turned into Hong kong? Chile. You're not Americans. Your trying to take rights from the ppl. Your commies.

  21. I get that he suffered but the 2cnd amendment protects my daughter. Anyone who would sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither.

  22. removed him? protect the 2nd but what about the 1st? I believe in our freedoms, but all of them. no matter which way you believe stand up and answer this man's question. do not remove, avoid or run from the man, give him your reasons and just answer him or you don't deserve to have a voice at all

  23. Some of your data your head about it in Florida in high school of adults and students that how did this happen and you should have pay attention right there because sometimes how did this happen and who started this because sometimes data of many of you that you don't like the news guess what this is real life

  24. Peace and Love To Your daughter's Soul!! Please, Please Remember that your daughter Was Killed by a VERY CRAZY Person with a gun!! A ban on gun-ownership, would not have saved your beautiful girl, but a ban on crazy people, owning guns, may have!! My father, as a Public Prosecutor (District Attorney), for a huge district of a nation, prosecuted a 20 yr. old

  25. It was terrible what happened to him and his family and all affected by that tragic event. But taking away law-abiding citizens rights to protect themselves from evil people like the one who committed that crimes two years ago is not the way.

  26. Sad he lost his daughter. What about all the black people killed in St. Louis or Chicago though? It's time we stop focusing on only white victims.

  27. Blessed are the peaceMakers for they will be called the sons of God. The only answer to a bad man with a gun, IS A GOOD MAN WITH A GUN .

  28. With all the guns in the USA. More good people who would protect you if you were in danger have guns. Then bad people. A strong good country needs guns. Just look at China. Wake up people.

  29. This father is a faithful strong man, im deeply sorry what happen to your daughter and i pray change is coming for the good in this World 🙏 🙏

  30. Feel you mr.
    This pulled into the political spectrum sucks. You can't take every Firearm off the street or from the people, In reality it's Just not going to happen. We have seen all walks of life use guns in the wrong way Even Law enforcement. It's better to move away from violence I did and it worked.

  31. There are a fair amount of comments from people on here worried, justifiably, I am afraid for this country.

    We have to take action and donate and volunteer to unseat every last
    member of the goPutin party that is up for reelection in November.

    I have donated $50 to Amy McGrath to unseat Moscow mitch Putin's Bi-tch
    and another $50 to Sara Gideon to defeat susan 'I am concerned' collins.
    So please donate if you can afford it, volunteer if you can.

    WE HAVE TO CRUSH THE goPutin Party in November and again in 2022 and again in 2024 and again until the end of TIME,

  32. Lets use dead children to influence taking a god given right:)!!!!!
    Yay mika. Yay were being influenced to think. You idiots think they're going to take guns peacefully. Like there won't be law enforcement dying and Americans dying fighting each other. Screw your daughter bruh. Amd screw your political agenda you want my guns come take them personally if you that "hurt" stupid socialist.

  33. Can anyone help us get these guns?
    my daughter died
    Perfect get up here and say that into the mic
    um, my daughter died. Thank you
    Whole crowd cheers

  34. Before I had a chance to finish my comment someone made an attack on my unfinished comment. I do know that this father does not necessarily want an end to gun ownership but rather keep the guns out of the hands of crazy people. But, there are others that do not want it stopped at that.

  35. Armed citizens stop significantly more crimes than are caused with them.
    You can't disarm the criminals.
    The State has ZERO legal duty to keep me safe.
    The average police response time to an emergency call is around 8 minutes and that assumes that you're even able to make the call.
    I will never comply.
    My safety is my responsibility.

  36. Hey morning Joe your best bud Michael Avanati was just convicted… you can go see him in jail… don’t worry we won’t forget you and him are love buddies

  37. Guns does not save… pray all you want, but start following Jesus instead.
    If you follow Jesus you don’t need guns, if you die you’ll end up in heaven.
    guns should be banned like in other civilised countries.
    turn the other cheek says He. Praise the Lord.

  38. Others would have our second amendment rights totally taken away. If that happens, only the "Crazys" and "Robbers" would have the firearms and the innocent would not be capable of defending themselves or others. That would create a society of victims.

  39. That man's dead daughter, 1000 men's dead daughters, doesn't trump, no pun intended, the rights and freedoms the US constitution grants us. If she would of been ran over by a bus who's driver snapped, would he then blame buses? Of course not.

  40. This is not necessarily related to the tragic loss of this young lady. My father spent his life in the justice system. He retired after he was appointed as the Minister of Justice (in another country and here we call that post Attorney General for the Nation). He was somewhat of an Anti-Firearms person himself, but all of his 7 brothers were hunters.

  41. Why don't we hear about the parents of the school shooters being prosecuted?? Or why the schools allowed the kids to be bullied? There is more to the story….

  42. As for the cases that he shared with us since they were not classified, as soon as I reasoned with him he realized that guns are not the evil which some portray them as. One case had to do with a butcher viciously killing a man with a cleaver without any provocation. My father was uncertain whether he should ask for a life sentence or not.

  43. He had him brought cuffed into his office with 2 armed officers. He asked the butcher "Why did you cut his head off?" The butcher said, "Well sir, his neck looked so nice and muscular, I grabbed the clever and took his head off." He was well aware of having committed a horrible act. He knew the victim was innocent. My father asked for the death penalty.

  44. Please remember that these cases were from the time my father was the District Attorney of the capital city, which included a very large district.

  45. Another case involved a nanny for a wealthy couple. When they returned from a party they noticed that their 1 yr old was crying in a manner they had never heard before. They noticed bloody dots all over his body, and immediately took him to the nearest ER where an Xray was taken. The doctor of radiology was horrified, he rushed the baby to the OR.

  46. A team of trauma surgeons was assembled. He had so many needles in his body, that after hours of surgery, to remove the rest at that time, would bring the death of the child. They told the parents that he had to be kept sedated in the hospital for repeated surgeries. She became the first woman that received the death penalty in the nation.

  47. A third case involved a maid who was left alone with a newborn. The father was a surgeon. When the parents came home, the maid with a smile on her face said "I have prepared an excellent stew for both of you." They asked where the baby was and she said "Asleep". The father stirred the stew and noticed the bones were tiny human bones.

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