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100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to the Senate battle for impeachment trial witnesses

  1. Four of the Democrats Impeachment managers voted against giving lethal aid to the Ukraine and they have the hypocrisy to say that President Trump endangered them

  2. For crying out loud no witnesses were called to the Senate for Clinton’s trial they just played clips of the court hearing against Clinton. The Democrats were supposed to do the same here but withdrew the subpoenas and didn’t do the work in the House

  3. Who the hell is that idiot on fox five that keeps saying shciff is good and clever man what a dipshit he is. Get rid of him


  5. How was that, "66% response want witnesses", question worded? I expect it was a very leading question engineered to influence the respondent's response.

  6. Schift had "proof" of Trump wrongdoing way back at the beginning of the Mule-er investigation, per his declaration.Guess he is just sitting on it. And he sat on it all through the House investigation, still no proof revealed. Wonder when he will finally share what it is he knows. I'm waiting for Rudy to share what "proof" he has, but not as long. Cant wait for the "Proof" showdown. Maybe in the Senate …  or a court room.

  7. Juan was worse when he was trying to sound unbiased on NPR. Here, at least, his partisanship is honest. On NPR he seemed more of a liar, now he's just sounding deluded. At least he tries. It gives the other four someone to bounce sound bites off of.

  8. What are you talking about ‘Unrelated to the Charges’? Hunter Biden is directly related to the charges! This is about wanting information from Ukraine, on what the Biden’s did in the Ukraine, and the Dems implying any investigation would just be just Trump wanting dirt on his political rival. Here’s the thing: You can’t simultaneously say this is both for political leverage against Biden, and that Biden has nothing to do with this. If there’s dirt on Biden that shouldn’t be dug up from what you say, then that implies there would indeed be dirt on Biden

    Secondly: Witnesses should mean witness for both sides, not ‘Democrats get their witnesses but anyone the Republicans want? Well if it sides with a Republican Narative, that’s not a valid witness.”

  9. We need a full trial getting to the truth of who all was involved. Apparently Pence and Pompeo played a role and should be impeached too.

  10. Dear Republican Members of the US citizenry,
    I am asking you to realize Trump does not speak for me, or any democrat I know, when he says we hate you. It simply isn't true. Trump's continuous mischaracterizing of how we feel and think has led to total misunderstandings of many important issues. Fox News' host and commentators fuel Trump's mischaracterizations. We may not understand why you don't see what we see, but we don't hate you. If anything, we are dismayed that is how we are so falsly portrayed, and that you believe it.

  11. Greg's analogy, The Dems are like the birthday clown at the party of Brats, and the brats are the Media! I so agree!, great job Greg!!!

  12. Is anyone surprised Juan doesn't understand basic issues like Executive Privilege? Or perhaps he's just lying, because if you recall, he thought Obama, and anyone who liked Obama, could claim it for anything and everything. But hey, no bias here…. <.<

  13. Hey Chuckie, stop lying because the Bidens EXTORTED monies out of the Ukaine. How does a corrupt Energy Company pay Jr Biden 3million dollars at a rate of 80 grand a month with no experience? I think they call that EXTORTION? Stop being a dickhead CHUCKIE? You & that other low life Schiff need your faces punched in, your both a disgrace to the American people?

  14. The left loves to talk about passion and eloquence and other emotional language that has nothing whatsoever to do with facts or evidence.

  15. Why ask Jaun a question !??? NOONE WANTS TO HEAR FROM HIM. READ THE COMMENTS DAY AFTER DAY !! He is too annoying to try to listen to him. 🤮

  16. They do have a case alot of information. If hunter Biden is called it proves Trump use another country officials to investigate another American. Administration would have to prove this information. Its confirmed Burisma was hacked by Russia.Trump never used normal channels for investigation. There is no executive privilege when your are a witness to a crime

  17. I don’t believe a word of what Juan said about the percentile that he came up with, where did he get that, prove it ?

  18. Poor dumb chuck haha
    Th Senate will dismiss this coup attempt, exonerate Trump then the Senate will deal with Schiff, his staff, the Biden’s and Eric…..
    It’s over for the democrats!

  19. Juan would have made a talented vaudeville actor, having the capacity to display an emotionless countenance no matter what is said, the perfect straight man. This is not a personal insult, 'I'm just sayin', I've noticed his blank expression for years, I wonder if he is actually trained to keep a straight face, like the Beefeater guards at the Tower of London, and I do believe he could have had a career in vaudeville as a type of Bud Abbott of the team Abbott and Costello.

  20. There's gonna be a surprise in the Senate trial, the tables will be turned on the demon rats, by President Trump's excellent attorneys.

  21. They won't testify. All they'll do is take the 5th, like the crook Lerner did and they let her get away with. Are people really this stupid and have such short memories?

  22. I'm quickly arriving at the point where I just quit listening. This is beyond the beyond for hysteria, lying, corruption. turning it off NOW.

  23. Ok Juan wait for it bt let's SEE , schitts evidence , 1st that Trump is a Russian stooge and 2nd the evidence of quid pro quo , and guess what schitt has NEITHER !!!

  24. I can see Warren and Sanders wanting impeachment to end. The longer they are stuck in Washington with impeachment, the wider Biden’s lead becomes.
    They might even go along with testimony from Hunter Biden, to tap Uncle Joe’s brakes a bit.

  25. I am curious about a thing. Once the circus function ends who is going to reimburse The People of U.S.A. all the money and work hours spent on it. It was not The People whom wanted it to happened. It all was on the Democrats whom want President Trump out of the White House. By the way, have you noticed a thing? While the fight for power is going on in the court THE PRESIDENT IS THE ONLY ONE DOING WORK FOR THE NATION!!!

  26. Trump worried about ratings? Trump once again making everything about himself. The Republicans would be better off with Pence as President.

  27. Democrats are all feelings and emotions. If you deliver lies with passion that’s a high mark for them. Even without substance and facts they’re all feelings !! Democrats = feelings over facts .

  28. I want the republicans subpoena the whistleblower . Without the whistleblower there’ll be no trial . He started this sham after all . Why not? Americans want to hear from him first hand without the democrats filter .

  29. This will not be the last impeachment this year, you know Democrats won't stop until Trump is removed. Get out and vote straight Republican ticket to stop this witch hunt.

  30. I can't believe so many people are duped by the Democrats. How gullible are Liberal Americans? Apparently they're unbelievably dull and will believe anything they hear on CNN or NBC.

  31. Schumer talks like he is supposed to be believed just because he say's so. In fact all these Democrat(supposedly) Representatives seem to have that trait. "Put up or shut up".

  32. Hunter refuses to pay child support, but has no problem sleeping with the wife of his dead brother and leaving his real wife!

  33. I bet when the Senate votes this BS down, the next big "investigation" in the House will be "the Republicans in the Senate abusing power and covering up for Trump, WHILE colluding with Russia, the Ukraine, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity AND Ronald McDonald"!!!

  34. I want all Democrats to be given a Psyche evaluation the ones who are “Sane” I want breathalyzer tests before they are allowed to speak to the public. I.E Nervous Nancy!!!

  35. It's just never going to stop. Keeping this charade going is ALL the democrats and they know it. I can't help but wonder what they will fabricate next.

  36. I am so emotional Right now , all the "IDIOTS" on cnn , msnbc and other false so – called news networks !! They find a word (today it is "EMOTIONAL" ) and run it into the ground on every station…. WHAT A BUNCH OF FOOLS !!!!!!!! MAGA , KAG AND USA 2020 "BET ON IT"

  37. They don't call Biden and Son Cause its very probable that there are a handful for GOP Senators that also had thei hands in the Ukraine Cookie jar

  38. Juan just opens his mouth to prove how stupid he is , I’m glad both of his sons are Republicans.

  39. Juan Williams is a O.G. he is just having fun layings out the FACTS. Lol at watters saying Bolton would not testify when Bolton himself said he would! 😆😆😆 Rudy Guliani you just saaid you had evidence against the Bidens and were going to release it! where is it? 🤣🤣🤣


  41. Did these people watch the same thing as the rest of the Americans did or did they have their own movie for the Democrats because I think they actually believe them selves. And Adam shift is connected to the Ukraine deal

  42. 🇺🇸 WE MUST TAKE THE HOUSE AND HOLD THE SENATE!! IF WE LOSE THE HOUSE AND SENATE …. RE-ELECTION WILL MEAN NOTHING!!!!   MAGA 2020 🇺🇸Democrats are afraid that the American Voters might interfere in the American 2020 elections again. >>>>Vote Republican Save America <<<<<🇺🇸

  43. "Powerful emotional appeal by Adam Schiff to the Senate to remove Pres. Trump from office" favorite phrase from the corrupt fake news mainstream media. As if the Senate would judge this impeachment hearing by mere theatrics and emotional appeals, without considering TRUE FACTS (not manufactured "facts" by the pathological liar Adam Schiff).

  44. Schitt acted so emotionally as the spineless snow flakes that voted him to office would have been.. does everyone remember how emotional they were after Trump won the election…. such great memories ..

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