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100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision

  1. Juan needs a reality check, what the hell was Bill Clinton doing on the tarmac with Loretta?? Put a sock in your attitude Juan you are starting to STINK

  2. Stop yelling Yuan Williams, Hillary Clinton lost the elections and you re still trying to create corrupt reporting by presumption, a parody of lies, and an agenda to remove President Trump. The fridge is empty and you are going to make your colleague Greg speak out strongly. Yuan STOP MAKING UP STORIES BASED ON PRESUMPTION, BEGIN BY RESPECTING THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT AND THE ONE WHO HOLDS THAT OFFICE, WHO IS ALSO LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. SHALOM

  3. I wonder how many people watching this understand that when the cameras turn off all the talking-heads on this panel — just like the talking-heads on every channel — CNN, CNBC, ABC et al — turn to each other, high-five one another and say, “That’s some Great TV! That will boost ratings all the more. Great work Juan! Excellent pot-stirring. You’re going to have our audience going to bed fuming … but only after they leave a furious comment below.”

    Then they all go off to the bar arm-in-arm for some cocktails & beer. 🍹 🍺 This is just a well-paying, fun job to them.

  4. I just can’t take Juan much longer. Love the show all but him. Where is discussion about documented corruption by VP Biden and China?? Bigger than Watergate?

  5. Non-violent offenders, only if they are Democrats, will be allowed out of jails and prisons.
    Republicans will be maxed out on their sentences.
    ~ Democrats

  6. I wish they would get rid of Juan. I like watching this but every time Juan opens his mouth , he really rubs me the wrong way and I'm a black man saying this. I voted for Trump and I will vote for him again. Trump 2020

  7. Democrats do failure better than anyone.
    The Left took advantage of the fact that the AG position was vacant and now they’re going to pay the piper.
    Suck it Lefties.

  8. If Barr would let Americans know what is going on, the President wouldn't need to tweet. Barr has not let us know what's going on for months. We want to know what's going on. I only trust Fox reporters, not any other media. (Excluding their employers)

  9. This may all be designed to break the spirit of the American people. We are anxious for justice and then Justice is delayed and then justice is averted ……. the spirit may brake if this continues. Is that the whole point?

  10. Hahahaha! Now they are attacking the President for NOT tweeting and reading any old leftist narrative into it. They are such a mess, such an embarrassment to our highest echelons of our legal system.


  12. The Five JUAN WILLIAMS is simply a Idiot & Fool without
    real Intelligence for anything other than having a 💩 CRAP.
    Good Bye JUAN will never change.

  13. dems or demented there such a joke .wow how you all make your stories even though jaun is a hater and I can see through jaun how the dems mind set is its like a hate cult its like fighting a mad dog with rabies

  14. Barr's deep state. Barr's daddy hired Epstein to teach at his prestigious school though Epstein had no credential nor teaching experience at all. Barr will only prosecute Republicans and let demoncraps skate.

  15. 9 years for Roger Stone, and no prosecution for Andrew McCabe – for the exact same set of facts!  I am not stupid enough to think this is even remotely fair.  I am no fan of Roger Stone, even less of Andrew McCabe, but the disparate treatment reeks of practices in a  banana republic.  I would love it if Gen Flynn was exonerated, and reappointed as National Security Advisor.  Watch some media heads spin then!

  16. The TDS is strong with Juan, Juan has a serious mental condition it's TDS, how long did it take for Juan's TDS to kick in?

  17. The jury foreman lied, she was a Never Trumper long before she was called for jury duty, she made remarks on social media that she didn't like Stone or Trump; this alone is grounds for mistrial. The 4 prosecutors were on the Mueller Team, they all were Never Trumpers from the beginning to take out Trump & last but not least, the judge was an Obama appointment. Democrats are the most corrupt & vile people who lie, cheat & steal to gain power and have proved they will use any means necessary to achieve their own goals; as Pelosi once said there would be collateral damage, & if that meant that innocent people were harmed then so be it.

  18. If Barr had accidentally farted in his office and it was heard and reported to the Dems, they would vote to impeach. Their favorite word.

  19. America is in great danger with the Media & Democrats attack so viciously any one who is in relation with the President! They believe that everything they think is the right way! They are so delusional! Everything is wrong, except what they say! So dangerous & wrong! They see everything one way, there way only! Is sickening!

  20. Oh Juan, typical demmie, blame Trump, and Trump does tweet sometimes when he probably shouldn't, but get over it.. Trump is who he is. What happened to the party of acceptance? Maybe if the demos had accomplished a quarter of what Trump has, they would have a right to criticize, but that is their entire achievement, criticizing and stirring up trouble.

  21. Barr is a talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. A do nothing DOJ. What a let down. I think he needs to be replaced with Matthew Whitaker.

  22. Juan – YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Trump can pardon him if he wants. This is about Prosecutor crimes, he NEVER should get that much time – and IN THE END THE JUDGE WILL SENTENCE. These are connected with the others who have been charged with things nobody Else would be. Their only crime is being a Trump follower.

  23. I'M TIRED OF THE DEM'S GETTING AWAY WITH BEING LIAR'S, LEAKERS, "MURDER'S" AND FACILITATING A COUP.. WHERE'S THE JUSTICE,, WTFUA,, leave Roger Stone and Gen. Flynn alone I hope President Trump pardons both,, F/U Dem's,, just say'n!

  24. All these national news media are saying what they think Trump is thinking and making it as fact, what a bunch of lies, and Juan is doing the same thing, how can you live with yourself knowing you just lie about the president or anybody else, maybe they get so much money being on the air, they just don't care. What a person believes will always come out sooner or later and the truth will win out.

  25. Jeez !! Is Greg Gutfeld having a melt down today. Dude, calm down and relax. It's Valentine's Day… go do some thing nice with your significant other. Happy Valentine's Day !!!

  26. Its Ms. Legs again sitting on the end so everyone can see her….she always looks so desperate for attention. She needs to instead, follow Decent Dana's example. Goodness.

  27. I think they resigned because it was an either-or situation. RESIGN OR FACE PROSECUTION it is a get out of jail free card.

  28. I hope Trump takes the hint, if he hits the hornets nest, guys like Juan get all stirred up. I think Trump will back it down, he's not as out of control that the media paints him . I think McCabe should not count himself safe yet.

  29. This is why people don't think the news is reliable:

    “I will make those decisions based on what I think is the right thing to do, and I’m not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody … whether it’s Congress, a newspaper editorial board, or the president,” Barr said.

    He lead off with congress, then the msm. DID YOU REPORT ANY OF THAT?

  30. Um… Bill Barr, do you need help? I don't understand what is taking you so long to prosecute. There is ample amounts of overwhelming evidence of government corruption everywhere. Pick one. Im beginning to think you're an incompetent weak idiot milking time.

  31. . Wait….let me get this straight. Is Juan really saying that Stone is worse than the lowlife drug pushers who are preying on the most vulnerable in our society? Or perhaps he's saying that Stone is worse than the users who lie and steal to fuel their addiction (often employing violence in the process)? Juan, sometimes you say the dumbest things I've ever heard on television…and that's coming from the medium that gave us The Jersey Shore.

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