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100 thoughts on “‘The Five’ reacts to DOJ overruling Roger Stone’s suggested sentence

  1. Since when is being convicted on 7 felony counts of lying to Congress, tampering with witnesses, etc considered ‘nothing wrong’? 7 felony counts brought, 7 felony convictions secured as guilty by a jury trial. No plea deal here. That’s the truth. If you notice, there is no Appeal filed.

  2. I actually think this is President Trump's political strategy.
    SERIOUSLY, he tweets and the DEMS totally lose it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    So, instead of BLOOMBERG, and BERNIE getting headlines, it's the dizzy DEMS talking about another impeachment.
    Trump gets free campaign airtime and American people get to see the looney liberals run off the rails some more which AMERICANS are sick of .

  3. Hmm, seems to me that Obama and Holder were always pretty close where decisions were to be made! Double standard at work?

  4. I swear , the looney liberals would try to impeach TRUMP over a dog that got hit and he was helping the dog heal .🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Fox really! Get rid of Juan, the tweet was after Bill Barr and his team made their decision “no influence” yet you allow this dickhead to spew anti trump narratives.

  6. And what kind of country allows/encourages white descrimination, white hate speech, anti white commercials on tv and radio and billboards, and especially slow white genocide with race replacement from "non-stop immigration." What kind of country does this? Give immigrants more rights than whites, then give health care and drivers licenses to low education welfare heads.

  7. If you want to rewrite the sentencing guidelines, that should be done by standard means, to the guidelines as a whole, for everyone across the judicial system, not one presidential friendly defendant at a time, or through a tweet.

  8. Remember what Kim Clement said he said the president after Obama was going to come like a Trump, and Kim Clement said remember the word STONE. I believe that Roger Stone will be their downfall.

  9. Juan they were planning on overriding a Felony charge which they actually did via Extreme Carelessness vs Gross Negligence. For Destroying evidence and sharing classified information. What happened to David Patreaus? This is a Far cry from what they are charging Stone with moron!

  10. REPOOPLICK Party all prosecutors should go on strike Trumps law or no law like Virg, Kentucky, Louisville, and 2018 elections you lost cry babies rep. every Trump rally Trump loses LMAO only try to cheat your re-election

  11. Juan is completely dishonest. The scandal is that the recommended sentence forced through by a bunch of Obama appointees was so far out of whack with ANYTHING similar. Juan is actually right about one thing – one of the pillars of our democracy has been corrupted. It was corrupted and abused for eight years under Obama, and Trump was a fool not to utterly clean house once he was in office.

  12. Any other average American commits crimes we have to do the time! Just cause stone is trumps friend don’t make him above the law! This proves one thing, rich and powerful and well connected are above the law!

  13. ‘Witness tampering’ but now we find out the judge allowed a TRUMP HATING TRIAL LAWYER on the jury! And SHE WAS THE JURY LEADER!

  14. Interesting that you mention “filters” and “end of the world,” Greg. When you research End Times Prophecy, you’ll see what I mean when I say, “veiled.”

  15. Juan's obviously the only one on this panel who didn't feel like parroting the talking points handed down to him by the think tanks up top

  16. Where are all the Liberals in this comments section who have been talkin about Rodger Stone? Rodger Stone has become a talking point for liberals when they bash Donald Trump as though he did something wrong. Look at Rodger Stone. He did something wrong too, that's why he's going to prison for 9 years.


  17. Actually Joy Behar. It's more like this… If you're a liberal in New York, go ahead and rob a bank… The Democrats running the place will cover for ya…

    What a vile woman she is.

  18. Maybe Trump should have waited for the Justice Department to make the announcement? I mean these people will justify every stupid decision Trump makes.

  19. Trump's learning from Putin, you can do anything when your the President, becasue you hold all the guns. Democracy is the USA died in 2016.

  20. If President Trump wouldn’t have spoke out about this he would be a corrupt President . I wish President Trump wouldn’t have spoke out because now it will be harder to pardon him he should’ve just pardoned him

  21. Dude…..a "random" meeting…at night…on a private plane….during an active investigation….involving your wife. You seriously do not see anything wrong with that? That is very different from Clinton tweeting "They sure should drop the unfair charges against Hillary". Liberals….ruin….everything.

  22. Fox, stop the BS. Why did Barr says Trump’s comment cause him to lose it? Do the crime, do the time. Don’t think you are Trump friend can be defiant all along, even committing federal offence? Next will be Rudy, just watch.

  23. Did our last President speak out about an incident that involved a black man entering his own home, and the head police officer involved? Didn't the last President invite both parties to the White House for drinks? I saw the three of them on the news, doing just what the President had requested.

  24. AG Barr is not happy with Trump's tweets concerning Stone. He can't do his job,. because Trump is acting without talking with Barr about Stone, a special friend, what is a friend, of the president. Unbelievable this is real corruption.

  25. So nice to see the women dressing classy. I don't know why most of the time these beautiful, intelligent women want to degrade themselves wearing cocktail dresses on the air.

  26. Democrats: “ we have a tyrant in the White House! This is literally what a dictator does!”

    Also Democrats: “what possible reason would you need a gun for?”

  27. Ok I’ve tried to defend Juan for doing his Job as the Democratic voice but now I cannot stand the guy Roger Stone my have stonewalled congress but I think most of the congress should be jailed

  28. Is Juan really this much of a sheep that he can't see the non-influence of a TWEET that occurred AFTER the decision???

    Better start another impeachment looking for a crime!

  29. Come on Juan, Trump didnt meet in secret on a plane. I love Pres Trumps tweets. He says what he thinks, shoots from the hip. You dont have to wonder or guess what he's thinking.

  30. Now that these four 'career' prosecutors have resigned, they shouldn't be worried about Roger Stone, Trump or anything else. All they should be concerned about is that they quickly and efficiently clean out their desks and offices and turn in their badges that give them access to the premisses.
    Good riddance to them!

  31. Remember when Barack Obama pardoned 3 people after they were selling and releasing classified documents to foreign countries? Oh yeah no one cared then

  32. The thing on the tarmac with Clinton is not a good example for what they're doing to Stone and Clinton was there to try to figure out a way to get Hillary out of trouble when she did something really really really really really bad and got away with it

  33. dems would be totally hilarious, with their tin foil hats and all, if they weren't 50% of the population. that makes it scary… that these total loons could take over our government.

  34. The reason I don't watch much news (even Fox News) is that I don't want to hear the lies of the democrats.The dems are psychos. FOX News shows a clip of the latest lie the dems are saying and then goes on to explain how it's a lie.
    I already have high blood pressure. I don't need to hear what the dems are saying in the first place. I already know that everything they say is a lie. Fox News should not spread the upset by spreading the dems propaganda.
    It's a standard practice of group management techniques to NEVER forward an enemy propaganda line. Don't put their lies out for them. Fox should be more upbeat.

  35. I love how all these TV Personalities love to point their fingers at each other's networks. Guess what? You ALL suck. You guys suck and so does the view. They are both painful to watch. Nobody tells the truth you just push whatever narrative to storyline your corporate bosses tell you. All you are , are a bunch of talking heads full of emptiness

  36. Trump is going to pardon him as soon as they sentence him. Stone was set up by Mueller with this “Greenberg” character who turned out to be a Russian national that had been on the FBI’s payroll when Mueller was director. Mueller claimed he could not locate him during the investigation even though he has two listed addresses and was in bankruptcy court during the investigation.

  37. Granholm absolutely DESTROYED MY STATE!!! Left Michigan jobless,homeless,addicted to opiods and government benefits shot and dead on the streets of Detroit and fled to California. Thanks for raping the state and turning the Blue state RED!!!

  38. What would Trump have to do before FOX would have a problem with it?
    He's literally using the justice department to get his criminals off the hook, and you're still like,
    “This is fine 8)”

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