The Daily Moth 1-20-2020

The Daily Moth 1-20-2020

Hello, welcome to The Daily Moth! It is Monday, January 20, which
is when we honor Martin Luther King Jr. Hope your weekend was good.
Ready for news? On Saturday, Queen Elizabeth II of
the U. K. announced that Prince Harry and his wife
Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of
Sussex, will no longer have “His or Her Royal Highness
(HRH) titles” because they are “no longer
working members of the Royal Family.” A few weeks ago the couple
announced they wanted to step away from
their royal duties, become financially independent, and split their time between
North America and the U.K. The Queen said the couple would
still keep Frogmore Cottage, but will have to repay several
million dollars they spent in taxpayers funds to renovate it. The couple will also no
longer earn salaries for their royal duties. Harry will still be a prince. It appears the couple
will live in Canada, but it is not known
what they will do and who will pay for security. Meghan is in Vancouver Island. Prince Harry gave a speech
yesterday and said this move was a “leap of faith”
and that he hoped to be able to continue to serve the Queen
and related duties without depending on public funding, but found that it was
not possible and that it “brings him great sadness
that it has come to this.” He said there was
really no other option. Meghan is with their son Archie
and Harry will join them soon. It seems like the main reasons
for the Sussexes’ departure from their royal duties are to
relieve the pressure of media scrutiny and to have more
business opportunities. On Sunday two Honolulu,
Hawaii police officers were shot and killed. CNN reported that it started
with a call for officers to go to a home in Waikiki
because there was a woman who needed help. One officer arrived and found
a woman who was stabbed. Two more officers came
to the home and when the three of them were
walking on the driveway, a suspect named Jerry
Hanel shot at them. Officer Tiffany Enriquez
was wounded and later died. When more officers
came to the scene, the suspect shot at them
again, killing another officer, Kaulike Kalama. As officers surrounded the home,
the house started to catch on fire and the fire spread to
completely destroy seven homes and caused general
damage in the area. The suspect, Hanel, is in
his 60’s and TIME reported that he was facing eviction and that
the woman who was stabbed was his landlord. The body of the suspect and
two adult females are believed to be in the remains of
the burned-down home, but police said they would not
stop searching for the suspect until they have confirmation
they’ve found him. It seems like the landlord
will recover from her wounds. News pictures and video show
a large blaze in a neighborhood that is right on a beach
with smoke rising above high- rise condos. Hawaii Gov.
David Ige said “our entire state
mourns the loss of two Honolulu
Police officers.” There are news reports that
there is a new virus that is spreading in China
with over 200 cases. Three people have died. BBC News said the virus
first appeared in Wuhan, a city with 11 million people,
in December and that it is a strain of coronavirus
that causes viral pneumonia. Scientists have not figured out
where the virus came from but think the most likely cause is
an animal-to-human transmission. There are new cases of
people infected in Thailand, Japan,
and South Korea. Major airports in Asia and the
United States said they are now screening
passengers from Wuhan. BBC explained that the
well-known SARS virus that killed 774 people in the
early 2000’s is a coronavirus, so there is a good
reason to be concerned. Chinese President Xi Jinping
said the virus must be contained and his administration said they
are working with all parties to deal with the virus. China will soon have their
busiest travel period of the year for the Lunar
New Year holidays. The signs of infection
include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough,
shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. There were thousands of gun
rights activists that assembled in Richmond, Virginia today
to protest against the state legislature’s
proposals for gun control. Democrats currently
control the legislature. News pictures show many people
openly carrying large rifles while wearing tactical
vests and carrying ammunition. The Virginia legislature has
proposed a ban on AR-type or military type rifles, a “red
flag” law (which would allow police or authorities to
confiscate weapons from people deemed a threat), and
other gun control proposals. President Trump tweeted
support for the rally-goers, telling them that Democrats are
working hard to take away their 2nd Amendment rights and to
“VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2020! Why today? It is “Lobby Day,” which is
an opportunity for activists to meet with politicians to
drum up support for a cause. There were fears that the day
would become violent – which is why Gov. Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency and a weapons ban from
Capitol Square. So far, there have been
no reports of violence. ABC News reported that armed
activists stayed outside of the Capitol groundswhile
unarmed members had a rally outside of the
legislative building. The gun control debate is
expected to continue over the next few months. That is all for today. See you
tomorrow and stay with the light! Captioned by

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  1. we need to get the senates to ban AR-type of weapons all over the US nation… I am only thinking of safety for the people here in USA and i don't want anymore violence at all we need to get the governments to ban the AR-Type weapons cuz i don't feel safe where the AR-Type of weapons among our nations and i do agree that need to take away their 2nd amendment cuz I believe that banning all AR-Type weapons for the safety of families, children etc…. This got to stop with all of the violence and bring people together and live in peace that is the goal i want our nation to have and we deserve that peace and freedom…. I prefer the government to take away their 2nd amendment but not 100% taking their 2nd amendment just only on the AR-Type weapons but can keep like hunting rifles and handguns I think that would be more safer if the NRA can try to come up with a new way of making new handguns that would be child proof weapons…. This message is for the NRA please make new advance technology weapons that will require a voice command to have child proof handguns…. It is time to update our handguns so that way we will have a safer community… Plus what's more our nation need the safety of our children and also protect them from doing the wrong way and teach them what is right and what is wrong by giving them examples….. My heart grieves for those mass shooting that happen in the past my heart goes to those who lost their lives in this terrible mess…. I think Trump wants that to happen he doesn't care about our country we need him out of the office….

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