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100 thoughts on “Testosterone — new discoveries about the male hormone | DW Documentary

  1. Don't let this modern day quacks effeminate our men and masculinate our women.. let man be a man and a woman a woman simple

  2. For thousands of years, men told themselves and women that a woman's womb was just a planting ground and the sperm/seed was the person….For as long as people have been hunting and fishing, men and women knew that females had eggs in their ovaries (look at the ancient pre-occupation of men and pomegranates). Aristotle and western philosophers and scientist did not know this???….but, like the "Emperor's New Cloth's", men bullied and continued with these lies.

    Most of the foundation for the research presented in this documentary goes back to the 1970's and the advent of the use of CAT scans on the brain. I was a Psych major in a women's college, and the information from CAT Scans was coming out by the late 70's. Regarding the presenting of Professor Cohen's summary of his research on autism, the hyper-male brain syndrome, with decreased corpus callosum was being discussed in the late 1990's as correlated with autism. Men have hidden and not acknowledge a lot of earlier research from most of the public and especially women, because of their brains, lack of accountability, and "Power". Also, men are not more analytical; they analyze certain things better than women, and women analyze other things better. Given the millennium of these false paradigms, and men have been in control of them, as well as destroying the lives of women who challenge them (because it happened to me), the first step is to acknowledge that the truth has been hidden…Women would not ruminate so, and become depressed, if men's irrational, power crazed paradigms were really exposed….Up next: the Y chromosome is about 1/10 the size, DNA, of the X (an some claim it is smaller). Women have about 3% more genetic material than men…The male is the negative sign…With this in mind, regarding the statement in the documentary that girls do not develop penises and testes in utero, it is boys who do not develop into girls.

    By the way for the people that don't have an education where you get this knowledge, it's well known in neurobio, that testosterone increases what already is there, it increases aggression, if you are angry, or if you are an aggressive person.. It does nothing in terms of violence or aggression if you are not aggressive at the time.. this is basic neurobiology.

  4. but men who has low testosterone is safer to have relationship with.. less probability of cheating, humble and less violence.

  5. I'm so turned n by testosterone. Nothing like a tall man with a thick neck and broad face to take you to pound town.

    What? I like what I like.

  6. Here's what's interesting, my close friend (same age 30) has higher testosterone levels than me (naturally) but when physically compared; the dude is balding and pudgy and looks like he's in his 40's. I look 23, and have a full set of hair and is fit. Genetics and diet still plays a roll above high testosterone.

  7. That's really looks like real science. They have different theories and they work on them. They don't claim that they have the solution and that there's no more debate or that there a consensus of the number of computer simulated results!!
    They are open to critics and to skeptical arguments.
    The opposite direction of what we see in the actual climate science!!!

  8. Seems to me that testosterone on a man AND a woman, grows body hair. All them body builders have ZERO body hair. Are they gay? ALL of them? Or is there a NEAT product for men.

  9. Wonder if any consideration is given to exactly why someone is not able to produce enough healthy sperm to procreate? Perhaps there is a reason which is being ignored or overlooked and the so-called treatment is using a drug that circumvents the reason to allow procreation. This is another example of treating the symptom without knowing the cause. At the least, a full analysis of the DNA of the patient should have been a prerequisite to treatment.

  10. Pretty good documentary only wish they pulled the 'strings' together and included the latest research on transgendered people and prenatal T levels. Appears there is a correlation between fluctuations in maternal T levels and the likelihood of being transgendered. Pregnant women who are exposed to high T levels in the first weeks of pregnancy cause the development of male sex organs which is discernable by week 7. As they say in this doc, brain development lags behind this by a few weeks. When that happens, if the maternal T levels have decreased, the brain develops the self-perception of being female. For instance, some meds cause higher-than-normal T levels (as an unwanted or 'side' effect) and when a woman finds out she is pregnant, she is told to stop that med. This causes higher T levels at week 7 – favoring male sex organ development with a decrease in T levels by weeks 11-12 – when self-perception starts to develop which favors a self-perception of being female. Research demonstrates the opposite to be true as well. Most people today, including health care professionals, view transgender people as having a self-perception of being the opposite sex that developed during their life as they accrue experience with the concept of being 'male' or 'female' and have no understanding of the impact of prenatal T exposure.

  11. It's not your behaviour now, it's in your brain and body and balls! That's what's wrong with you. "You" are wrong with you. ABSURD.
    Australia is begging for volunteer fire-fighters for our bush fires. The men are saying they are too busy beating their wives and anyway why ask the source of the worlds problems for help? Good to see them give it back.

  12. Every freedom we enjoy and cherish, in the west, is the gift of testosterone fueled masculinity.
    We aren't going to give up our Manhood, just to please a bunch of ungrateful, disloyal, unfaithful slags, who've been convinced by lesbians and feminists, to hate their own fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, for being Men.
    Go to any war zone, where people are fighting for freedom and rights.
    You'll see Men on the front lines for freedom and tyrants hiding behind women and children as human shields.
    Testosterone and masculinity keeps the oppressors at bay.
    Nothing toxic about that.

  13. Testosterone is proven to have a strong influence on sex drive… now THAT causes obvious and sometimes extremely annoying behavior modification. 🙂

  14. It seems that there may be some behavioral changes with a sudden increase of testosterone, but it would probably go back to normal with time.

  15. There was a study and research in Canada on low testosterone rates in modern day males about 6-7 years ago and they linked it to plastics .. I dont see the research studies or materials online anymore and I dont see it publicly relayed anymore. It concluded the high level of bpa plastics that are ingested and inhaled lowered testosterone in both males and females.

  16. That German blond girl was super hot !!!! 🔥🔥🔥❤️ Guess my testosterone levels are normal then !😂

  17. If you are goin to use acronyms like LH and FSH, please define the acronyms before using. The acronyms may have been covered in high school biology classes but you can't assume everyone knows what the meaning if the acronyms are.

  18. Guess thats why processed foods often contain large amounts of soy and other ingredients that destroys testosterone.

  19. Doctors recommend that soy formula instead of mothers milk. A male baby getting soy in my opinion is gonna give that male lower test.

  20. Such a stupid study on aggression! What about the baseline personality of the person!? Comparing apples with oranges!!

  21. 28:44 it may seem that autism is more common in boys, but what he's not saying is: Autism is harder to diagnose in girls, therefore girls have higher chance of going undiagnosed.

  22. 1 minute in ''is testosterone really as bad as its reputation'' so good that the producer isnt as totally stupid as the manhating scriptwriter or this act of genius would never have been made

  23. This video started out bad. Social engineering obviously – trying to convince the public that man is woman and woman is man – to get them to support the transgendering of kids!

  24. We don't have these issues GMOs are illegal in our country and we only drink well water. So our young men and older men have the right amounts of hormones they need for health lives

  25. I love my strength, hornyness, aggression, risk taking abilities , competitiveness that's the result of this hormone, someday i'll father children and protect my family and my wife from other stupid dumb people. And if this is toxic masculinity then i love it.

  26. I know a man who has been a body builder his entire life. And still works out at 64 yr old. He could never have children, as he too, was a body builder. They have found that obsessive body building can & will make a man sterile, as the increased pressure of weight lifting & muscle building "squeezes" the testicles, decreasing testosterone production. Men need FSH therapy, not testosterone. The FSH will stimulate natural testosterone production in the testicles. But giving testosterone injections will decrease sperm production as the testicles say, "woe, we have too much hormone, stop producing sperm". That is a big reason men cannot have children. Pure testosterone injections HARM the testicles. Example: too much oxygen will cause the brain to tell the lungs to SLOW breathing as too much oxygen is in the blood, thus increase the balance of carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle…..so the body stops breathibg to increase carbon dioxide, thus the body stabilizes the O2 balance. That is why you NEVER turn up someone's oxygen, if you think they have a problem….you will kill them. God made the body….amazingly. We have balancing systems, in place, to take care of ourselves. But overdoing anything, is harmful. Including body building.

  27. Gee….these "scientists" are stupid. Socialization is the key factor. Hello. We did this study in my psych & sociology classes in college. Nowadays, these experts complicate everything.

  28. Its all a brass ring, T affecting fat build up, fat build up affecting T. But genetic inheritance has as much to do with T as does hypertension. I started TRT in 3-19 with not much weight loss until 6-19, when the beta-blocker for BP was swapped for a very mature drug that didn't affect mood, dreams, and T. Immediately I started losing weight–30lbs in 6 months with a decline continuing. But the hypertension has not budged. The internal specialist I saw early on for hypertension told me I would have to lose A LOT of weight to bring down the BP. In the meantime, my ambition and drive shot back up to "normal" levels where I am enthusiastic about chores and projects needing execution. The biggest change was from removal of the beta-blocker which was screwing everything up (later verified), while the TRT only increased libido to a certain level. It didn't help near as much with the ED problem as changing the BP drug. But one of the great benefits was the fantastic increase in intimacy with the wife with the return of sexual potency–though that still requires aids and her direct involvement. To date, TRT has not done a thing for restoring normal functioning of the plumbing, requiring her "hands on."

  29. Christian's outlook seems a bit of a half truth, he feels better because of achieving his ideal physical appearance which is due to self esteem, testosterone only had a small part to play in it. What I wish I was clear on after watching this was what a healthy level of testosterone should be in the male and what is harmful if you are a bodybuilder.

  30. The experiment on winning and losing on a computer screen is not like real life. If it were winning or losing with consequences such as riding a mountain bike down a steep hill and losing means pain or broken bones and winning means not having that then I think that the subjects that are winning would certainly all produce testosterone. In the experiment shown which is just a computer experiment there are no negative consequences to losing therefore some test subjects would win but not increase their testosterone level whereas others who the scientist believe are concerned with power increase their testosterone levels when winning. That's a lot of different ways to run that test and doing it on a computer in a sterile room seems like a pretty poor way I've gotten a real idea of winning and losing and its relationship to production of testosterone as a function of desire for power

  31. Why is it that doctors are no longer diagnosing these things???!!!
    Doctors seem to have been as much affected by the dumbing down of America as every other group, but really??? Testosterone??
    I had a similar experience (and am still suffering from a seven PLUS YEARS of a mystery illness that , now eight, doctors are as yet unable to diagnose, let alone treat (correctly, anyway).
    The only part that I've gotten relief from so far was a (severe) b12 and d3 deficiency as well as unusually bottomed out levels of hormones.
    This was no thanks to doctors, it was a CURIOUS, DEDICATED, HOLISTICALLY AWARE NURSE who diagnosed this for me.
    This after EIGHT other doctors and specialists kept coming back with, "all your tests are normal" and then (predictably) pushing antidepressants.
    When they say "all your tests are normal", what they're saying is that they've compared your test results to a chart of "normal" ranges created in the 1960s that has never been updated, let alone refined, corrected. Using a sample size of just 1000 men, women, and children, of all ages, backgrounds and health, they created a "range" of "normal" test results.
    The only factors used to create these ranges was age and gender.
    Current health, good, or bad, was never taken into account.
    Doctors today lack any genuine compassion or curiosity, little in the way of diagnostic skills, yet they have shown a consistent and disconcerting tendency to assume, prejudge, insult and dismiss the patient outright, in favor of the latest visit, seminar or weekend getaway proffered by any number of Big Pharma reps that visited that day or week.
    If doctors weren't so arrogant and dogmatic, especially now when most exist in a dangerously myopic silo of specialization, perhaps patients might actually find the answers, and relief, they so desperately yearn for.

  32. I was not super low but the place I went put them in.. I have a super high sex drive now.. but my nuts have shrunk almost in half it scares me as I don't have kids yet and someday would like to have them. I hope my choice didn't ruin that chance to have kids of my own…i got the pellets inserted so there no going back for 5 months.. ugh..

  33. If pre natal test were responsible for autism then autism would have been here for centuries and the autism trend would plot the same graph as the increase in vaccines being added to schedule in several countries

  34. This is banned here in USA unless you have a doctor that prescribed you your shot. But the Doctors dont advocate this way of life here.

  35. I must be Uber testosterone! One good thing I heard…even though I have often been a real jerk….I am generous…a generous jerk!! Epitaph?

  36. If you are an asshole taking testo can make you a bigger asshole. If you are not nothing will happen. It can amplify certain characteristics.

  37. The world around us is a by-product of testosterone. From the shitter to supercomputers, just remember this fact before slandering masculinity.

  38. It’s well known among weight lifters that masturbation increases testosterone and it also boosts muscle development. It’s odd that in the quest for objective knowledge and in the interest in truthful and objective reporting this is ignored by the scientists and the DW reporters doing this story. It’s also true that, in America at least, highly moralistic evangelical Christians have a real problem with masturbation by males and will exert strong social pressure, even against strangers, to actively discourage masturbation. It’s acceptable among teens as that is seen as the natural order of things but it is highly discouraged, even condemned in men once they reach the age of 50. However there is a strong movement in evangelical societies to prevent even teens from being exposed to such sinful behavior and the parents will go to great lengths to prevent their boys from being corrupted by such a practice. Teens with lower testosterone levels grow taller because the growth plates of the long bones close later in adolescence. I bet Peter the Great of Russia didn’t flog the Bishop. He was unusually tall and quite cruel.

  39. Everyone I have known that took replacement Therapy ended up with an out burst of anger that scared them into stopping. I don't think they have it totally down yet. lol

  40. I started HRT at age 29. I take TestoCreme. It was the best medical decision of my entire life! I still feel absolutely fantastic at age 49. The best parts are that I am wicked strong without working out and don't need to worry about bringing a kid into this dying planet.

  41. Been on test for 15yrs no health issues. For all those saying health issues will come down the road well I’d rather die from side effects of hi test than die from side effects of low test

  42. So what about when a female is born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, grows up having Male appearance and characteristics , other than the female genetalia, ???

  43. A docile male is easier to control. Take away their testosterone and they become docile. Men's testosterone has been declining radically for some reason. Men's testosterone keeps us safe.

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