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39 thoughts on “‘Supergirl’ Actress Melissa Benoist Opens Up About Domestic Violence | NBC Nightly News

  1. Melissa has always been someone I looked up to, and now I can say that she really is my role model.

  2. Imagine the ones that aren’t a celebrity and can’t use their publicity to cry out for help. Celebrities often beg for attention , like Katy Perry and her suicidal behaviors .

  3. wtf? intimate partner violence? it's still ok to say domestic violence right? the left isn't getting offended by that too…kind of "leaning" us into some change they want to it?

  4. Sounds like BS. to me. Polygraph her. She mentions the cell phone; well polygraph her. I'd like to know what she did in that situation. We have a warped logic in society; where you can yell and scream and touch… like someone's face with your finger. Maybe spit on them. Whatever, the sky is the limit; and when someone pushes you away or slaps your face or punches you in defensive nature; you're the abuser. I don't feel sorry for women; I've seen way to many of them act like demons. Let me put it this way; maybe she deserved more… like a butt kicking. Why men stick up for women and lose their own lives is beyond me. I just don't understand it. Is a woman's life worth more perhaps. I think not. Though I would jump in to help a pre puberty teen in trouble. I would not help a lady in trouble. I did public service for nearly 30 years; and just think women have to much control in society and they are making everything worse now. Ignore me if you don't believe such. American women no longer act like ladies. The only group of women I detest mostly. The women around the world are another story. I'd help them… except china perhaps. But american women… no way. For those of them that are nice and sweet and have their own lives… I apologize; you guys are the exception. We need to do a better job with polygraphs being entered into evidence so the evil types don't flourish. Like in abuse. Poly both of them and compare. You'd have a nearly foolproof poly. One passing and one failing. Stop the ludicrous stuff. Women play victim for… perks and high fives or wrath..

  5. next thingwe know the HULK and SUPERMAN are gonna be brought up on DV issues fromt he GOLDEN AGE of COMICS,even teh FLASH but he's too fast for them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndSp1zM_8cY&list=PLmmH2Spm3rI7iPsysbZf38K5IUF-t2RcV&index=10
    Lighten up a little, Melissa what's his side of the story?????????????

  6. This is so hard to said it sometimes you need to heal and feel strong enough to stand up for yourself, time is the key, so is Melissa's time and she's so brave to do it now . # I stand with Melissa. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Her monster of an abuser is Blake Jenner and we all know it. You can check the timeline of her injuries and their relationship.

  8. Reveal the coward so he can be punished, he should not stay unpunished. Justice needs to be made for Melissa and for all others who suffered the same.

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