Star Wars Battlefront 2: New Planet, Modes, and Reinforcement — Community Update

Star Wars Battlefront 2: New Planet, Modes, and Reinforcement — Community Update

Hello there, I’m Dennis Brännvall
from the Star Wars Battlefront II team.
In this community update we’ll
outline new content arriving this month,
including a new planet,
character and new ways to play.
The resilient Clone Commando
arrived as a reinforcement.
Suited to take on tougher foes,
this elite clone
uses a reconfigurable blaster
that can be transformed
into a grenade launcher
that’s effective against
enemy vehicles and shields.
The Clone Commando’s Repulsor Blast
is a short range shockwave
that knocks back and disorients enemies,
while Battle Focus activates an aura
that reduces damage taken
for the commando and nearby allies.
Additionally, any damage
the commando inflicts to enemies
replenishes his base health.
We’re also adding
new ways to play epic battles.
In Instant Action,
solo players engage in fast paced battles
against an AI bot army
to capture Command Posts.
Configure AI difficulty,
battle point earn rates,
match length and much more.
This month, 4-player online co-op
is coming to Battlefront II.
Team up with three other players
for a large scale PvE adventure
across all Clone Wars planets
in the game.
And in October you will be able
to choose your faction as well
and play through a combination
of attack and defend scenarios
depending on the planet.
And finally,
we’re thrilled to introduce Felucia,
an iconic Clone Wars Era planet.
In this beautiful yet dangerous world,
clones are launching a massive attack
against the Separatist army.
This map brings new ways
to dominate the ground
from multiple flanking routes,
to mushroom spores
that release lethal gas.
There’s even more content on the way soon,
so stay tuned
for our next community update!
Until then, may the Force be with you.

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100 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront 2: New Planet, Modes, and Reinforcement — Community Update

  1. Hey everyone please help.. is the Its Not Impossible timed challenge working for anyone? I'm playing co op, I've gotten almost 75 kills but they're not counting. Am I doing something wrong?? I really want to unlock Farmboy Luke! Please help and thank you

  2. This content is great and all but too be honest fix the damn bugs first because that's what's ruining the game, NOT the amount of content, the bugs! I would rather have the smoothest star wars game ever than one has lots of content but doesn't work! This is a message from one of you're biggest game fans by the way, but you guys are just ruining it and then fixing it and then ruining it again. I have an UNLIMITED amount of recordings in my xbox just with the bugs I've encountered. So PLEASE HAVE AN UPDATE THAT JUST INVOLVES AROUND BUG FIXES. NO CONENT NEEDED, JUST BUGS PLEASE I beg you you're my only hope. Like this comment to raise more awareness pleasethank you.
    but so far you have done great reviving the game. WELL DONE 👏👏👏

  3. This game has gone through so much. The devs could have quit when all the controversy happened. But they didn’t and fortunately this game has so much more to offer than before.

  4. Not trying to ask for too much, but will we get a mode like Capital Supremacy for 2 offline players? I was looking foward to playing Instant Action with a sibling, but it's only for 1 player.

  5. EA PLEASE MAKE A Mon Cala map it will be so cool water clonetroopers are amazing you could be a gungan not sure on details but you guys could do it and if you pull it off AMAZING hope you see this

  6. Anyone wants to join my 401st Coruscant guard please look into it we can become something amazing but only with your guys help so come fight with me thanks to join discord

  7. I never bought the game initially because of the lack of content that was being reported, but I'm definitely buying this game now. It actually feels like the original battlefront 2 in this video. See you all soon.

  8. PLEASE make the coop mode like the single player instant action mode. Means that there are points u can capture and you can move freely wherever you like and that theres a bar which keep rising when you have more capture points . Because the coop mode is more like a survival mode its lame. You have to capture a point and camp then go to the next point they tell you. We cant move freely and the time limit is annoying too so we are forced to camp at a spot ..and also we should be able to do coop with 2 players too! Not 4 so we can play with a friend only.

  9. Why? JUST WHY cant you guys do a coop instant action mode ? I mean like the single player instant action just that you can invite a friend so we could play REAL COOP like on swbf on ps2. The coop mode is just about camping at a certain spot and with annoying short time limit. Why is it not the same like instant action just for coop ? I dont get it EA

  10. Hey DICE would you ever port the maps of the first game into this one? Now I feel like BFII is apparently where all the focus is, while the 2015 game is more like a test run. I miss some of the maps from the previous game such as Bespin and Scariff, but that game has nobody playing it anymore you can't find any servers.

  11. Pls add vehicles to Arcade… I was 5 days updating Star wars battelfront… BAD WiFi so i can only Play Arcade pls add vehicles

  12. I want more stuff for general grievous. Like his skins, his starfighter, his emotes, his fourth ability, etc. When are those gonna happen? If you look at this video below, you'll find that grievous is incapable of feeling fatigue. So, why is his stamina so awfully low when he clearly cannot feel fatigue?

  13. Can you guys please make it so on Instant Action either you win or loose, go to the ships and defend or destroy the posts up there? Pleas do it, I will play much more. Thanks!

  14. Can't wait for the Rise of Skywalker updates!

    Just kidding, fuck that trilogy. I hate that it's in this game, #notmyStarWars XD

  15. This game was pretty disappointing at launch. The last few months, they've been killing it with this game. I'm very happy they are listening to the fans and giving us a lot of content and keeping the game updated on new maps and ways to play. I love the PVE side of the game when I don't wanna go againdt other sweats hehe. Hope they add more PVE stuff since I LOVE coop.

  16. What is with the Grand Inqisitor? Will we get the Purge Trooper from Fallen Order as Special Unit? And what is with Capital Supremacy Maps for the Civil War Era? Or the Sequel Era?

    And New Starfighter Assault Maps would be cool too.
    Or what is with Creativity Scenarious? Like Droids vs Empire (Mustafar) or Clone Rebellion vs Empire (Kamino or what ever)?

  17. What is with the Grand Inqisitor? Will we get the Purge Trooper from Fallen Order as Special Unit? And what is with Capital Supremacy Maps for the Civil War Era? Or the Sequel Era?

    And New Starfighter Assault Maps would be cool too.
    Or what is with Creativity Scenarious? Like Droids vs Empire (Mustafar) or Clone Rebellion vs Empire (Kamino or what ever)?

  18. A ver cuando se equilibra el modo héroes y villanos.
    Solo se divierten los jugadores veteranos en sus equipos de amigos y los que entran individualmente dan con un equipo perdedor.
    No debíais mezclar los grupos con la gente que busca equipo porque siempre perderá, siempre… Y no todos mis amigos juegan a SWB2 como para buscar un grupo y ganar.
    Así no se disfruta heroes y villanos, asi no…

  19. I love the game but the glitches are so bad it’s unplayable for me, every few seconds while walking or running it sets me back to the place I was at a few seconds ago, and sometimes it doesn’t let me shoot or use any star cards until I die, and for heroes the jumping is extremely, everything else is completely worse for heroes.
    It also will just randomly kick me out of a game sometimes.

  20. Das klingt wirklich super cool und ich freu mich schon drauf ein bisschen zu spielen aber trotzdem fehlt mir noch ein kleines Detail und das wäre Galaxis Eroberung wie in Starwars battlefront 2 (2005) wenn man das noch schaffen würde wäre ich mega zufrieden mit dem Spiel es müsste ihn natürlich im singleplayer in splittsreen

  21. That sounds really cool and I'm looking forward to playing a bit but I still miss a little detail and that would be Galaxy's Conquest like in Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) if I could do that I would be very happy with the game would have to splittsreen of course in the singleplayer

  22. It needs 20 vs 20 AI bots in instant action, come on DICE, you did it for the first Battlefront , I don't understand why you can't for the second one!

  23. Also add lightsaber dueling in the game. Like, something similar to the first battlefront in which Vader and Luke activate their middle abilities and they lock blades at each other. Let's add more of that in battlefront 2. I also think that all heroes and villains should have fourth abilities. Make those happen?

  24. Could you please avoid mixing the heroes and the villains from different eras of Star Wars?
    If I'm playing as the First Order, it doesn't make sense to have Darth Vader in my team

  25. "For you are a Commando. An elite unit. Something truly special."
    "Your weapons, your armour, and most importantly your brothers."

  26. This update looks great! The apology tour is continuing. Between this and the latest BF V update-EA and DICE are gaining back some good will.

  27. Give us Instant action cop mode 1-2 players!! And that u can choose the side so we can play coop or against each other just like the old swbf on ps2

  28. Hello there!
    May I make some suggestions?
    The first is: please put the Ghost on this game!
    The second is: please make a free room in this game!

    And that's it
    May the force be with you

  29. Ea, can you make the Farmboy Luke and Princess Leia unlockable with credits, because the events are over, and I can’t even see Farmboy Luke in the character menu

  30. Hey here’s a new idea make it so ground vehicles and troops can’t attack air vehicles and air vehicles can’t attack ground it’s super annoying

  31. More Infiltrator ideas:
    Empire: Shadow Troopers, can turn invisible for a while
    Rebels: Spy, can disable Radars
    Resistance: grenadier, Multiple grenades
    First Order: Salvaged Dark Trooper, slow, heavy health and a rotary cannon

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