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Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News live. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Here are your top stories for today. Hey do you remember this picture? It was taken seven months ago when Sign1News
MMJ Martha Anger went to Arizona to shoot a feature story but came home with a new family
member. His name is Beanz. Many of you followed his journey from Arizona
to Atlanta. But it’s what’s happened in those seven months
it is truly remarkable. Obviously Beanz has grown. But tonight Martha is sharing the update on
Beanz’s incredible transformation from the special needs puppy that no one wanted to
a happy, healthy dog who is thriving today. On Monday at Immanuel Christian School in
Springfield, Virginia, authorities say twelve-year-old Amani Allen was held down by three male classmates
who cut off her dreadlocks. Allen is black, the three boys are white. Allen says the three boys pinned her down
to the playground slide, one put her hands behind her back, one put their hands over
her mouth and one cut her hair, calling it ugly and nappy. She says they also said she didn’t deserve
to live and that she should never have been born. Allen’s family said they have filed a police
report. The head of the school released a statement
saying: “We take seriously the emotional and physical well-being of all of our students
and have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or abuse. We are deeply disturbed by the allegations
being made and are in communication with the family of the alleged victim to gather
information and provide whatever support we can. We have also reached out to law-enforcement
to ask them to conduct a thorough investigation.” The school also says all the students involved
will be held out of school while police conduct their investigation. Allen, however, is showing an incredible amount
of compassion. She says even though she was traumatized,
she feels like something must’ve happened to the three boys to make them want to do
what they did. Facebook is testing a plan to hide ‘likes’. The reason? Company officials say they want followers
to focus on the photos and videos you share and not how many ‘likes’ they get. Likes, reactions and video views from users
will be made private, meaning no one but the account holder can see their
‘likes’. By rethinking the ‘like’ feature, Facebook
believes that social network will be less stressful to users. Starting today the plan will be tested in
Australia. In April, Facebook-owned Instagram announced
it will begin testing hiding ‘like’ counts in Canada in an effort to help reduce pressure
on the platform. Hiding ‘likes’ has since expanded to other
countries including Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Not everyone is excited about the new plan. Some social media influencers who have built
businesses on the number of ‘likes’ they receive are concerned hiding ‘likes’ will hurt their
brand sponsorships, which pay out based on the number of engagements with their posts. Three House committees have issued a subpoena
for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after he failed to produce documents related to President
Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s leader. This subpoena came after the White House admitted
that their lawyers instructed the transcript of the President’s controversial phone call
be moved to a separate highly secure system. House Intel chairman Adam Schiff has now kicked
the impeachment investigation into overdrive saying “We have to flesh out the facts for
the American people.” Inspector General Michael Atkinson, who found
the whistleblower’s claims against the President to be credible, is now expected to hold a
closed-door meeting with the House Intelligence Committee on October 4. The President’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani
says he hasn’t heard from any of the House committees, and if he’s asked, he won’t testify
without President Trump’s okay. Take a look at this. That is mine. This is what your boarding pass to Mars will
look like. Well, as along as you sign up soon. The Mars 2020 Rover mission is part of NASA’s
exploration of the red planet. It takes off next July and scientists hope
the Rover helps them answer some big questions about Mars, like whether or not there’s potential
for life. If you sign up online, you’ll automatically
get a souvenir boarding pass. Not only that, they will stencil your name
on a chip using an electron beam and then that chip will get put on the Rover. But this is your final boarding call. You have to sign up on NASA’s website by Monday
night at 11:59pm Eastern. And those are your top stories for today. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Thank you for watching Sign1News. Remember to follow us on all of our social
media platforms and be sure to download our app too. Sign1News. Your life. Your language.

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