Sign1News 8.14.19 – News for the Deaf community powered by CNN in American Sign Language (ASL).

Sign1News 8.14.19 – News for the Deaf community powered by CNN in American Sign Language (ASL).

Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Here are your top stories for today. We have a warning for dog owners today. Toxic algae is suspected in the deaths of
four pets in two states. Three dogs died in Wilmington, North Carolina
after playing in a pond, while another died after a swim in Lake Allatoona, Georgia. They all died of liver failure caused by ingesting
water contaminated with toxic blue-green algae. According to the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA), the harmful algae can bloom anywhere in the US in both fresh and marine
waters as well as backyard pools. The toxic algae can be green, blue, red or
brown and look like foam or scum on the surface of water. Often it smells bad but may attract animals. If you spot the algae, leave the area immediately. Do not let your dog drink or play in the water. However if your dog has already been exposed,
rinse the animal immediately in fresh, clean water wearing gloves to protect yourself as well. The toxins are also dangerous to humans. Symptoms caused by toxic algae can begin within
fifteen minutes or take several days. They include diarrhea or vomiting, weakness
or staggering, drooling, difficulty breathing and seizures. If your dog displays any of these symptoms
after making contact with water, take it to the vet immediately. How many prescription drugs do you take? If it’s a lot, you’re not alone. A new Centers for Disease Control study shows
most adults aged 40 to 79 took at least one prescription drug in the past month. One in five took at least five. So what pills are everyone popping? For the younger half of the group, it’s mostly
antidepressants, ACE inhibitors – which are used to lower blood pressure and treat migraines
– and cholesterol-lowering drugs. For the older set, cholesterol-lowering drugs
continue to be a favorite but also antidiabetic medications and beta blockers – another class
of drugs used to lower blood pressure. The study also shows women take more prescription
drugs than men. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, has unveiled
redesigned “Spectacles” sunglasses with 3D effects. Spectacles 3, the latest version of Snapchat’s
video recording sunglasses, also comes with an eye-popping price tag. At $380, it’s more than double the cost of
its previous version. Less than three years ago, Snapchat’s first
pair initially sold in vending machines and became a viral hit. However the hype fizzled and the company had
to take a nearly $40 million write-down for excessive inventory. Snap said Spectacles 3 is a limited edition
product and it will make less of the new sunglasses than it has in the past. The device is available for preorder now but
it won’t ship until fall. A coalition of 22 states and some cities are
suing the Environmental Protection Agency over its rollback of an Obama-era climate
rule involving powerplants. It has the potential to become a historic
court case that may reduce states’ ability to choose sources of energy with lower greenhouse
gas emissions. The federal lawsuit challenges the EPA in
its efforts to rollback restrictions on coal burning power plants. It claims a change undercuts efforts to reduce
greenhouse gas emissions and disregards the federal Clean Air Act. The rule change is designed to make good on
President Trump’s campaign promise to revive the nation’s coal industry. And eliminates what had been an aggressive
effort to reduce the energy sector’s carbon footprint. However the EPA is defending the revised rule,
saying it believes it will be upheld in the courts. This is the latest pushback by states accusing
the Trump administration of endangering the environment with his policies. Four the states involved in the lawsuit are
Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, which Trump won in the 2016 election. The next bottle of water Coca-Cola sells you
as you might come in a can. Starting next year, Coke plans to start offering
its Dasani water in aluminum cans and bottles to make it more environmentally friendly. The company hopes to collect and recycle the
equivalent of every bottle or can it sells by 2030. That’s a pretty lofty goal considering the
soft drink giant produced 3.3 million tons of plastic in 2017. Aluminum is easier to recycle than plastic,
so moving customers away from plastic will likely help. Dasani will still be available in plastic
bottles but they’ll be lighter weight. Coke also has plans for a new bottle made
with up to 50 percent recycled plastic and plant-based materials. Eighty-one-year-old Ohio grandmother Joy Ryan
is on a mission to visit every national park in the country. She’s got more than 31 to go and just over
a year to do it. Ryan wants to see all sixty-one parks before
she turned 90. She’s got plenty of support in a very special
travel companions � her grandson Brad. It was actually his idea. When he told her about a trip he took hiking
the Appalachian trail while in veterinary school, she expressed regret at never having
done anything like that. All her kids were grown, her husband had died
twenty years ago and she had never seen a mountain. So in 2015, he took her to Great Smoky Mountains
National Park and they have been traveling together ever since. Brad says his grandmother knows she is seeing
these amazing sights for the first and last time and watching her take it all in has changed
the way he lives. You can follow their adventures on Instagram
or Facebook. Look for “Grandma Joy’s Road Trip.” And Grandma Joy’s story is a great reminder
for all of us: take the time to really enjoy life while you have time. Don’t let fear, disabilities, lack of money
or negative people stop you from doing the things you want to do and achieving the goals
you want to achieve. And you know what — why not start today? And those are your top stories for today. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Thank you for watching Sign1News. Remember to follow us on all of our social
media platforms and be sure to download our app too. Sign1News. Your life. Your life.

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