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Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Here are your top stories for today. The Deaf community is mourning the death of
legendary actor Bernard Bragg. He was 90 years old. The Gallaudet graduate says he fell in love
with performing after watching renowned French mime Marcel Marceau perform for two full hours
without saying a word. Bragg said if Marceau could do it, why couldn’t
he. He started studying with Marceau in 1956 and
then began performing locally and nationally in nightclubs and theaters. In 1967 he helped found the National Theater
of the Deaf and toured with the company for many years. In 1979 he starred in the movie “And Your
Name Is Jonah.” According to the Deaf West Theater, Bragg
“blazed trails, kicked doors open, cracked the mold then threw it away.” Bragg did it all — performer, playwright,
director, writer, artist, poet and role model. Bernard we will all miss you. Bragg’s costar in his famous movie “And Your
Name Is Jonah” was a young boy named Jeffrey Bravin. Bravin played the role of Jonah. Bragg was also Bravin’s acting coach. We caught up with Bravin today at the Atlanta
Area School for the Deaf. He was in town to meet with other educators
to collaborate and discuss ways to improve language skills for Deaf children. We want to thank Jeffrey and his mom for providing
these incredible pictures of himself as a child actor working with Bragg. We asked him how he felt when he heard Bragg
had died, how his death would impact the Deaf community and whose next to take over where
Bragg left off. Wow, yesterday I got a call from a good friend of mine, who is also friends with Bragg. This person doesn’t call me often so I knew something was up. I was in a meeting at the time but I called back and confirmed it was Bernard that had died. He was someone who always traveled the world telling stories. He would always tell the story about in 1977 when I met Bernard after a graduation speech at Fanwood School for the Deaf. It was a wonderful speech. He told me his parents were Deaf and so forth. Then two years later, the movie “And Your Name Is Jonah” came about and Bernard remembered me and that’s the story Bernard told everyone. Our relationship grew after that. He became my coach and mentor. So every time I travel and meet people, I always have that memory of him. It’s a wonderful memory. His death really touched me but not just me. I know he made a huge impact in the Deaf community in America and all over the world. Bernard is the Father of Deaf Theater. He co-founded NTD and he’s still iconic today. Even when he moved out west he continued to be involved with young children. Two years ago he met with some people at a party and somehow they collaborated and developed a script. He impacted so many in so many different ways. He helped Marlee Matlin and Tony Natale and they both became so successful. People don’t realize that Bernard impacted them all and when you think about it, that’s what makes heroes. I wonder who will take Bernard’s place. I wonder how many people will do it ? If one person doesn’t it, that doesn’t make a legecy. But if many people take over, that will be a legacy. I feel that will happen. Bernard has already made a huge impact and now that he’s gone, I feel it will be an even bigger impact. Sign1News. Your life. Your language. Memorial services were held today for some
of the victims killed in the Saturday shooting massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue. A noon funeral followed the joint visitation
service for two brothers. Cecil Rosenthal was 59 years old; his brother
David Rosenthal was 54. The services were held at Pittsburgh’s Temple
Rodef Shalom. Cecil and David Rosenthal were among 11 worshipers
killed when a gunman stormed the Tree of Life synagogue, apparently driven by anti-Semitic
hatred. It’s believed to be the deadliest attack against
Jews in US history. President Trump visited Pittsburgh to pay
his respects but many people thought it’s too soon for the president to come. The mayor of Pittsburgh wouldn’t meet with
Trump during his visit saying he needs to focus on helping his community heal. The White House invited top congressional
officials to come with Trump Tuesday but they all declined. The Pentagon says there are already more than
2,000 National Guard personnel supporting border authorities. Now the Pentagon is preparing to send 5,200
more troops to the US-Mexico border. The move is part of “Operation Faithful Patriot”
to help stop a group of Central American migrants on their way to try and enter the US. A Defense official says the operation is expected
to run from November 5 through December 15. Officials say the troops being sent to the
border will support civil authorities and are not expected to come in regular contact
with migrants. As the group continues its trek north, the
US has been negotiating with Mexico about how to handle the situation should they reach
the US border. About 100 people dressed as zombies converged
on Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch for a world dance. They performed his iconic “Thriller” dance. Some people came from as far away as England
to be part of the dance party. The event was hosted by World Dance for Humanity,
a local nonprofit that offers dance classes and brings aid to genocide survivors in Rwanda
and at-risk children in the community. On Sunday in Southampton, England a human
conveyor belt made up of 250 people helped to move over 20,000 books. Volunteers who support the “October Books”
store made a human chain to transport the books from their old location to their new
store about 500 feet away. The volunteers successfully moved about 2,000
books on Sunday and are continuing to help the nonprofit bookstore throughout this week
before the shop’s reopening on November 3. Remember same-sex penguin couple Sphen and
Magic. They were given a foster egg to incubate and
raise after showing excellent parenting skills with a dummy egg. The couple’s foster egg came from another
penguin at the aquarium which laid two eggs. We have a happy update to the story. Their egg hatched on October 19! This little penguin weighs less than a quarter
of a pound but the aquarium staff says Sphen and Magic are doing a great job looking after
their tiny chick. The first 20 days are crucial but once that
delicate time is over, they will be able to figure out the chick’s sex and pick a name. And those are your top stories for today. I’m Jethro Wooddall. Thank you for watching Sign1News. Remember to like us on Facebook and follow
us on Twitter. Sign1News. Your life. Your language.

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