Seven Worlds, One Planet: Extended Trailer (ft Sia and Hans Zimmer) | New David Attenborough Series

Seven Worlds, One Planet: Extended Trailer (ft Sia and Hans Zimmer) | New David Attenborough Series

Planet Earth
has seven extraordinary continents
each one
each one
full of life
This is the story of those
seven worlds
We will see how life developed
on each continent
and so gave rise to the extraordinary
and wonderful diversity we know today
And we will see why this
precious diversity is being lost
This is seven worlds
one planet

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100 thoughts on “Seven Worlds, One Planet: Extended Trailer (ft Sia and Hans Zimmer) | New David Attenborough Series

  1. Every trailer has this kind of "emotional " singing, i m tired of this and don't think it work here , images are great

  2. All honor and praise to God! The uncreated creator! The first cause! The Alpha and Omega. Our planet is truly astonishing!

  3. …imagine the last Earth humans on a long-inter-galactic-quest found a planet exactly the same as Earth …with all the animals, plants and bio-diversity …then imagine a superior-alien civilization saying no …move along now …you are not worthy of inhabiting this world

  4. The world is going to be a sad place without David Attenborough. Who else cares for the planet as much as this man does? He is a true hero. God will bless him.

  5. People that say the world isn’t changing should literally d1e…. i live in southern spain and now is summer, well, WE ARE AT FUCKING 36 celsius ON AVERAGE with peaks og 40/45 celsius ON THE MEDITERRANEAN COAST…. something that NEVER happened before. Our summers tend to be on 27-32 on average and MAYBE peaks of 36 or 40 which in the past was so weird that it was even said on tv……
    Maybe you dont realise from your storm cold new continent but the world is changing TO A BAD state, im not saying that is dangerous for the planet, it is alive and superior so it is dangerous for us.

  6. Love Hans Zimmer, really captures the expense. And though I appreciate Sia as an artist, I don't find the vocals quite fitting and almost distracting from the original majesty of everything shown, feel like it's some sort of lion king musical with all the singing,.

  7. Unfortunately I feel like many people dont truly appreciate the extraordinary effort the photographers/camera men and women go through to get these amazing shots thats we're so used to seeing. Many a time risking their lives to try and educate and send us a simple yet powerful message. To look after this world and all its inhabitants before its too late. Kudos to everyone involved in making these documentaries. They will inspire generations to come ❤

  8. "Його творива повна земля. Великі й дивовижні діла твої, Єгово, Боже Всемогутній"!

  9. Words cannot describe how lucky we are to have such a beautiful planet instead of making the most of it sadly we're destroying it when the hell are we going to wake up😳

  10. Thank you so much for Great Video 4K HDR is very Good, it's Time to make 8K HDR BBC We are appreciated so much, God bless you & have a good life!

  11. Un mundo tan impresionante y destruido por una minoría elitista que a cambio de destruir todo esto solo quieren dinero y poder

  12. I watched this with tears rolling down my face. As a trained research biologist, who fully grasps the consequences of the dire situation our planet is in from the catastrophic climate change event that’s now occurring, it’s overwhelming to think we will lose most the species of plants & animals that exist today, to the cataclysmic global extinction event we now find ourselves in as a result. And none of this had to happen if the powers that be had acted 25-30 yrs ago. None of it.

  13. I really hope that mother earth will reset soon because that is only thing that can save this world..we humans are the cancer of this world😖

  14. These docs are good but so much propaganda making out as if the 'planet' is dying and global warming is real. It's the BBC at the end of the day and they are forced to push government agendas. Global warming is proven hoax, they used to say global cooling in the 60's! Humans have zero impact on the climate.

  15. Big fan of Sia but truly unnecessary to have her singing in this trailer. Hans Zimmer and David Attenbourough’s voice along with this amazing cinematograpy would have been truly amazing. But to important things, the humans need to correct their way of thinking and living and start saving our home, which is our beautiful planet Earth.

  16. We HAVE to choose our leaders wisely! And learn what the documentary is trying to tell. Not mourn about one guy or rave about one channel!

  17. Why is this not on every damned curriculum on the planet?
    We can keep David Attenborough alive forever by giving a shit about our planet as much as he does.

    Also, who the hell disliked this?

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