Seth Rollins counters Brock Lesnar and unleashes on The Beast: SummerSlam 2019

Seth Rollins counters Brock Lesnar and unleashes on The Beast: SummerSlam 2019

And now a quick turn.>>My God.>>Seth landed on his feet somehow. Wait for the stomp, a stomp, a stomp!>>There’s the cover!>>A cover and a kick out. Unbelievable.>>Seth Rollins, just like that,
delivered a stomp. But here’s the problem, Brock kicked out. That might have been
Seth’s only chance here.>>We know what kind of Seth Rollins
we’ve got in this match. He’s still got some fight in him.>>Rollins down on the apron,
measuring the champion. Seth starting to believe in himself. There’s a knee to the side
of the face of Lesnar. And Rollins building confidence.>>Yeah, but Rollins needs to get
Lesnar back in the ring if he wants to win the universal championship.>>Yeah, pinfall or submission,
only way to win the title. Champion’s advantage here tonight. Brock Lesnar rolls back into the ring,
however. I’m not quite sure Brock
even knows where he’s at.>>Now, Seth has got to keep
his foot on the gas pedal.>>And Seth Rollins measuring Brock,
a kick. Caught, caught by Brock. And Seth again lands on his feet,
cat-like agility by the challenger.>>Twice has throated, the German suplex.>>He got him!
>>And again, a kick by Rollins. Lesnar is down, Lesnar is down.>>Brock rocked.
>>Lesnar’s down. Wait a minute, stop. Brock Lesnar picks up Rollins, F5! [NOISE]

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100 thoughts on “Seth Rollins counters Brock Lesnar and unleashes on The Beast: SummerSlam 2019

  1. People are almost as negative as Satan… when Brock Lesnar was destroying everybody they complain because he only wrestled twice a year he gets beat they got to complain about that too

  2. Bro how does it take 1 match for Seth to beat Brock lesner but 100 matches for Roman to beat lesner🤔🤔

  3. Match is fix guys wwe only wants to popular Seth. Because Roman got chance on movie and it’s not sure that he will not get another one. So Seth is main important now, and Brock which became uncontrollable and he is getting old too.

  4. Undertaker can not beat brock
    John cena can not beat brock
    Roman can not beat brock
    Braun strowman can not beat brock
    But seth can beat brock
    Wth has happened
    Wwe logic 0%

  5. Seth! Seth!! Seth!!! 💥💣 You didn't only put a smile on my face but made me proud,…lol.. I got to watch this over again

  6. I am not seth rollins friends
    but I am Wwe friends
    but Seth rollins beter then Brock lessner
    Seth rollins friend be like😊

  7. Fit Stroman can't defeat Lesner
    Fit Roman can't defeat Lesner(Probably)
    Fit Undertaker can't defeat Lesner
    Fit Samoa can't defeat Lesner
    Fit Goldberg can't defeat Lesner
    Fit Cena can't defeat Lesner

    You know what I want to say….

  8. This is just so fake, like how on earth does Seth Rollins defeat Brock lesnar. This would've been more believable if it was strowman, cena or even reigns. The attitude era was simply WWE's best period

  9. Brock Lesnar is a coward, he stole the brief case during money in the bank leather match. without contesting and became the weak beast in the bank, The same way he took the universal championship belt from Set Rollings when Set was worn out from a fight with foolish Baron Corbin which Set won the fight. Champions don't steal or attacks from behind, it's only the weak old beast and his like that dose that and Vince McMahon and family accepts it which makes it more suspicious. WWE is just boring since Curt Angus left.

  10. Oh? Oh? In ufc Lesnar gets face elbowed 20 times but can't take 1 stomp in wwe without losing all of his stamina?

  11. Excelente pelea, la bestia mostro su poder, pero.le deja el camino abierto a el nuevo rostro de la compañia, Set tiene juventud, carisma, agilidad, destreza, felicidades al nuevo campeón de la wwe.

  12. If i Am Not Wrong,Seth Rollins Had Bad Ribs and was not a 100%…but guess what last night He Soared Through the skies of Toronto, Crashed into the Annouce Table, Leaped From every Corners of the ring and nothing Happened!!!😮But he screams in agony just if someone barely punches there…F**k!!!This is Ridiculous!!!We'll know that the whole scheme's Scripted…but dont Y'LL Think That WWE Has gone way too far with these kind of Hoaxes?I Do 😂!!!

  13. This match was booked so amazingly. I can't get over how the roles were reversed to start the match. Such a nice swerve. WWE more of this type of booking. On a side note I love how most fans turned on Seth for ABSOLUTELY no reason and he goes out there and puts on this match. Amazing how quickly people forget how good Seth is

  14. So wwe wants us to believe that a half dead Seth puts up this hell lot of fight against the beast and beats him convincingly..His script writers should get an F5..Boring champion..

  15. How many nicknames can we make?
    Brock Lesnar- Beast Slayer
    Triple H- King Slayer
    Demon King- Demon Slayer
    Undertaker- Deadman Slayer
    Sting- Viggilante Slayer
    Dean Ambrose- Lunatic Slayer

  16. that curb stomp, brock sells it very well. only randy or samoa joe or brawn or bobby lashley must be allowed to fight brock.
    though seth tries hard, he is just not a match to brock( physically).

  17. Did Brock have a Rematch Clause ??? No one can beat the beast like this . I know its only Script , but this is not fair . Tz hope Seth coming in the Hell, lol

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