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100 thoughts on “Seth MacFarlane performs his Family Guy voices | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. O shit! He good man! That would be so funny if you just talked to him. Seth just straight-up talk to you like Stewie Griffin or something! I be busting out laughing!不不

  2. I made my own pretend radio show where i made up a bunch of voices too. One guy is a host, one is a weather man, one has a baby voice but it's never said if he just sounds like a baby or if he actually is an adult or baby, and another is a talking squirrel and even more. I did get friends and family on it too. I started back on house phones when you could record your own message on it.

    It's really fun and it feels like they really are different people when you hear it years later on.

  3. I like that Seth's Brian is a different voice, it sounds incredibly similar to his natural voice but he tweeks it, it's a little more deep and flat, very clear. I can appreciate that subtle change.

  4. the accent for quagmire is called the mid atlantic accent. In the early to mid 1900 people actually learned this accent, they didn't actually talk like that normally.

  5. I want a woman to look at me like Charlize Theron looks at Seth. In fact, I want Charlize Theron to look at me like she looks at Seth…

  6. This is awesome. I grew up watching Tom Cruze movies. It makes me feel good watching h is excitement listening to Seth

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  8. Absolutely brilliant. My autistic son loves family guy. Peter Griffin is singly the most annoying disgusting human being. He is everything I detest. So good though.

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