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100 thoughts on “See Harvey Weinstein Confronted By Angry Women In NYC | TODAY

  1. She could not waste her energy on him he is not worth wasteing your time on him just walk walk away "Go around the leaf 🍃"

  2. Harvey Weinstein was a paying customer in the Brothel called Hollywood. He paid many peoples bills. The employees of the brothel competed for his money. "I met them all. Some were vicious and crooked. But … you saw Hollywood with their eyes — an overcrowded brothel, a merry-go-round with beds for horses." — Marylin Monroe. King of Hollywood The Eagles 1979 The Eagles 1979 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=226yzR7-lHo

  3. i dont understand Mr.Bill Cosby in jail and Mr.Weinstein is out enjoying his evening free. He should be in jail for 25 years for what he did to all those woman & actresses.

  4. He really is gross though. A real life jabba the hut. 🤢🤮 now Matt lauer! 😈 i wouldn’t mind getting sexually harassed by him. 🤪

  5. Welcome to the real world Harvey they hate you for the crimes you committed again those women, wake up, get real you are a sexual predator let the courts tell us who is right and who is wrong.

  6. I’m more disgusted at the women surrounded by Harvey Weinstein, they should be ashamed of themselves. Have some self respect, ladies.

  7. I don't see why he cannot go out for a drink with friends, it's not illegal to do that. That was rude of that woman to make a scene at a man simply dining out with friends.

  8. He didn’t even rap you, so take a chill pill. Is this guy weird and a creep yes, but you making a scene and give him attention is just making his ego even bigger.

  9. So to the evil media that's not gonna see this comment… If this guy murdered women instead of raping them he'd STILL get a public pass???

  10. Yes what he did was wrong but isn’t it just as wrong to verbally attack him in a public place when all he wants to do is eat food and socialize? He’s not harming anyone at this moment

  11. Harvey can go to as many restaurants as he wants but it wont change the fact that he is still the most hated person in the industry. So he better be prepared to get dragged like this or get slapped like what a guy did to him two years ago at a bar

  12. i wonder if Rose Mcgowan ever tough of it if Weinsten really wanted to get her,
    she wasn't alive and kicking to screw up half of the world.
    that spy was a message, and she did not get it.
    From a purely strategic viewpoint it was a stupid move as stupid people
    always does Mcgowan thought she was better. But in truth he had all the power to
    make her disappear without a trace. But he did not… Which avenged itself.

    The lesson? Half of the job is not a job especially when we talking about clueless idiots.
    To give a warning is only fair but if it's not works?

    And just to clarify things? I don't agree with what Weinstein did.

  13. Karma. He deserves more than this. Glad this happened. He needs to be publicly humiliated. That's the only way criminals learn. Not sending them to rehab

  14. Shes not lying. Bill Cosby has been sitting in a jail cell over a year and Weinstein, Lauer, and a few others still walk around as free men. We need more ladies like these calling out these fellas.

  15. Harvey Weinstein? I think you are looking far too close. It's a forest of Pfizer charged hardwoods and Woody Allens that you can blow over from rot.
    It's so rotten it will not burn. Use Rachel Corrie's CAT D9 and bulldoze it under. It must be buried forever.

  16. Weinstein should be rotting in jail! Why isn't he dead? No idea why he's still alive. I'm a guy and I say, "Power to the women."

  17. This dickwad has enough million dollars to stay out of jail. Just build your own bar at your million dollar house mate.

  18. Weinstein is still free because exploitation is facilitated by governments. Look at the Vatican as an example.
    Rich people will always rule through exploitation. They just need to buy their freedom. And there will always he someone who is willing to participate. Money and the West rules the world.

  19. Weinstein was attending an event for emerging actors where they were supposed to be able to collaborate and network. Every woman in that place should have been horrified by his presence in light of the allegations against him.
    I can't help shaking my head at the young women who sat with him. Where is their self-esteem, their self-respect?

  20. So tough to kick a guy when he's down. Would have been brave 10 years ago, right? What is he doing going to events/lounges?

  21. let's investigate all of the allegations in hollywood. actually nah, lets just make an on the fence report about weinstein

    the whole system is corrupt and until you realize this you will never be free

  22. I hate Harvey… But I hate these feminazis even more. Watching some bratty spoiled hole expect people to rally behind her… but nobody pays her any attention and ignores her dumb tantrum…. PRICELESS. Talk about making women feel like the useless emotional idiots they are.

  23. Roman Polanski is also out there and planning his next movie in France. Jews are indeed powerful people with a lot of connections.

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