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100 thoughts on “SE Cupp rips Republican ‘whining’ at hearings

  1. this looks really bad for dems, and to pretend it isn't is brutally dishonest. The whole world can now see the dems tyranny on full display

  2. SE Cupp – Your usual perfect work.  Focused.  Structured.  Well researched and supported.  No spin, or any other attempt to distort the facts.  No drama … and I especially appreciate that you don't feel the need to yell – I am SO tired of politicians, news broadcasters, and the pretend news broadcasters on Fox, who seem to think that I am more likely to understand what they are saying if they talk louder.  I have a headache – and they are idiots.  Thank you for your calm and professional demeanor.

  3. Four credible witnesses. What I heard, and maybe I was listening to a different hearing, was "I heard from etc. etc" They are not credible witnesses. they are relating stuff 2nd and 3rd hand. I want to hear what the whistle blower has to say. I want to see if Adam has actually spoken to the whistle blower and advised he or she in any way. I have to say that after three years of rubbish, and claims of collusion and obstruction by the President, I want to see one piece of factual evidence. We saw what they attempted to do to Judge Kavanagh. It appears to be never ending . I have had it up to the gills with impeachment. What I would like to see are indictments brought against some of the merry little purveyors of treason who were in the FBI, CIA and the Justice Department. This was amplified when CNN used Andrew McCabe. All that did was add weight to all that I have said. Sad really.

  4. Remember for years the same thing alm replubican said"" all Democrat are crybabies all they do is whine when Obama was president now all the tough guy party does is cry complain and actually call racism lmao we are picking on Trump it reminds me of that highschool bully that always fucks with u then when u fight back they run crying to the principal fuck hypocrites

  5. The far right, white supremacists commenting on this video are only called Republicans because that party is the nearest acceptable political organisation for them to hide within. Cupp is real Republican, and you can sense her shame at what is happening.

  6. are you all really this blind. If you really want the whole story go to the Blaze they have researched this and have the story that NO ONE is reporting on. Yonavich lied to congress. Bet she doesn't go to jail

  7. Its amazing that all republicans are born without a braincell in their body, but i guess thats why they follow the cult leader like hes Jesus. Just cant fix stupid!!

  8. There was no collusion.
    That was just an illusion.
    My tweets are an intrusion.
    Causing a great confusion.
    But I have no solution.
    See Cup
    It's more like a
    C cup. 😉
    I can tell w hff en I'm on top.
    You can cook me dinner in a pot.
    Ok. My lawyer just told me to
    Hello? Gjina do you uh have my NUCLEAR codes? I feel like blowing hot steam.
    Ukraine is so corrupt.
    And BIDEN.
    Where's Roger Stone?

  9. Sometimes it feel like Trump has dirt on the Republican
    representatives. Only way I could understand why they act like they do…We all know Trump likes to use dirt for his own benefit.

  10. As despicable as Trump is, and as cowardly as the Republicans are – vile beasts of a feather, flocking together – these petty videos don't help.

    They're just the flip side to that fuckwits over at Fox News spewing hate and bullshit out into the air for an audience of One, and just a few million boorish people, and drag the rest of CNN output down.

    I'm surprised that CNN doesn't see that: just because one rival channel has utter pricks flinging utter shite about doesn't mean that echoing that type of punditry here is a good idea.

    So, there's just something a bit cringeworthy about these videos in particular – comment on, or analyse, actual News, not this kind of freewheeling punditry, which is a cheap, tacky move.

    God knows, it's not as though that fucker, Trump, and his mob aren't giving you other things to have a proper journalistic debate about…

  11. Republicans need to be removed… keep them in your crosshairs and take out these treasonous pieces of shit (by voting them out… of course)

  12. Didn't know SE Cupp was a republican, she says what we've been thinking, think she was one of the very few I have respect for, and sadly trump makes Bush Jr and Bush Sr look like real NASA material and I respect them (more) lately as they didn't stoop as low as trump has.

  13. I swear the gop have shown their true colours. Just watching man in a high castle and the gop would have been those Americans that would sell out their country, the constitution, the rule of law ..and their sheep, fox watching supporters who sadly due to poor education and ignorance would happily follow them to the destruction of America.

  14. I'm not American, but I find it funny that you call them "whining". There is NO due process. Shifty Schiff makes up the rules along the way to fit his narrative. It's pretty damn obvious democrats don't give a damn about "bribe" or "collusion". They just want the president gone. Over here we call it a COUP.

  15. These weak a__ Republicans are cleaning trump's toilet right before our eyes
    In real time, even Shawn hand me this finished the rim,what a waste of oxygen

  16. The term is " filibuster " the root of the word is " free booter " or pirate . They seek to steal the show . I think that they are " sophists " a proud political tradition .

  17. The standing ovation and applause can be for the lady being a patriot etc. But that's not what this shit is about. She didn't have first hand knowledge of this b.s. and cnn and this lady and msm are trying to impeach a presisent. So with all due respect to the lady if you didn't hear trump say this dollar amount soon as these actions are taken.. Then she got to kick rocks and stop wasting our time

  18. What Every single news outlet /channel hasn’t covered. …is the corrupt deep state crimes of human trafficking, Organized stalking crimes. Using the Patriots act ‘s loop holes to place Law abiding American citizens on watchlists who aren’t terrorists nor a threat to anyone..then having them trafficked, terrorized, stalked, financial sabotage, extortion of money and property …bank account spying, credit spying sabotage by corrupt government officials / agencies, police,neighbors, even family and friends …under 24/7 illegal surveillance & electronic harassment, mail theft …community mobbing, set ups by Corrupt Police to get you arrested or diagnosed with a mental disorder to cover up these crimes …I know this very well ..I am a Law abiding American citizen that has been going through this in Cambria Heights NY …please read more.
    #edwardsnowden 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
    This was filmed November 1, 2019 some time in the afternoon.The picture of the residue that was left behind from the microwave bullets were from Morris Johnson and Phil Nut Howard who goes to those attached houses in back on 228 th street to get a closer and a better shot at my bedroom windows. However the plane drops stuff onto my roof and back windows as well. These crimes continue simply because corrupt police and government officials are involved in them.

    Yesterday evening I started reporting where these domestic terrorists & human traffickers lived ..as They have shared my address with tons of traffickers , and are violating me on a daily basis .Since yesterday it has calmed down with The Chemtrails…but I am still hearing the microwave bullets hit my back window. Also I’m hearing Lockheed flying again its Nov. 2, 2019 @1:24pm and The taps from the microwave bullets coming to the front of the house from Phil nut Howard .

    These Crimes of human trafficking / Organized contract stalking are organized by Phil Nut Howard & Emery Perry P.I. Corrupt police and government officials who’ve been responsible for recruiting droves of illegals to take part in these crimes in Cambria Heights, Queens NY.


    #organizedgangstalking #targetedindividual #gangstalking #humanrights #civilrights #policecorruption #communitymobbing #communitywatch #extortioncrimes #lockheedmartin #communitypolicing
    #domesticterrorism #hatecrimes #organizedcrime #crimesagainstwomen #civilliberties #maga

  19. Hi! How about everyone watch the hearings from beginning to end. how about people form their own opinion instead of listening to Cupp, Hannity, Cooper, Tucker, Lemon, Maddow… All of them show the snippets that best fits their narrative. Stop being sheep. stop being a part of the party cults. Think for yourselves for once.

  20. CNN is no longer what it used to be. I find it repeating old news extremely often. Losing ground and respect. One exception Anderson Cooper still commends respect everyone else are weak in the knees

  21. The Republican party's symbol is an elephant and it may come to pass that the whistleblower could bring Trump down. The elephant is always afraid of a rat running up its nose !

  22. These Republicans are embarrassing themselves. If Trump is truly innocent then why is he NOT ALLOWING the people with first hand knowledge to speak during the hearings? They are ignoring subpoenas and they may face jail time, but Trump is telling them not to attend. You know…because he is so very innocent.

  23. If anyones ever had abusive parents or an abusive significant other, they act alot like republicans in bad faith, abuse is not politics.

  24. What do you expect? He scares the shit out of them. Or he bought them. Seen how Lindsay move around on his two "not stable" feet lately?

  25. That's where Trumptard has his power.
    Behind closed doors like a big fat coward. What a piece of work. He has absolutely no respect for non of our intelligent agencies nor our highly respected ambassador. NOTHING NO ONE. He calls himself an American..
    REALLY?? Well, let me tell something. Those are American CITIZENS and have devoted their lives to our country. Yet m! This BABBLING moron of a President has the nerve to insult denagrade and talk shit about them. Yet! This orangeturd praises the dictators of the world and has absolutely respect for other intelligent agencies. Do you think the Russians would dare put their own down.

  26. Here's a reality for you Republicans are looking forward to the 2020 election you know damn well the Democrats are losing their minds trying to find a way to change the tide of the Trump Revolution… Trump rallies are filling stadiums and having to turn people away the Democrats have to bus people in and pay them to attend theirs… LOL LOL LOL

  27. The republican party must love movie night.
    I've never seen such intense projectionists in my life.
    Narcissistic neurotic nerds?
    Have you seen the Trump Team? Start with Steven Miller!

  28. Trump, has no back bone, no intelligence, no sympathy, no morals, no shame, absolutely no respect for others. A mean spirited individual. A bully..just all the bad stuff.
    INCREDIBLY IGNORANT, SELFISH, NOT EDUCATED. Has no idea how things work. We call other countries the 3rd world. Where is Trump from. For thinking we need I.D. to buy groceries and to make things worst. Thinking he can buy a country. ICE LAND
    I mean really people, really? This is what we want for our leader. A BABBLING, bone spurs BABBLING idiotic sounding like total moron.

  29. SE Cupp when did you turn?  Who paid you?  I liked you a little more  when you were with Beck.  It is so sad that you joined Fake News!

  30. I didn’t know this cute chick is republican. What does she think about roger stone and Rudy Giuliani? Bad apples? Hope we have enough prison buildings.


  32. "Objection". Americans deserving this President are happy like children on Xmas day full of ideal snow and presents. These Americans, like the President, don't think there's anybody else in the Land. Although they might see "alien", unhappy or angry people, they're like French queen Marie-Antoinette who said "If they've got no bread, let them eat brioche". And they're extra lucky: they won't end up guillotined. All's well that ends well. Long live the Republic(ans)

  33. trump is getting impeached and rightfully so. trump should be jailed for his real time threats to Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. trump is a clear and present danger to our country and our national security….Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump and the cowardly gop thugs! fox news pundits are idiots and dumber then dirt.

  34. Is this lady insane "painting us a picture of corruption"? We can read the transcripts there ARE NO CRIMES, I went to law school, normally time courts do not allow "hearsay evidence" not that it would matter nothing was damaging, but in an actual court, none of this would be allowed my gosh get real people, this is a pathetic waste of tax payers money no more. One of the democrat congressman actually tried to claim "hearsay evidence" CAN BE THE BEST EVIDENCE" that is the most ridiculous statement I have heard in quite some time.

  35. Investigating corruption is a crime. Even when the target goes on t.v. and boasts about it. The moment will come when it's time to put the communists down for good.

  36. Whining? That's what the anti American anti God Baby Killing DemoKKKrats have did since the Honorable Donald J. Trump won.

  37. How low can republicans and their supporters go!!! I'll tell you the truth we haven't seen or nothing Yet! The republican congress are already so low they can sit on a dime and swing their feet!!

  38. That is really strange. Rep. Nunez comparing the room used for depositions as hiding behind closed doors… What dark secrets are on his mind. Maybe he is pleading for an intervention. Would someone help him. No sooner said then done. Here follows Rep. Jordan. Inform Rep. Nunez that medical and recreational marijuana is permitted in Washington DC. He doesn't have too close the door and hide to light-up anymore.

    Shout out to POTUS, wiggle-wiggle-wiggle. Oh, POTUS, "…You are going to go through some things…"


  39. To hell with the Constitution ~ we need to save Trump and the Republican Party

    Protect the Republican party at all cost, not the whistleblowers or witnesses

    Holding President Trump accountable for his violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause.

    The Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution prohibits the President from accepting any benefits from foreign countries unless he first obtains the consent of Congress. President Trump has never sought or received such consent.

    The Founders adopted the Foreign Emoluments Clause because they believed America would be harmed if federal officeholders, including the President, made policy decisions based on their own self-interest rather than the national interest.

    When asked: what happened to the Republican party

    Retired Republican John Boehner who served as the 53rd speaker of the United States house of Representatives from 2011 to 2015 replied, "There is no Republican party, there's a Trump party, the Republican party is kinda taking a nap somewhere"…

  40. Those are the people republicans voted for. It’s fine to be conservative; but doing the right thing is not the republican way right now.

  41. Mr Nunes, it isn't a 'show trial'. It isn't a trial at all, you sycophantic liar. It is an investigation into whether there is evidence that the POTUS violated the law and his oath of office. Testimony thus far shows that he did both.

  42. W..T..F…has Drump got on all these Republican Senators? He must have something really juicy, OR, he's paying them large sums of money. Maybe someone should check the bank accounts of these phonies who have their heads so far up Drumps arse, I'm surprised he can still sit down.

  43. I wish as Americans we read more. I can’t help but think back to Lippman and Bernays. This is all propaganda, CNN, Fox… it’s just two sides of the same coin. We think we’re the opposition when we take a side, but it’s just the distraction game. Trumps corrupt. Yep. But if you think that’s corruptions end, and you’ve seen Biden’s video checked out Hunters Cush gig, Reviewed Pelosi’s or McConnels net worth after a LIFETIME in public service you have to be daft to think this discussion matters. This is the security state at work. If Bernie is elected he’ll face the same push back if he has the courage to actually push against the Real Machine. This is but a prelude of what’s to come… when we believe all of this, we really do deserve the government we have.

  44. Офтоп. Ось кому допомогають США, Європа, Росія! Ахметова треба на електричний стілець кинути!
    "Ринат Ахметов. Забытая биография олигарха"

  45. Офтоп. Ось кому допомогають США, Європа, Росія! Ахметова треба на електричний стілець кинути!
    "Ринат Ахметов. Забытая биография олигарха"

  46. So defending the American constitution, American democracy, the American Presidency, the American political system and the American way of life is whining??????? Then we need MORE of it.

  47. Republicans used to brag being the party of Reagan now they’ll never escape being the party of the conman, the party of fools

  48. I wonder if Trump realises that eaven if he dosent get impeached, when he leaves office in one year or 5 he is almost certainly going to prison.

  49. Prefect call – with a transcript to go with it. Nothing else matters – non of the “credible” witness never spoke to Trump and was NOT on the call 😭😭😭😭 he said she sad he said she said she said 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    CNN is pissed the hearing is not going well for them 🤦🏽‍♀️

  50. Another criminal in Ukraine who work for Russia too. Why USA, Europe, Russia support them and do not want to arrest?
    "Юлия Тимошенко – неофициальная биография. Путь к вершине власти"

  51. 3:03 weell you get what you elect i guess … maybe its about time you stopped half arseing it and actually stepped up and took part…

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