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100 thoughts on “Schiff releases procedures for public impeachment hearings

  1. Adam Schitt releases "procedures" for impeachment (COUP) hearings. Demonrats are today's horrifyingly scary clowns that your children should all be scared of. The lynching continues. Good thing President Trump has a strong neck.

  2. The Schiff Sham. As a Californian, I am very ashamed of the fact that our state has been taken over by these radical Leftists by open borders, Sanctuary Cities, welfare for votes, ballot harvesting, bad voter lists, and numerous other 'shifty' tricks the Left uses. I hope the Republicans will walk out the first day in protest of not allowing their requested witnesses to appear and show what a Schiff Sham this is.

  3. So going forward ANYBODY can claim a whistleblower said this or that and they never have to show they exist,,ya mean the Crap they do in the street and burbs nowadays

  4. Intelligence and Schiff should not be related in the same sentence. How do these people get in office? Nevermind, it's California, that place south of my state of Oregon which is turning into the same.

  5. This is silly…. they already reviewed all the transcripts multiple times and found nothing. So how exactly is making this official going to do anything?

  6. Creepy F-ing liar – He’s handcrafted this whole thing and wishes to control every aspect .
    Schiff – get a job buddy – I mean like roll up your sleeves and break a sweat like an American , maybe emptying septic tanks considering how deep in s _ _ _ you are .

  7. And maybe it didn't ?? …….I'm so sick of the constant lies ( where's the Fukn IG Report) American citizens are at each other's throats over this 3+ years of BS Hoaxes, and the Democrats just keep soldiering on, with no fear
    Why is this attack on the President not illegal , and the constant lies from the media , not election meddling or interference, it's being done to help the impeachment and drive his numbers down ( NOT HAPPENING SUKRS !!!💥🍿💥

  8. With all these crazy attacks going on, let's all pray for our president for tomorrow. Let's pray for the future of our country.

  9. There never was a whistleblower!!! This Adam Schiff will go down in history as a hero to China and Russia, but hated and despise by The United States…

  10. I still believe there is no real whistle blower. I think it’s just Schiff and his imagination. Kind of like when he said he had the information to impeach Trump over the Muller/Russian report.

  11. The defense of trump is becoming increasingly indefensible and the obsequious republicans better snap out of it. Trump is going down and he’s going down hard. Visions of Mussolini hanging from telephone wires?

  12. 😳😳😳 WoW!! The partisan democrats are not even trying to give an appearance of due process…. this is just so revealing.

  13. Everyone in America should call Schiff's multiple offices in California and DC and offer prayers or just tell his staff you hope he seeks professional mental health. I called his Burbank office and they found my offering to send him to a psychiatrist amusing.

  14. Schiff is nothing more than a bully on the playground – he's a unique individual for sure, perhaps a jar of formaldehyde would preserve that state. It's funny how official Schiff is trying to make this when all Democrats voted for it and all Republicans plus two Democrats voted against it.

  15. This sob has dug a massive hole for himself, along with "all" involved in this on going coup d'etat. Hope all are made an example of.

  16. Schiff's procedures…
    "I make all the rules"…
    "I ask the questions"…
    "I can prevent testimony as I please"…
    "Don't ask, don't tell, don't LAUGH!"🤣

  17. Popeye still throwing his weight around. Too late to shut the stable door as the horse has well and truly bolted. How long before this little bastard is locked away and we can get on with the nitty gritty running of policies that matter. Meanwhile the president gets on with business that matters for the people.

  18. So if the serviceman was so complimentary why did faux news drag him through the mud a couple of weeks ago, they even questioned his loyalty to the United Snakes even tho non of his accusers has ever served in the armed forces

  19. Heads up !
    So ! Leftist Fox has blocked Republicans from commenting on their live chat stream of the Democrat Communist Coup overthrow Impeachment hearings. Way to go Communist leaning free speech killing FOX TRAITORS. Commy Juans of FOX win again ! Time to MASS EXIT FOX WHO THINKS THEY ARE THE OWNERS OF CONSERVATIVE SPEECH ! DISCUSTING ! Fox10 has free speech inabled chat. Forget main fox ..

  20. 👀 Hello… I'm Adam Schiff I'll be your host for the new reality TV show Impeachment 2020. Watch mind boggling questions and bizarre answers starting Nov,13 📺

  21. It will be interesting to see how Republicans assert obvious defenses like how Obama abridged Donald Trump's 4th amendment rights and the application of the tu Quoque doctrine that after World War 2 allowed Allied airmen and submariners to avoid prosecution for acts also done by Axis airmen and submariners.

  22. So we can accuse anyone of anything, have no proof, and remain unknown. Democratic party isn't so democratic are they. I say flush the party and start over again with a two party system. Republicans and independents.

  23. "PUBLIC HEARINGS" is a misnomer. This is a one sided and so far non evidentiary circus. I want it in black and white. They can't hack-text or email?….oh please… Lol. Amb. Taylor isn't there to "take sides" ? How irresponsible…he left when…2009?

  24. Thanks to Gutfeld, all I can do is laugh when I see this asshole's face. The guy, whose name I can't remember, that plays Schiff in the skits on Gutfeld's show is freaking hilarious.

  25. They wanted to go public so the corrupt politicians can grand stand . Certain Republicans look so bad. The strategy backfired. Stupid transcripts. No one cares.

  26. So trump accused of working with Russia millions spent on investigating found nothing so after all that drama for the last 3 yrs you think trump asked Ukraine for help to win again your mad to think this is true wake up trump is the good guy here

  27. Shifty schiff when we get done impeaching Donald Trump we start on impeachment of Pence so Pelosi can be POTUS because that is how we feel the people should have voted.

  28. I already didn't vote for Dems but after these past couple years, I am definitely not voting Republican either. There's nothing left in this party that I like. They've completely sold out and are acting like children. It's all talking points and cowardly games now. Trump has revealed the true face of the GOP.

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