Rep on NYT report If true, it’s concerning CNN

Rep  on NYT report  If true, it’s concerning   CNN

the president in June when Muller said he wanted to look at obstruction he had lawyers start looking into Mahler and coming up with at least three different reasons to disqualify him reasons that did not exist when Muller was appointed and he was celebrated by all of you as a great choice not all of you but most of you Jim Jordan some others they had problems with mower but most of you celebrated the choice if this is true what happened here and but for Don McGann he would have moved on Bob Muller what do you make of that well look once again if this is true and you’re right there are sources you say for sources I haven’t a chance to read their part and it’s uncomfortable for me Chris to comfortable for me to congressman this is very waiting stuff that we’re talking about but both of us want to gather more information but as I understand it is for but they’re anonymous sources once again two to one newspaper and look we just have to be gun-shy and I’m not saying that look it discounted it doesn’t matter I’m not saying that at all I’m just if it’s true let’s take a breath and I’ll get to that let’s take a breath let’s be careful what we say and I’m trying to do that if it’s true it would be concerning to me but I also show well but it would also show that the process worked that the people in the organization around the president did what they needed to do and that the outcome was actually the right outcome and that was mr. Muller wasn’t fired maybe the president in a you know maybe he was angry maybe he was frustrated maybe for a moment he suggested this we just don’t know if he did his instincts were wrong but the people around him protected from those instincts and once again we ought with the investigation went forward as it should and and I think he say what the process served the president

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