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100 thoughts on “Rep. Collins’ warning to House Dems leading impeachment inquiry

  1. Substance Question??? The only president who arrested serial pedophile rapist .. Where is your outrage why didn’t any other administration arrested that monster ?

  2. Kangaroo Court and the Ingrate Bair knows it full well! One thing for DEMS to be liars, but it is egregious when the Media solidifies the DEMS unconstitutional! Despicable!

  3. Why didn't the democrats campaign in 2016 on Impeachment of anyone who might dare to beat them. Then, at least they'd be able to say they are sticking to campaign promises.

  4. Liars and thieves… pigolosi said no one comes in to office to impeach a president you compulsive liar! That’s all your crap party has been yelling since Trump was elected! Especially crazy Maxine everyday for the last 3years! Time to ARREST ALL OF THESE TRAITORS! Send in the military drag them out in handcuffs and trail them for treason against the United States of America and the We the People! Enough is Enough!

  5. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Brennen, Clapper, Omar, Tlaib and the rest have all been breaking laws and rules and neglecting their districts to pursue Pres. TRUMP'S downfall. All dems at this point have to be abolished immediately for the sake of the nation and our freedoms

  6. Even if she is pandering to the American people, like he said, Then why isn’t he seeing that all they are doing is pandering to the president. I’d rather have people pandering to us. But that’s not what she’s doing.

  7. They are only doing this because they can’t win in a fair election. This is another Russia sham that they will drag out, instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do. Hold them accountable for this farce. Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler have wanted to impeach him since before he was elected. This is a disgrace.

  8. This is a North Korean style trial the British liberal at their best the swamp is overflowing now it smells like s*** Trump2020🇺🇸🙏😎 Trump card always wins

  9. Unfortunately Mr. Collins, you Republicans sat back and let this evolve into what it is today. You had control of House AND Senate while they made impeachment accusations 19 days after Trump took the Whitehouse. They sat on their hands. House approved the rules they will use now. It's unfortunate, but spineless Republicans have to take part of the blame for these kangaroo court Stalinist tactics.

  10. Unbelievable that the POTUS is afforded no due process rights for this impeachment sham where illegal aliens enjoy due process as they illegally enter our country, lie about asylum claims and help themselves to government (taxpayer) handouts. This is all the Dem’s latest hoax. This one will blow up in their faces too. God Bless President Trump.

  11. If the Democrats are not playing by the rules why should the Republicans just ignore him what they say doesn't make a s*** anyway they lie they cheat if they're not going to play by the rules why should you

  12. What crime has the president commited???? The democ-rats are yet to even attempt to articulate that. High crimes and misdemeanors…. What are they????

  13. Am I right when I say that the House will vote to impeach and then when it goes to the Senate it will be shot down…meaning this is going nowhere and will only make the Trump train even stronger!

  14. Botox Betty is a senile ding bat with severe TDS. She is an embarrassment to this nation. As my teenage son asked, how can she be speaker of the house when she can barely speak…

  15. The only reason he wants to see the transcript too so he can leak it out to Trump's defense team. Republicans made the closed hearing rules and now they don't like them

  16. There is definitely quid pro quo… among Democrats. Ever since the 2018 elections the new guard of the Democratic party has only been after the impeachment of our duly elected president. First it was an attack on the electoral college, then the Russia hoax, now Ukraine. The "squad" and their ilk will only move on after a vote to impeach. Meanwhile, the country must wait for these traitors to our country to get any work done, while holding the needs of the American people hostage. A far worse act than the president is even accused of commiting.

  17. All you whining snowflakes need to get over the fact that y'all lost the election. Going to be really bad for all of y'all when he is voted back in in 2020 😭😭😭😭 don't know how y'all are going to survive lol

  18. This impeachment bs will be over when all those dems are voted out of office. They are fooling themselves. God has the pres. Back. You can not beat God. God has already taken out cummins

  19. Hillary Clinton is not the President. Barack Obama in not the President. They do not need to be included in our analysis because they are not in power. Comrade Bonespurs is our focus because he is undermining as much American precedent as he can in the shortest amount of time per orders from his boss, our defacto president V. Putin. Goons of Putin (GOP) have brought us this mess and they have no idea how to deal with it. I do. Goons of Putin got to go 11/3/2020 We the people make it so.

  20. I think what needs to happen is that the members of Congress who are pulling all of this closed door nonsense and who "think" that they can get away with "anything" that "they" want to do; need to be physically removed, put in jail and tried for treason. We NEED to make a move to STOP this nonsense.

  21. America should have learned when she said you have to pass the bill to see the obscene blank corrupt check and civil violations in the bill to discover them.They belong in jail for Obamacare deceptions, that (no consequences) green lighted this iteration?

    Not to mention her son may have been wrapped up in the scandal involving a billionaire (not just Biden's son) who Vice President Biden used extortion to halt the justice system of a foreign country, Ukraine?

    Then they had the gall to ask Ukrainians to frame President Trump? Palm face 25 mil payment to Clinton Foundation, wiki leaks Chapello, Charmelli, dossier, Fusion GPS, stampede of Ukranians to Russia, abandoned properties, fracking?

    Where do you see the name Donald Trump? I can not believe this insurrectous treason by Democrats to invalidate an election because they can not compete, Donald Trump has too much talent?


  23. The Democrats want to cover up their crimes. They don't give a crap about what the facts are. They r making it up as they go. Our founding fathers r turning over in their graves. This is a disgrace. This has nothing to do about our constitutional republic. This is soviet style communism.

  24. How is it fair you and the rest of the Liars of the GOP cry like little bitches ! quit your crying do your job and impeach the crook you have been covering for ! and stop protecting you party and start protecting the Constitution ! little nose picker ! TRUMP IS A CROOK YOU KNOW IT ! shut the hell up and do your job !!!!!! stop your spinning and smoke screens and serve your country or get the hell out ! or we the people will put you out !

  25. Kinda hard to have an argument over substance when the democrats are hiding the substance of their secret heartings. Don't cha think? And that is quite by design.

  26. What mr. Trump is guilty of ,is exposing the democrats uselessness, exposing them for doing nothing for our country. They have turned into a hateful “cult”. They are so intent on ousting our president, they refuse to see that we are doing better all around., in spite of their actions. President Trump is not a politician. He’s a very smart and savvy businessman, and , guess what, he’s just what our country needs. I, for one truly believe this.

  27. No one comes to Congress to impeach the president? That's literally all they've done. What a waste. And then lie on top of that.

  28. This is really a secret coup disguised as an impeachment farce and everyone whose awake knows this……three years good these idiots are setting a very dangerous precedent indeedy!!!

  29. No the democrats don't go to Congress to impeach, it's for their corrupt asses to get rich committing crimes against the country……someday they will be held accountable, oh yes it's coming soon enough!!!!!!!


  31. I thought it was herr flick from allo allo. Is he trying to create the world record of telling most lies within a minute😂😂😂

  32. Why not have the House Sergeant at arms enforce the access, Republicans are so weak minded it always makes me livid, they just cry to the voters, so disingenuous, go rogue and get something done ….

  33. hell congress already has rule for impeach but now the democrats want to change the rules to suit the democrats the same rules apply with the Clinton and Nixon still apply to all impeachments in the us

  34. The desperation of Demonrats is an embarrassment of monumental levels. MAGA2020 The only good thing that can come from Demonrats involved in this witch hunt is a resignation from their laughable description of public service to this nation.

  35. Collins: I don’t know about anyone else, but I did not see a public hearing on TV today? Trump needs to hold a speech in the oval office explaining everything that is going on in language that the people can understand. He should have that script prepared and he must stick by it 100% outlining the pros and the cons of this coup! Also, when Pelosi spoke and someone hung up her prop, the American flag, actually made me ill!

  36. In addition, the name of the whistleblower has already been brought out in the media, and you can find it on Facebook. Just search “whistleblower”. His initials are E.C.!

  37. The Democrats are Anti-American, Anti-Costitution, Law Breaking Socialist/Communist Criminals. None of these Democrats are following their oaths of office nor are they upholding our Constitution and our Laws. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and every other Democrat involved in these Secret, One-Sided, and endless witch hunt trying to impeach President Trump who has not committed any impeachable offenses at all. But many Democrats have and still are committing impeachable and treasonous offenses and they all need to be removed ASAP for a Vote of No Confidence because they have sold out the United States and American's in favor of our enemies and in favor of law breaking criminals.

  38. This argument is so freaking moot! Why are we still doing things like it’s the 1800s? If the American ppl can vote a President in, then why the hell can we not just all go to the polls and vote a President out (minus the asinine electoral college)? Let Congress make their decision and if they Impeach, then the entire country gets to go to the polls and vote for or against removal and each senator votes the way of the majority in their individual district. Republicans should love this because it gives these morally corrupt people 100% political cover since that’s all they really care about anyway in that they get to say they voted the way of their constituency. The most common sense solution is the only one that doesn’t even get considered, right?

  39. It boggles my mind that Republicans have apparently have NO idea what our Constution says, or the difference between an investigation and a "trial".

  40. All you trump supporters – being a clueless dupe in 2016 is one thing – supporting trump now is aiding and abetting treason.

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