Rejected exam questions | Mock The Week – BBC

Rejected exam questions | Mock The Week – BBC

Rejected exam questions. History of modern art question 1: What the fuck is that meant to be? No deal Brexit technology: Using only a battery and dead rat create a solar panel to heat your last tin of beans. If you have two lines of equal length, how
long is it until you can run for prime minister? If Suzie has three apples and two bananas, what is the probability she’s already told you about her new plant based diet? Draw a perfect sphere. You may use a protractor and Dara O’Briains head as a guide. Political science. Boris Johnson is set to become the next prime minister of Great Britain. Please explain how without using the term “clusterfuck” If Mary has 6 apples, Thomas has 4 apples and Gavin has a knife. Who has the apples? Solve X and Y by asking my ex why?! Animal husbandry question 1: Do you take this
sheep to be your lawful wedded husband? A-level statistics question 1: what percentage
of you lot are virgins? If a milkshake is travelling towards a fascist
at 30mph, how funny is that? Metal work: Fashion a toast rack. Heavy metal work: make a double album about your love of satan. Without using the letter C. Spell Jeremy Hunt. Chemistry… Do we have it? because I just
feel like there’s a bit of a thing between us. Panel show host qualification exam: Can you work a poxy buzzer? Who knew? If a boy is bullied in school for 8 hours
a day and he has to use comedy as a defence mechanism. Who’s the real loser now Neil Johnson?

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100 thoughts on “Rejected exam questions | Mock The Week – BBC

  1. Nigel Farage is a fascist? Oh. But Muslims aren’t. Got it. This is why the British aren’t even going to exist anymore.

  2. These questions are such bull.
    How would a battery help make you a solar panel?
    How to you draw a sphere on a piece of paper?

    Boy, I hope someone got fired for those blunders.

  3. I have an exam question: If a comedian labels someone a fascist for opposing a violent religious ideology, how doomed is humanity? Used to enjoy MTW before it became so liberal, big rip 🙁

  4. Since when has this show been such a conduit for left wing extremism. The promotion of political violence is never acceptable.

  5. Go anti brexit and anti tory and alienate half of your viewers. Now I remember why I don't watch the BBC anymore.

  6. "If a milkshake is travelling towards a fascist…"

    Don't think people actually know what a fascist is anymore.

  7. If you have a cup of battery acid flying at 30 miles an hour towards an idiot on a comedy show how funny is that

  8. Them: “how long until she tells you about her new plant based diet?? HAHAHA”

    Me: our planet is dying

  9. TV-hosts – Question 1 – Since Jeremey Kyle made his guest to commit suicide – Now new epiodes on Netflix

  10. Mathematics: If X equals 12, Y equals 6 and Z equals 24, what are the odds of you ever using this in your pissing adult life?

  11. Oohh… I thought something was odd. He cut his hair! It's less funny now, but more attractive. Did he get a gf or something?

  12. Problem solving: Question: If the BBC staff has brains, Why does this crap exist and how long did it take these people to get this UNFUNNY?

  13. If there 365 days in a year, how many years would it take for the National Football League to realize it’s not about the patriots.

  14. Newly proposed SAT questions:
    How many ounces of caviar fit on one artisinal cracker?
    What is a good ratio of paté to baguette?
    How much money is enough money to bribe an ivy league school admissions board? One or two times your weekly allowance?

  15. If jane is 30 years old, married, and has two children,…
    how old were you when you realized you should've married her ?

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