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100 thoughts on “President Trump Statement on Senate Acquittal

  1. I love and honour this man. It is an utter disgrace what he and his family has been put through. I cannot wait until President Trump is re-elected – I will celebrate. I believe God's hand is on this man to an exceptional degree.

  2. He's fucking guilty and is a travesty for this country. He will always be impeached. It's a stain on his black heart.

  3. He’s waiting for the sun to get in position so that when he walks through the door he is backlit in solar splendour, Akin to an Alien space ship or the ‘second coming!’🧖‍♂️
    Gosh I’m holding my breath!
    Awww, doesn’t he look small and insignificant without the sun. Shhhh he’s about to speak. I think. Oh no-oo-o!
    Same old bitching and mentioning Obama his nemesis!
    Ohh you are so clever, so wonderful but totally delusional, in need of help by professionals.
    I thank god I no longer have to suffer him.

  4. The democRATS exposed themselves as the scum they are. Look at their cities…homeless, drugs, corruption… that's what the democRATS and their followers bring to the table.

  5. Acquitted without a trial. Abuse of majority, disrespect to the oath they took, plain, disgraceful collusion. Everyone in the loop acquitted themselves. This is autocracy taking over democracy. So shameful

  6. To all you idiots that wanted Trump acquitted ,We won 🤣😂😂😂 Trump is still your president and with be for another 4 years ❤️❤️❤️ your welcome 😘

  7. Thank you, Mr. Impeached forever, President Daffy Duck Donald "Jerk-off" Trump, for the political hit list for the next election. Now we all know who to target in their next elections!!

  8. Republicans approved of a president bribing a foreign government with tax payer money to help cheat at an upcoming election by announcing a phoney investigation into a political opponent. And these unamerican Trump supporters cheer it on. Never take them seriously when they clutch pearls and announce their fake investigations into the next democratic president.

  9. Trump is a disgrace to our country. If he is lucky. He might make it 9 More months Adam Schiff will block him on doing things. Trump will catch more hell now. Just wait and c. Pay back is coming to Trump none of these rep.dont care about our country. Trump pay back is coming ur way. Soon.

  10. Been listening to C SPAN listeners from around the country here. Many a Democrats are fed up of political bs from the Dem politicians. With that being said, many comments below do not reflect the "walk away" movement.

  11. Corporations shouldn’t have the same rights as people, money in politics is a disaster now. And our entire government eats the shit out of the 1%’s anal cavity.

  12. stock market is for the rich and the rich put their money in and take it out at will …..WE know Moscow Mitch runs the Government and DRUMPF just proved it so …REMOVE TURTLE MAN

  13. You are doing an amazing job Mr. President. Thank you. I’m so sorry for what they have put you and your family through. For what they put all of us through. Here is to another amazing 4 years hopefully without the bullshit.

  14. Thank you Pat and Jay. I learned a lot from you Pat. And Jay I loved how you discredited the whole thing in the first two hours of defense using their own witness testimonies. That was beautiful.

  15. Repeating sentences, painting everyone who came forward as leakers and liars, and just his usual, terrible presentation. Watched 1 minute and shut it off. Can't stand him.

  16. We should bless our lucky stars Donald J Trump is OUR President. President Trump and his beautiful family has endured so much abuse–more than anyone can ever take. But OUR President stays strong and continues to fight for US and work for US everyday! Thank you for loving our country and saving our Republic! Trump 2020!

  17. This entire speech leaves everyone thinking Trump knows there's another shoe to drop all the evidence hasn't been revealed and who knows it's coming he didn't act like he was an exaggerated innocent person that's because he can't act like an innocent person

  18. Based. Haven't seen this kind of energy and momentum since 2016. "Campaign mode" Trump is back, and (hopefully) here to stay for another 4 years.

  19. It is clear that the hand of providence is upon Donald J. Trump, He was born for this and it is in his name for he has Trumped all the satanic forces that have come against him and will continue to do so for as long as God ordains.

    One Nation under God and we are going to keep it that way.


  20. What a fucking idiot "Dump " trump is.The least presidential president we've ever had in the White House. What a disgrace.

  21. Your comprehension must be at an all time low if you can't understand that his call to Ukraine was intended to pressure president Z to investigate a political opponent before they would get the military aid than your just a follower and not a leader just like the rest of trump's clan.Considering all the stuff giuliani was doing in Ukraine come on use the space between your ears.Even my 11yr old daughter understands these things.

  22. This is Trump at his best. No script. Just off the cuff. This is why he will win again and liberals are going to explode…

  23. Praise the God of Israel for protecting Honourable President Trump from the all the alligations against him.. Thank U Jesus..

    Lord Jesus, show ur ways and make the President walk in the word of the Lord..

    We in India are keeping President Trump in prayers..

  24. Pelosi needs removed from head speaker position immediatly. Such disrespect the way she handled herself in that position during the state of union. Immediate removal is what needs to happen once u get ride of the bad apples the white house high school bull will stop. Pelosi needs fired

  25. It's the same in the UK. The Left have somehow maneuvered the system so that they not only get to be arbitrary prosecutors in all things politic, they also get to sit on the jury.??
    How did we let That happen??

  26. Congratulations, to the best President of our technological and socially dysfunctional times. We as Americans (black Americans and not African-Americans), also stand strong with the Honorable, President and Commander-in-Chief. It is time to add a bit more color, to this room of intelligent politicians and lawyers, because the net time they (Democrats) attempt to impeach our President, it will be about culture and the DON must begin to both learn and understand, the difference between the two cultural mindsets.
    Black support for "America First" principles are what we have sought since the Spanish landed upon "our" Turtle Creek. Damn reparations, a seat at the table is what we seek; thus, removing us from America's menu.
    Trump is the one (the messenger), with the courage, spunk and grit, to save this nation from itself. Nuff said "MAGA."

  27. Sycophants. Everyone sitting in front of this unstable madman. This was the real State of the Union address. The Republic is dead, and its dictator is insane.

  28. 40:17 Ivanka does make a fortune. Tens of millions each year. And that IS corruption. And trump charges the Secret Service $650 per night per room almost every weekend. That too, is corruption.
    "Trump has spent roughly a third of his presidency staying at his own properties, and all the nights there start to add up to a steady stream of cash coming in, from captive buyers. Just how much is unclear, though, because neither the Trump Organization nor the government will tell." – Republican David Graham

  29. When he gave Bar that look & Bar responded with a smile, I think Durham has something damaging 😩😩 I’m anxious to find out

  30. It is great to see Trump thanking all those who supported him. We do have one great president, the best in the last 50+ years!

  31. The so called adults in the room have now given the thin skinned child bully a free reign to do whatever madness is to come. They can no longer wash their hands and say in the future we didn't think he would do that. Repulican Senate's are now fully Responsible for ripping America apart and have only themselves to blame when the tide changes against them and their future carriers. From now on There will be no requirement for a Democratic President to have to justifie anything he does to Republicans, as history will show them to be the cowards and deniers of fact they truely are….shame on them for not allowing evidence in Trumps impeachment. Can you imagine a court of law not allowing any witnesses, the country would rightly be in uproar.

  32. Money can buy ANYTHING these days, even ACQUITTAL'S , and I didn't even KNOW they sold those. I'm SURE they are expensive, I certainly COULDN'T afford one, if I wanted to.

  33. Yes, you are incompetent. You are incapable of being the president of the United States you don't see when you do something wrong. Like you said you do things wrong not purposefully. So another words you don't know right from wrong. Get out of the office fool.

  34. Your a dummy
    your IMPEACHED FOREVER!! You knew very damn well that YOUR senators were not going to kick you out of office. You're Republican s Boot Lickers. All them sorry soulless Senators. This is the only job they can get. They'd rather televised there. obliterated Dignity for their jobs, who knows how far they'll go to keep their seats
    I can't believe they sit there for more than an hour to listen to that shit. But then again What do they really do in their jobs? All they need is some coffee and donuts at that so called celebration. What a sorry celebration. Hes so cheap he doesnt even have a spread for his a**lickers. Why does he think he can disrupt everyones day to listen to his bullshit

  35. —- > … There wasn't the required 67 vote but at least 51 Senators believed Trump was guilty, including 4 Republicans: Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Marco Rubio, and MItt Romney.
    …. According to reliable polls 75% of all Americans wanted additional documents and witnesses. 52% of Americans wanted Trump removed.

  36. WOTL 2-7-29 U.S. Congress

    Was directed to read Isaiah 42 then heard this…

    "To those who have decided to come against me by coming against my anointed. (Romans 8)

    I have unleashed my servant on you. I have directed him to wipe you out. And he will do as I direct him to so your days are now numbered. (Isaiah 42)

    It's no use trying to run and hide for he will he seek you out the same way an owl seeks out its prey. 

    As an owl sits and waits, watching for the most opportune moment, when it's least expected he swoops in and grabs it.

    In this same fashion you will be removed from your positions on high known as Capitol Hill.

    I warned you this was coming if you refused to repent but you would not listen to me. 

    And because you refuse to listen to me, like Saul I'm sorry I ever put you in those positions. (1 Samuel 15)

    You say when did you ever warn us of this? We heard nothing, we saw nothing, how can you be upset with us if neither of those two criteria were met?

    To that I answer…

    I first tried to speak to your hearts but I found that they were as hard as rocks. (Jeremiah 17)

    Then I tried to warn you through the one I have chosen to intercede on your behalf. I gave him words of warning and directed him to share them with you. (Genesis 18)

    But you refused to listen or look instead you chose to stick your thumbs in your ears, put your fingers over your eyes and shout, We can't hear you! We can't see you!!

    These are not actions of someone who wants to heed warnings. These are actions of someone who wants to continue in their sin.

    You also seem to think I've only just begun to warn you and it's unfair as you haven't been given enough time to repent.

    How much time should I give you? I've been trying to work with you for years and frustrating doesn't even begin to relate what I've had to work with.

    Working with you has been like working with an already fired lump of clay. Instead of a soft pliable piece that can be molded you are nothing but a brick.

    But your worse than that even as a brick can be used to build with. Your nothing but a shard only good to throw on a road to fill a hole.

    And it's because of your hardness that I've had no choice but to abandon and replace you in those seats that you love.

    Oh yes I have seen in your heart's the thing that you desire most. I have seen the gods that you have chosen to worship. (1 Samuel 16)

    Tell me did these gods of mammon, baal, asherah give you what you desired? Or did they cast you aside after you had sex with them?

    Did they fill that hole in your heart or did they only make it bigger? 

    I'm the only one that can fill man's heart with love as I AM the God of Love! (1 John 4)

    But you were never interested in love, you've only been interested in who you could prostitute yourselves with.

    Normally I hear my intercessor calling out to about this time but he's choosing to be quiet now.

    He's deciding not to intercede on your behalf and instead is sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and getting ready for the show.

    And I think I'm going to let him sit back, watch, and enjoy!

    As your decisions over the past several years have also affected him. And although he desires to see all repent and turn towards me, as he's a man after my own heart, he also desires to see justice. (1 Samuel 13)

    So I will not press my spirit on him to intercede for you this time and give you another reprieve. 

    Instead I will allow my servant to do as instructed and shine a spotlight on all your underhanded dealings.

    The same dealings that have cost my children time, money, and let's not forget their own children through war.

    But it doesn't stop there. Your decisions haven't just affected the people of this nation. They've affected countless millions worldwide.

    So I too will sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show that's about to start as I believe my intercessor has the right idea.

    But you who have chosen to come against my anointed. You who have decided not to listen to me. This will not be a vacation for you!

    This will be the end of your so called careers in public service.

    So enjoy the fruits of your labors as each and every sin you have been involved in will now be put on stage for the whole world to see.

    As my servant is coming and he is as fast as the wind is from the west to the east. He will not stop until each and every one of you has been sent packing with your tails between your legs! (Isaiah 59)”

  37. Left wing hypocrites at the US Dept of Hate. Guess what? They hide the passports of humanitarians and missionaries in places like Kenya too. The State Dept is retaliating towards Trump= Obama era holdovers…. retaliating and doing nasty deeds to America's best volunteers 2008-2020. We are eyewitnesses of this public corruption and abuse. Malfeasance. NO SUPRISE THAT NASTY NANCY TORE UP, acting out- breaking Constitution is common for Dem socialist haters of America.

  38. https://youtu.be/hscQXMV3X6g
    Monsieur Trump, voilà ce qui se passe en France 🇫🇷
    I love Donald Trump👍💕❤️🙏

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