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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Post-Impeachment Vendetta | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Ever noticed how Trump trolls stay mostly in the reply part of the comment section. I think it's because they don't really have anything to say except "nyah nyah nyah". They really just enjoy the enmity and antagonism. They don't have anything to say. No arguement. That's why they LOVE Trump. They love the misery he is spreading.

  2. MSNBC is beyond disgraceful. They bring on Andrew Weissmann who is notorious for his prosecutorial misconduct well before and during the Mueller probe, to comment on four prosecutors who also are engaged in ethical misconduct. Their extreme sentencing recommendation reflects their ideological animus towards the defendant. MSNBC overlooks the judge having mishandled the case, including allowing an extremely biased partisan person to be on the jury, despite objections from the defense attorneys, and to be a head juror.
    Five years is more than enough of this partisan extremism by MSNBC and the rest of the controlled socialist media. Their ongoing sedition has nothing to do with their corporate charter as a news organization. Better they should identify themselves as the Propaganda Ministry.

  3. Why pick on cocaine and it's color white powder? We all know a business man gets caught with 24 kilos, he's free from jail out on bail and that's the way it goes. Song says nothing about color of the businessman, policeman, prosecutor or judge.

    What does that have anything to do with insider Bill bar sinister and his orange underdog partner Trump getting one of their already convicted political henchmans sentencing commuted to a high-five and pat on the back for a job well done?

  4. I see the MSNBC crowd is dialing the Trump Derangement Syndrome up to 11.

    Mueller investigation.
    Tax returns.
    Emoluments clause.

    The more they lose the angrier they get.

  5. I see the MSNBC crowd is dialing the Trump Derangement Syndrome up to 11.

    Mueller investigation.
    Tax returns.
    Emoluments clause.

    The more they lose the angrier they get.

  6. Der is gegen illegale Einwanderer. So nenn das unwillige Väter wohl.
    Bei mir ist ein Kind immer ein Wunschkind. 😂💋

  7. Got To Laugh At These Fools…They Will Keep Losing To The President…They Have Not Learned A Thing…Best To Happen To The USA Is Donald J Trump.

  8. This is a well known a-hole who has had numerous cases overturned because of his acts. It's disgusting to think he is still practicing law after what he has done in the past.

  9. Both Democrat and the mainstream media establishments are panic when socialist Bernie Sander won Iowa and New Hampshire . Democrat will change the rules and will do what ever it takes to stop Socialist Bernie Sander to be Democrat nominee. The mainstream media propaganda will create the negative news and attack Bernie Sander like they have been doing to Donald Trump. Let watch it and see.

  10. FOX has this totally spun as it was an unfair, political punishment. One of the jurors is a never Trumper. The Trump cult is sopping it up. I don't get it. It's pretty much the same crap they push for every one of the Trump gang who gets busted.

  11. Barr always doing Trump betting but he don't want Trump to go on national television and shout it out to the people because it is going to look suspicious on Barr behalf and draw the people attention.

  12. We are worse than a Totalitarianism cult. The Law now works for Trump. We are no longer a nation of Laws.The Son of Perdition. He had it all and gave it to Putin . Satan said to Jesus in the third temptation. Kneel and pray before me and I will give you the kingdoms of this World. Jesus replied ." There is only one God and One God alone of whom I will serve, Trump is of out Father The Devil and His will is to do his Fathers Desire.

  13. He is lying. Like he said that's where it starts at.. the state attorney can give somebody 0 days in jail for killing somebody if it benefits them. Stop playing games.

  14. Those same high. Prosecutors Have let plenty of criminals go. Have given criminals immunity to testify so stop acting like they don't do this all the time.

  15. The to-the-core corrupt trumpublican members of congress have assumed the ridiculous position of 'if the accused merely say they didnt do it, thats just enough they need to remain inactive'. We have never seen a completely political party betraying the constitution and the nation!

  16. Tyranny lives on simply because of all the “I need to make a paycheck” sentiments. When principled people become pawns to broken systems, what’s the point? They’re just there because they need to make a paycheck.

  17. How sad and utterly disgusting that one man can do this to everything we are supposed to be, one man bolstered and protected by God knows how many “Americans” called the Republican Party. The dirty play, stop at nothing the Republican Party has been ramping up since Reagan and we now see just how far they all have and will go.
    The Republican Party that is comprised largely by middle class people who don’t seem to believe the basic principles don’t represent or help them! How then can they be so dedicated to a party that has long ago abandoned their own best interests do, vehemently?
    It’s my opinion that many have mistaken the a Republican Party to the the “Christian” party, and so they have been duped. They have mistakenly come to believe the a Republican Party represents conservative values, and so have been duped. When lawyers sworn to uphold the rule of law QUIT in protest to the corruption they WILL NOT be party to says something! These lawyers had the integrity that one, just ONE Senator had the integrity to do. One Senator that had the integrity to stand up FOR his Christian values.
    So we find ourselves here, I implore these average American Republicans to privately reexamine what the party they are pledged to has become and stand up for their own Christian values by voting NO MORE. The only way to stop the inner corruption is from with in.
    They need to align themselves with every other average American and stand up for AMERICAN values. At the very least show THEIR Christian values as opposed to allowing those within that have corrupted the Republican Party to keep on corrupting.

  18. Barr verbal diahorrea about not being Trumps bulldog. BS he just sent a coded message to Trump to STFU with the tweets it's making it hard for me to cover up your corruption.

  19. Barr hasn't even remotely proven to have a single shred of decency and has completely destroyed the credibility of The DOJ just like Drumpf and his horrifically corrupt sham acquittal trial approving ilk!

    These are the same lowlives who claimed that they saw no wrong doing in the vicious choking death of Eric Garner and These same lowlives who were all howling like sick dogs when President Obama even remotely mentioned interveining in The Department of Justice!

    Drumpf, Barr, Pompeo, McConnell, Graham and the rest of those heinous criminals desperately need to be completely removed from self-service for totally unparalleled abuse of power!

  20. None of Trumps’s behavior should surprise anyone, whatsoever, anymore….what is surprising is the multitude of relatively normal people who support, enable, glorify or fear him….I really feel sorry for your country….It’s a mess and it’s just going to get a whole lot worse.

  21. I hope all the republicans that voted to acquit pay the price with their jobs 🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

  22. Anything with Weismann is toal bullsht. Fact is transfer anything like to this under the Obama administration, it would be a NON-STORY. The only reason its a story is because its under trump

  23. Imagine a mass — or even a modest — protest, with federal prosecutors resigning; trump would love having the ability to see a whole new group of prosecutors appointed to replace them who would play along with his interference.

  24. Hope Hicks is not very smart. She escaped the first battle, so now she feels safe, but a lot of people are going to jail when Trump is over.

  25. I hope he and the Republicans having voted against his impeachment get severely punished and persecuted once his presidentship ends. Seriously, anyone voting for Republicans in the next election would make himself as guilty.

  26. This is sooooooo entertaining. Reality television at its best.
    What I don't understand is why ANYONE is surprised by this f**kwad joker's behaviour.
    Oh CANADA!!! I'm glad I'm part of thee!!!

  27. Isn't it the job of the defence team to point out the mitigating circumstances and not the prosecution team. But Barr thought this out before the infamous tweet from his Dear Leader and wanted to reduce the sentencing guide line for some other reason. Maybe Roger "The Albino Hitman" Stone is all of a sudden a great guy..

  28. Maybe those voices who called for organized rebellion 3 years ago were really right because if trump sticks to form he may denounce the election results and declare martial law and just laugh when Dems run to the courts about martial law with troops in the streets. Will the generals follow those orders? We are in a world of shxx…

  29. Lying, trying to reframe. The guidelines are up to 30 years. 7 to 9 were the recommendations of the prosecutors for this specific case

  30. The people have the power to vote this bully ( Donald Trump ) out of office in Novembet. World Leaders think Donald Trump is a joke and they know he is an ignoramus, and Semi-Literate.

  31. If you impeach trump, I will send HIV positive child molesters and crackheads from Florida like the ones we sent to Utah and killed wittny Houston and her daughter.

  32. The acts of the resigning Prosecutors are laudible. Maybe they wanted to save the DOJ from becoming a Department of JOKES. Moral guys.

  33. The person they least expected turned this country into a cesspool of corruption & divisive supremacist ideology. All this because his predecessors under-served America so the country had no other option than to 'roll the dice'.

  34. Whether Mr. Stone's sentenced 7-9 years in prison or two months it does not bother me at all as long as he is convicted so he won't be able to spread his leg for Trump and he can never be able to vote or working as government mob corruption anymore.

  35. News presenters who aren't sucking up to Trump should be thinking of escaping to another country soon too… dictatorships are never kind to these people.

  36. How silly that they have to interview Bannon to "discover" that Treasonous Trump feels unbounded. A 10 year old would know that! BUT what are we DOING about Trump's Lawlessness? ???

  37. What did everyone think would haen? POTUS committed treason as well as other shameful betrayals of his oath to God to faithfully.protect our constitution and was aquitted of them all. Trump now has a clear path to be another Baby Doc in Haiti, president for life. Time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their nation & depose this petty king before he uses "his military" on us to stay in power. A year or four from now this man will be our destruction if we don't find the courage that made our country the greatest ever on Earth. Let freedom ring sheeple and God bless America?

  38. Trump has'nt done ANYTHING WRONG! Is MSNBC and its viewers of human garbage stupid or in total denial of real facts? Hussein B. Obama was according to you guys the greatest president of all time, right? Yet he acted the same in some cases and totally criminal in others. His vice president was crooked and threatened other countries to get his son millions of dollars. Hussein and Biden are criminals who should be rotten in a jailcell!!!

  39. I'd like you to fire all the deep state swamp creatures, or let them resign and fire themselves. Obama's lackies. good riddance.

  40. It's TRULY AMAZING that NOT ONCE during this report do they tell the COMPLETE story, which is the TIMELINE OF EVENTS. It's crucial to tell the ENTIRE version of events if you have a modicum of interest in ACCURATE & HONEST reporting! There's the meeting in Barrs' office with the prosecutors(long before it was neither public knowledge nor known to the POTUS) where they discussed a totally different, lower recommendation. Then there's the AG's time & date stamped letter back to the prosecution over his opinion. In other words, the POTUS had absolutely NOTHING to do with Barrs' or anyone else who's got the slightest bit of common sense, recommendation.

  41. What is blatantly obvious is that if a Democrat president did any of the stunts trump has done, the Republicans' heads would be exploding. But we see that the Republican politicians care nothing about rule of law or the Constitution when they have a rogue criminal Republican in the WH. The hypocracy and hideous partisanship is disgusting and horrendous.

  42. All his friends are leaving soon.Most will be fired.Guess what . Flin will be coming back to town soon. That’s why Barr is looking back at his case. They will make it look like he was not guilty

  43. "Mommy, I'm scared!"

    "Honey, you don't need to be afraid of the shouting orange fat man with the dead golden muskrat on top of his oddly-shaped, old-mushroom-soup-filled baldy bean, just don't say anything that he might not like, and remember to keep your crotch away from his tiny hamds."

  44. You cant remove a president cause you don't like him. .Look beyond this president. His time will come and go. Impeachment being used as a  political weapon is a horrible mistake sure to be abused. . I hope the pandoras box has not been opened..  Look beyond this president

  45. Today Michael Avenati was found guilty on all counts- remember when Nicole had him on everyday and giggled over him like a little teenager? Let him spew all of his lies about how he had the dirt to take Trump down? Lied about Trump, Stormy little Giddy Nicole even thought he should run for President !! Never an apology never an acknowledgement of what she did pathetic

  46. This is a great opportunity for President Rump to carry out mass purges – just like President Erdoğan did after the failed coup in Turkey. Clear out any public officials that are afflicted by ethical considerations.

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