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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump: ‘I Never Asked’ Barr To Hold A Press Conference On His Ukraine Call | MSNBC

  1. IMPEACH him Already!!! – The Entire World Knows he Belongs in Jail!!… Allow him to experience the Essence of "Thanks Giving"!!… in Jail 🙂 🙂

  2. There is what I'd like to believe and the facts. What I know is that the media reported that Trump asked Barr to do a press conference. Trump says it's a lie. How can I verify either position? As long as the media says "this is the truth because I said so" I will be suspicious of both sides.

  3. He just called out Barr as a lapdog!!

    "If I wanted him to he would…That being said, it's 'Fake News'". -Paraphrased

  4. You are such a liar and i hope the next time you lie trump I hope you will fall over dead!!! Your fiction, I wish !!!

  5. Your not covering the black conference trump just had with the black community ? Why ? Bigger fish to fry ? Fake news ! 100 years the democrates have been ruling the black community ! I don't get it ! Why is there a problem ?

  6. I DJT will release my tax returns if elected. My tax reform will cost millionaires and billionaires like myself much more in taxes. The rich should pay more in taxes. I have a great healthcare plan that will cover everyone for far less and everyone will love it. I know more about ISIS than the generals. I will eliminate the federal deficit and federal debt. If you give me $35,000 to attend my worthless Trump University scam you can have your picture taken with me (alternative cardboard Trump).  I didn't defraud my so called charity by using it for legal fees/fines and purchasing expensive vanity portraits of myself. I will be too busy reforming government to play golf. My father was born in Germany. I didn't know about the Stormy Daniels payoff. I said I don't know why Russia would when I meant I didn't know why they would not. I don't know any of these people. On and on with the lies. So who believes the Big Orange Lying Wonder. In the pattern of Satan the great deceiver Dirty Don lies by first nature and instructs his subordinates to lie for him.. I never asked Barr to hold a press conference on the Ukraine call. Of course you did sir because you said you didn't. The great liar and chief or chief liar.

  7. Everyone watch the movie called Laundromat on Netflix. And we work hard AND PAY TAXES EFF THAT. Meryl Streep , Antonio Banderas .Excellent Ending she’s definitely on the same page as we the slaves are . Finally someone like her exposed it all. This is not a documentary. It’s unlike any movie you ever thought would be published.

  8. I think it's funny how stupid he is. And it's gonna be the best book ever sold. When they get that Devil 😈 out of office. I think the devil is jealous of Trump because he lies more 😂

  9. Msnbc, cnn and Washington post are a joke. They’re used to spread satanic liberal’s lies and agenda. Do a story a on the economy, unemployment rate or stock market. Trump has done so much good for our country but you want hear about it on satan’s networks. 🎉🎉🎉4 MORE YEARS🎉🎉🎉

  10. Don’t ya just love it when we give him what he dishes out to us😂😂 I love this brand of fake news (Trump said about Barr )it makes him Squeal like the PIG HE IS. Arrest the puke already

  11. When I scroll down to read the comments, I need to stop the video because I'm tired of hearing lies from this con man. His voice is so annoying and his lies so numerous, it's really better to turn him off. He's toxic, his mind and reasoning is based upon lies, so he believes himself. What a delirious man-child.

  12. The drive-by media lost all credibility a long time ago, and for good reason look at all the BS they were talking about with the Russian collusion.. 3 years 40 million dollars a hundred subpoenas and at the end of the day there was absolutely nothing.. and what do the Democrats do, they go and jump right into another made up phony conspiracy theory about Ukraine.. no one likes sore loser that's why the Democratic party is dying.. it's unfortunate that there are millions of Americans that are just plain morons that will believe anything that they're told to believe by these degenerate Democrats

  13. Trump daddy is the only thing standing between us and the leftist Nazis. I disagree with Ben Shapiro. This IS good vs evil. Tulsi Gabbard is the only hope liberals have. If they don't vote for her, they will be licking the boots of the 2 party establishment.

  14. That “fake news” Washington Post has won 47 Pulitzers… and brought down the Nixon bunch of criminals. Looks like they are doing it again.

  15. What is it with this moron and the …."call was perfect…" thing? Isn't there one person around him that can tell him that he just doesn't make sense?

  16. Fascinating. It took me three listens to arrive at an interpretation that had was consistent. It was one of those "Aha!" moments. "You can make sense of it!" I used to teach English overseas; this sort of thing happened a lot. It happens here, too, thanks to our poor educational system. And now our president evokes that curious pleasure…

  17. If the phone calls were so perfect then why hide them in a secure server??
    I want to see a comparison of the actual phone call and trump's transcript and let's see how many discrepancies there will be!!!
    With the amount of lies that have spued out of trump's mouth I don't think that it's unreasonable to want to have the facts CONFIRMED by comparing the two!!
    It definitely would put an end to this sideshow!!!

  18. What a Orange baby . Somebody please put the Orange thing down for a nap . We would not want his bone spurs to get worse , so sad .

  19. It's my party, and I'll whine if I want to

    Whine if I want to, whine if I want to

    You would whine too if it happened to you

    Nobody knows where my Putin has gone

    But KellyAnne left the same time

    Why was he holding her hand

    When she's supposed to be mine

    It's my party, and I'll whine if I want to

    Whine if I want to, whine if I want to

    You would whine too if it happened to you

    Playin' my Miss Universe, keep tweetin’ all night

    Just praise my brilliance

    I am rich and a genius so big reason to smile

  20. Why do we constantly give this lying corrupt president media time to rile up his not so intelligent base and enable them to spread lies start calling this president and his ignorant foolish administration on their lies stay woke America

  21. Wouldn't it be great if we shun #45 don't say his name..ignore everything he says..As if he wasn't there and the whole world did it!! What a wonderful world

  22. Why does anyone waste their time asking Trump about the call to the Ukraine? All he is going to do is lie and deflect with every response. Why don't they ask him this……if the call was "perfect" , without saying "no quid pro quo", you tell us how it was perfect? And ask him why is it that he describes all of these people as great people until they get in trouble and then he hardly knows them? And when he was running for President, why did he tell everyone that he would only bring in the best people and yet all he has brought in were people that he claims he barely knows…..how can that be? Mr. President, were you bullsh*tting us then or are you bullsh*tting us now?

  23. I was 55 years old and really bummed out by all politicians in general until I decided to attend a Trump rally back in late summer of 2015 in Springfield, Illinois when Trump was running as a candidate in the Republican primaries. Wow! Watching Donald Trump stand there giving his hour long speech to that packed and enthusiastic crowd of about 10,000 people inside that small auditorium gave me goose-bumps! He certainly changed my opinion of politics that night. Donald J. Trump was elected to "drain the swamp" and flush out many of the sewer rats from the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations who thrived on deceit and corruption for personal gain. The entire Bush family Republican reputation is about as fake as Mitt Romney and John McCain claiming to be Republican. Hogwash! None of these deep state politicians have anything good to say about President Trump because they are angry that a man who had never been a politician before decided to run for president of the USA (without their approval) and won. Trump certainly squashed any chance of Jeb Bush becoming president. And unlike any other presidential candidate who ran before, Trump wasn't afraid to expose President Reagan, both Presidents George H. W. Bush and George W Bush, President Bill Clinton and President Obama for signing stupid laws that severely hurt the our lower middle class and the poor in this country. Donald Trump is a genuine hero for the USA. His presidential accomplishments are effectively reversing most of the deep state's past presidential blunders that were made on both sides of the aisle. His legacy will have an enormous impact on future generations for decades.

  24. Congratulations President Trump, 3 years ago today you shocked the world
    and became the 45th President of the United States. En route to your historic, spectacular victory you first dispatched 16 Republicans in the primary, then soundly defeated and humiliated crooked Hillary. In the process you also defeated the Fake News media, Hollywood, and the Deep State. Hillary’s supporters were ecstatic to begin the day, but as nighttime came and their defeat was imminent the democrats cried like babies, and the more they wept the more I LMAO. It's been 3 great years of winning, and the next 5 should be even better.

  25. He's Opposite-Man. Everything he says, the opposite true.
    Fake news = factual news.
    No sources = lots of sources.
    Perfect call = criminal activity.

  26. Hey big rotten liar, do you think we believe any of the filth that comes out of you?
    If WP says you tried to have Barr do more corrupt work for you, we trust the WP.

  27. Donnie thinks if he says fake often enough, people would agree with him. He should get out of his bubble filled with sycophantic idiots and obsequious lackeys. But I doubt he actually talks to anyone that doesn't make him feel right.

  28. This man Donald Trump should be awarded the "Rotten Hamberder" for outstanding achievements in lying, raping, racism, fraud and other criminal activities.

  29. Perfect phonecall. I never asked him. He did asked him. Fake news, fake media, always the same. He makes all things up and than accused others of fake news. Fake President.

  30. YOU make EVERYTHING up! He can’t even speak properly. He says the same 3x over repeating one key word because his brain is too slow to think of the next point he wants to make, so he repeats 3x before he can think of a new thought. He can’t comprehend anything he reads, so his aides have to create PowerPoint slides with pretty pictures, however, they can only have one point per slide, otherwise he’s overwhelmed. Feeling for you big time USA from down under. THIS is the leader of the free world. Good grief.

  31. President trump delivered on his campaign promise. The economic miracle speaks for itself. The health of the economy is strong and robust. Kudos to the economic of president Trump.

  32. No wonder why America needs to abandon there allies listen to what we have elected and explain how can this represent a nation to be proud of?

  33. "I never asked…" Deny all you want – absolutely no one on earth believes you, including your "base". Of course they are too stupid to understand what it all means, particularly the "evangelical crackpots".

  34. You know what? If everything Washington Post is ALWAYS covering fake news, how comes it is only related to Numpty Trumpty? And who is doing his real news? Or is he just a slack ar5e who does nothing!!!!!!

  35. He needs a different brand of foundation make-up. What hes using now is cakey and is very unflattering, the skin tone color is off too. Maybe he should just accept the fact hes a very old man. It shows!

  36. Yes he did🙄he always asking somebody to do something foul if it ain’t Barr, or Ukraine or China. It’s who he is🤷🏾‍♀️

  37. What's new. He always denied anything he said that was against him, he never recognize any mistake, he is a genius. But he always take as a personal, somebodies accomplishments.

  38. My dog ate my parents who were in my dungeon, they called me Rumpless Fred, Eric is a lovely boy and Ivanka is a man , Don junior is a Trump, he is a dimwit like me . Us rich Trumps don’t need to be honest we are rich


  40. tRump is trying to say that if he asks Barr to do anything for him, Barr would do it . He'll lie, cheat, and steal if tRump asks of him. That's the reason why Loyalty be is so important for tRump.💯💩.

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