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100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump And Michael Bloomberg’s Back And Forth | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Jennifer Palmieri is totally wrong. Trump uses schoolyard tactics because he thinks that since those insults would be hurtful to him, he'll hurl them at others. Dems might be less crass, so that strategy could help other Dem candidates indirectly by damaging Trump; but turn off supporters of Bloomberg.

  2. "One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to take possession of popular prejudices and passions, in such a way as to introduce a confusion of principles which makes impossible all understanding between those who speak the same language and have the same interests." Niccolo Machiavelli

  3. Little Bloomberg is just that w out he’s Millions, take a seat back whatever that Black name is. So u ok now w Bloomberg after I’m sure he give u a Good Donation

  4. Steemit.com >Podesta art collection. John and Tony Podesta. I’m sure everyone knows who John Podesta is. Seth Rich leaked his emails, not Russia. Take a look and while you’re at it, see who he’s connected to. Then ask yourself why you perceive Trump as the enemy? Comment below only after looking at their art collection please. Dialogue is important!

  5. Lol!! 2 old men 1 has billions & is trying to BUY the election the other 1 committed crimes to get the office, wow I'm so impressed!
    Both of you GET LOST!!

  6. There is no back and forth. There is the President, and some elitist democrat pos who likes to run his mouth.

    Gosh I sound like a Democrat during the Obama years. Oops lol

  7. HAHAHAH, The Democratic Party's big charade on diversity?!..Hahahaha…Rich old white guy leading the polls…hahaha .How does it feel be be such homophobic,  anti women, racist bigots Democrats???..Hahaha!

  8. BLOOMBERG… Any single business that can generate $58 Billion net worth to a single person is GROSSLY OVERCHARGING for its product. While not illegal, it clearly shows an attitude he’ll screw other’s for his own selfish personal gain to line his pockets. 2020 – Reelect President Trump & Defeat All Democrats.

  9. Much bigger story is the BOMBSHELL That the Obama Administration has given the Russians the hyper sonic missile technology. Wow this should be the biggest story on the planet.

  10. So funny trump calling Bloomberg a loser. I bet trump wishes he was even $10 billion dollars behind Bloomberg. But trump is probably not even a billionaire. But they are both racists in their advocacy of stop and search by trumps own logic. Deleting the tweet does not wipe it from history trumpy boy.

  11. Amerika: Your Prez uses the word "loser" — let THAT sink in. But sadly, you've let it sink in for three years now.
    Is this just how it is GOP — is this the best of Us? I'm still shocked that Chump doesn't spell it as "looser" more often.

  12. "Stop and Frisk" Bloomberg is no Democrat! He is RACIST!!! PLEASE play the tapes that are out now on this issue. By the way, Trump and Bloomberg totally agree about it!!!!

  13. Welcome to 2016 – Version 2. See where this is going? Replace Hillary with Bloomberg. Moderates won't "vote Socialist." Establishment panics over Bernie. Progressives see: 1)Bloomberg campaign guy has a seat on the DNC, 2) Warren contorting and caving, while Black voters see Klobuchar's Edwards/Burrell issue. Non-Trump voters split, Primary bitterness reduces turnout. The rest is history – REPEATING ITSELF! Anybody that wants Trump out – I don't care who you are – has ONE choice: Vote Blue No Matter Who.

  14. How ironic that the democratic party’s last hope is a man that embodies everything they supposedly despise: a rich white male capitalist who stereotypes minorities. Also, it must be nice to hide behind ads and never answer questions. Trump will eviscerate Mikey handily

  15. Nancy Pelosi's Magical Fairy Castle second childhood. All the magical fairyland characters are in there, with the deadly social media bully blasting laser beam.

  16. @realdonaldtrump. we know many of the same people in NY. Behind your back they laugh at you & call you a carnival barking clown,” “They know you inherited a fortune & squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence.” ~ Mike Bloomberg. CARNIVAL BARKING CLOWN.

  17. Bloomberg has Trump shaking in his boots. He's calling him "Mini-Mike 5'4' tall", Bloomberg "needs a box". Trump attacks when he feels threatened and Trump is attacking. It won't be long before Trump is no longer SO concerned about "corruption" in Ukraine and will make up lies about Bloomberg. It's definitely coming because Bloomberg is definitely a serious threat to Trump.

  18. The way to get under trumps skin is to make fun of him. They need to pick two or 3 nicknames and pound them
    Into the lexicon. Learn something from what has made him successful

  19. You haven't seen the turnout Bernie promised because Bernie always promises more than even he knows he can deliver. Only his cult buys his BS.

  20. I'm just waiting for the DNC to screw Sanders again and arrange a Brokered Convention where Clinton or Bloomberg get the nomination.
    I would not be surprised.

  21. They are EXACTLY the same racist, sexist, perv, dirty old serial john, narcissistic entitled poc. Only Trump actually has more integrity (scary) in that he's had his pro-American, pro law enforcement, anti-China beliefs for decades. Bloomberg is literally disowning NOW that he's running EVERY policy that gave him ANY success.

  22. Why doesn’t Bloomberg run as a Republican? He has a better chance of winning that way…he is a republican…more than trump was.

  23. To be honest, China will still be World
    No. 1 most of times with or without the trade war after no of decades or 50 years👍. Not U.S. nor even mention about Taiwan used by Western world as a trump card to suppress development of China. With this amount of population, market and hard working plus good policy, culture and infrastructure It's just back to where it used to be. Same as India too. Around 3th to 5th. With Japan and Germany.

    Taiwan's GDP used to be 1/2 China now is only 1/20. Will it be back to half of China the answer is definitely no. The iconic industry in Taiwan is only semiconductor & IC industry left as No. 1 in the world and a small place without much resources, well infrastructure, stability, lifestyle, environment, strong economy and power and energy industry to support its development so its population and GDP(used to be 8% back in the days) are continuously declining and moving out compared with countries like China, U.S., Canada, Australia, Korea , Singapore, Vietnam etc. Even Taiwanese there's about 3 millions in China. In fact, most Chinese not really focuses or attracted by Taiwan, only the political, economic and historical reasons Chinese communist party and Western politicians and merchants use it to battle against each other. And it's not necessary to most people in the world.

    The main reason why Western world or other countries supporting Taiwan is due to the fact of their national interests or to suppress China not values or sincere relationship with Taiwan or technological, business, cultural, arts and beauty attractions from Taiwan. So they can negotiate with better access to Chinese consumers and Market. And it's not gonna last permanently and necessary as well when the world eventually gonna become one with trend of technologicalisation, urbanisation and globalisation.

    The fact is quite often people get influenced by media but China is not that lack of freedom, or ambitious to western countries or any other countries except some disputes to its surrounding counties (still all Asians in Western perspective ) due to historical and cultural reasons (not to judge who's right or wrong but it's just like that). And will continue to grow and prosper in this century.
    (Yes, China has some problems in fact a lot now 😂 , but eventually will be resolved and it's also stronger, more beautiful, artistic, fashionable, historic, technological, industrialised, decent, better infrastructure and building and GDP and more prosperous compared with Taiwan in almost every category excepted what so called democracy & freedom trap in which Taiwan falls into and struggling to it. So people who's biased to China or Asia should really go and have a look. To see is to believe.)

    The current system, economy, education, freedom and democracy are depending on what politicians, merchants and their medias and organisations trying to feed us, not true freedom and democracy to human being.

    Ask most people in the world if you gonna choose a place to live, work or travel, would you choose China, Japan, South East Asia, Australia, U.S. and Europe or you gonna choose Taiwan? Except it's geographical location Taiwan is just relatively not that important.

    So sometimes you just have to let go, and now it's time to let go Taiwan or Formosa whatever it's called as a chess which is good for everyone to prevent next war. Live everyday to its best with right direction and then time will resolve it👍。

  24. Every second people waste entertaining this garbage is just festering the opportunity for Trump to get reelected. What are all these candidates doing?

  25. notice how trump said in 2016 he agreed with stop and frisk in nyc. you two faced idiots are a joke! so then they’re both racist

  26. U can't win the presidency with money look at Hilary she use up 1 billion from George soros and still lost & Mike Bloomberg said he gonna use 1 billion to get trump out of office in your dream little Mike

  27. ironic since Donny boy is clinically obese and at this rate is going to drop dead of a stroke or heart attack any day now. he already had a mini stroke a few months ago..that will foreshadow whats to come



  30. Trump is so afraid of Bloomberg…because Bloomberg has real wealth, whereas Trump is actually a poor man, bankruptcies, failed businesses and no luck in relationships either😁😁😁
    Problem I have though is that Bloomberg was a huge $$$ supporter of the Republicans in years past

  31. OMG! You folks, especially this panel, need to keep up! Only a media mogul like Bloomberg can compete with Trump's daily dose of propaganda being freely broadcast 24/7 by the MSM. That's why he has single handedly committed up to $1Billion in anti-Trump ads to run until November, even if he is not the Dem nominee. May the best candidate win.
    Today, Trump's campaign announced that they will match Bloomberg's $1Billion ad buys with targeted propaganda. ref:

    IOW, this election will be a power battle between two billionaires, Mike representing the people vs Trump representing a mafioso mob attempting a coup d'etat against our democracy.
    Bernie and the other candidates are out of their depth, in over their heads, and severely out-gunned.

  32. Both Democrat and the mainstream media establishments are panic when socialist Bernie Sander won Iowa and New Hampshire and is going to takeover Democrat party and change to Socialist party. Democrat will cheat and change the rules so socialist Bernie Sander will never be Democrat nominee. Also the mainstream media will attack and create the negative news on Bernie Sander like they have been doing to Donald Trump.

  33. Predictions… tweedle dumb will not debate MICHAEL BLOOMBERG. His people will say he couldn't make the debates because his bone spurs where acting up.

  34. The democratic party is screwed this election cycle. It's gonna be the battle of the billionaires or capitalism v communism. Either way Trump wins.

  35. Trump is a paranoid,delusional,sociopath.. A dangerous criminal who is a danger to the american people and nation. . .

  36. My prediction is that Bloomberg entering the race helped Bernie and did not help Trump cause Bloomberg took some fight away from Bernie and put early off attention on Bloomberg vs Trump and trump fear Bloomberg s money while he should fear Bernies supporters. People will win over $ in this Presidential race in 2020!

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