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100 thoughts on “Pelosi accuses Trump of ‘political interference’ in Roger Stone sentencing

  1. It's pretty obvious that Trump doesn't understand how stupid it makes him look by interfering with the sentencing guidelines. Considering he would be out in 3 years, the sentence is correct. Roger caused his own sentencing situation. Trump is really becoming a joke.

  2. I don't like Trump but dams Nancy just give it up stop wasting our time an money just embarrassing your selves an this country as much as Trump

  3. These two reporters are just disgusting to listen to them. They wouldn't know how to report a story without their hatred of OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Final Trump card Presidential Pardon which 1 million percent needs to be evoked for Roger Stone because remember all those literal scum bags that Clinton pardon at the 11th hour of his presidency. Go research who they were. Roger Stone is not remotely like those people. Then we have Bush and Obama. Seriously, go look it up and compare those people to Roger Stone and if those people got a pardon it seems obvious Roger Stone needs one by Trump.

  5. So Democrats lying to the American people for 3.5 years is ok? The sham impeachment was ok? The Russia Hoax smear was ok? The Mueller report was okay? Why does Congress get to lie about and obstruct President Trump 24/7? Lying to the FISA Court was ok? Wasting MILLIONS of tax dollars on witch hunts?? Again, pot calling the kettle black. So sick of DOUBLE STANDARDS.

  6. I'm glad FOX has a smart and savvy Dem defender like Jessica on their panel(s) even though I disagree with almost everything she says, I do respect her. Of course, she's going to advocate for her side and does a credible job of it. Looking forward to President Trump pardoning Roger Stone as is his privilege–a privilege all the Dems knew was his right from the start of all of this. Any jail time for Stone is unacceptable. Good riddance of those corrupt prosecutors.

  7. Another lie by Nancy. Despite reporting by trash like Raw, Huff post, some proscuter somewhere…Barr was not asked by the president to do anything…the lies keep coming. Americans need to wake up with the communist plot's plan by democrats and their slave media. Bernie honeymooned in the soviet union and wants to be president….really? Someone is stupid. Bloomberg showed racism and people are already sick of his spending untold millions to buy the presidency? Really? Democrats are losers who sanction killing of the unborn but want to seize all guns so their dictatorship can thrive and the US disappears.

  8. The more I think about it…..nancy polosi is like a stinking bed bug that ya just can't get rid of! Whata shame!…..the democrats and polosi want trump gone so bad if they even here the man fart they are calling for empeachment of abuse of power!

  9. Pelosi should be removed from office as she destroyed the document given to the House in view of the world.
    But who is going to enforce it?

  10. My 15000 employees votes are in for the greatest president ever and Braves. mr Donald Trump junior America together. Trump nation

  11. Nancy, all of America hates you. Your legacy is garbage. You couldn't even handle five petulant children in your own party. Everyone believes you hate America, and you know what, you probably do…where did all your $$ come from?

  12. Wow, the Far-Left is so far left that they are going in the left direction circle counter-clockwise/Retrograde of no return now. All of this far-left political whining, howling, screaming, fake-accusations and incessant complaining, pandemonium/tantrum method has finally reached the point of saturation to sickening, obnoxious and nauseating to any intelligent, sane civilized human-being. It is both embarrassing and an encumbrance upon the American people to have to deal with this. Maybe the Far-Left think or believe that if enough of them scream loud and long enough that we conservatives will just wear down and give into their desire and let them win by default? Kind of like a spoiled child dominating their parent by doing similar stressful painful-emotional methods. Too much, too many emotional outbursts has and can be used as a weapon or tool of disruption, confusion influence and control over the weak and ignorant. Demagoguery deployed at its lowest depth of social political degradation and most of our people and the world can see this!

  13. You know if she worried more about our country then keeping an eye on everything Trump is doing maybe just maybe she won't go to jail. NOT!

  14. The DOJ needs to go on offense against these overzealous Dems. How did Maxine and Nancy get filthy rich being public servants? Investigate!

  15. If Hillary can get off why not Rodger? Pelosi needs to go to work for the people that voted for her in California….and stay out of everything Trump…the people sleeping on the street in San Francisco deserve some of her attention….i got some real news for you…black people are not going to vote for Biden in big numbers…Bernie will get more of the black vote than Biden…Biden is tainted from Obama…In case you all do not know black people and you don't! Obama was a huge let down as a president in the black community…FYI!!!!

  16. And yet again nancy and rest are grabbing and only grabbing air. You dems have nothing and will never have anything. Surprised that americans don't believe your crap anymore….. I wonder why?

  17. Also I love how Democrats are already assuming the black people are just going to vote for them. I hope they use their brains and stop blindly voting for the criminals on the left.

  18. Nancy Pelosi has exceeded he expiration date. If she was a can of peaches, I would throw it out. It is old and full of botulism.

  19. Someone who CAN (President Trump), please shut her up and take her down. I don’t want to hear another word out of her mouth. Evil BI-TCH. 😈🤢🤮

  20. No look at Hillary Clinton there is nothing they will do to protect her and what she did was like 20 times more heinous the nest he misspoke a date he didn't lie he misspoke a date

  21. There will not be a judge who files a complaint of abuse of authority and puts a stop to this and is bordering on the absurd. Please someone to put a brake.

  22. Mean while Pelosi's law breaking actions still go unpunished as she preaches no one is above the law. Impeach Pelosi if she refuses to resign, because her actions actually broke a law unlike what they are accusing Attorney General Barr of doing.

  23. Obama had more pardons than anyone…Where’s Hillary’s…sentence…it’s a disgrace….the left it’s a coup….very simple…Comey lied …lock him up….

  24. Roger Stone is innocent, the trial he was made was totally political and managed by the Corruption and Thieves Party which is the Democratic Party led by the gangster Pelosi, this trial must be carefully reviewed by Attorney General Williams. Barr, he should go free today, since he did nothing wrong, he has acted correctly throughout his life, he is a very good Man of good feelings, and very kind and generous to poor people, a Wonderful Family, he is a Great American and a very good, excellent person, Pardom for Stone, FREE ROGER STONE NOW, MAGA 2020, REPUBLICANS 2020, GOD BLESS THE USA

  25. You know what should be a crime?…A person in congress neglecting their district. I think it’s about time we brought her into a courtroom.

    Looking at you Nancy

  26. Pelosi has got to eliminated somehow . She has already cost taxpayers hundreds of million of dollars in hard earned tax money to go nowhere . She is an ANGRY , RABID FRAUD and must be taken out of politics and while we’re at it everything else. Bad for Americans.

  27. Doesn't Pelosi have a house to run. Maybe the do nothing democrats could focus on their jobs and less about attacking my President.

  28. Hey Nutsy if you think lying to Congress gets you 7 -9 years….what does lying to the FISA court not once , twice or 10 times buy lying 17 confirmed times what should that penalty be?

  29. Ok let's put this as simple as possible without all the BS exaggerated words. Dems are complaining that the president actually has a personal opinion on something. He doesn't control anything about the sentencing. No power at all in this situation. Plain and simple it was just a personal opinion. No more No less.

  30. It's that bad man Trump again and Thank God Pelosi is here to protect us from this horrible bully picking on poor defenseless Democrats.

  31. You came out so well after the last investigation! NOT! So hell, why not another investigation. That’s all you are capable of and you suck at that losers!

  32. Democrats, who have continually broken every law and rule in bringing the witch hunt and the impeachment hoax need to shut up and let us repair the damage they have done. Unless they want to find themselves in our spotlight, that is. I don't recommend it at this point though. We are pretty sick of them getting away with their criminal behavior.

  33. mr trump let the man stone out of the sentence..it will inrage your bully dems…one in there nose they would be realing .they have whealed there powr..and speaker polkosi .trump interferance in thecourt ….think she should have sent that to herself shes not above the law ch

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