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Hello everyone DutyRon a Retired NYPD Detective back again with another video. We will cover todays shooting in Hawaii Pearl Harbor
Naval Base is a report of an active shooter situation it is no longer an
active shooter but around two hours ago somewhere around two hours ago
there was a report of shots fired on the base and we’re gonna get into that we’re
going to talk about it tonight I have some coverage from some local news it’s
an ongoing situation it seems like right now what’s happened is we have the
shooter who turned the gun on himself shot himself killed himself and possibly
two other victims shot and killed with a reports of saying up to five people five
victims shot so we are here tonight again talking about a breaking news
story that is coming in right out of Hawaii at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base
drydock number two possibly there’s reports that this shooter was a active
military personnel in uniform these are all just preliminary reports that are
coming in all over twitter instagram twitter and all the news feeds that are
out there i did some quick scanning of all the news articles and it looks like
people are reporting to casualties at this time two people killed with the
gunman himself turning the gun on himself
and killing himself so hello Kathy hello Meg hello
yo fuck thank you so much Lucy thank you for all of you guys coming on in again
around an hour hour and fifty minutes ago I think it was 2:30 Hawaii time a
naval base the Pearl Harbor Naval Base drydock number two the entire naval base
was put on lockdown I believe that the situation is under control being that
the gunman turnips turned the gun on himself
horrific situation going on there is sketchy reports there’s things that are
coming in I watched reports from actually naval personnel there who
we’re getting their haircut and they got the lockdown in other words a lockdown
is a lockdown is for the safety of people trying to return to the base if
you have an active shooter you just go into the lockdown mode so we have a
terrible situation coming in out of Hawaii so I’m gonna show you a little
bit of hello bells reborn thank you so much for coming in urban explorer thank
you for being here Meg Lowe I saw you jump in there deco paint the tea thank
you so much so yeah this is what we have it says at least three casualties in an
active shooter situation which is no longer active it’s at the shipyard in
Pearl Harbor Honolulu reports started coming in around an hour hour and fifty
minutes ago so we we have a situation going on let me just share the stream
out guys if you don’t mind please share it out onto social media thank you so
much for coming in hello seamstress seamstress says at duty Ron thank you
for reporting and your input yeah you know I don’t like to report about this
stuff but unfortunately it does happen so here we are I’m going to share it
onto Twitter hold on guys you’re welcome bells it’s
my pleasure you’re welcome guys so let me share quickly onto Twitter and then
we’re going to get right into it there’s Twitter and let me create a public post
yeah it is very sad anytime you hear about things like this end listen right
now everything is preliminary so don’t hold me to a hundred percent this is
just what’s been reporting it’s the shooter turned the gun on himself killed
himself and shot a they’re saying a total of five people wounded but out of
the five two are two are deceased so we have a total of three casualties
including the gunman let me just see breaking news I’m just creating a public post and
we’re gonna get into it all right so I have some I have a news feed that’s old
it’s probably about an hour old I have a quick clip that I could play for you
guys from a news feed that’s about an hour ago an hour old so let me just see
if I have that queued up right here real quick hold on guys okay I thought I had
it life of MC thank you for the super chat thank you very super love I
appreciate that thank you thank you okay here we go let me just hold this for a
second again guys this is um this is not from every this is not you know current
there’s going to be a news conference I will watch the news conference with you
guys on the side and then I’ll give you the I’ll give you the play-by-play on
the news conference so give me two seconds I’m loading it up hold on guess all right here we go it’s really not what I’m looking for
give me two seconds guys oh there it is okay got it finally got it you guys know
me I’m challenged sometimes with technology so it looks like it looks
like here in let me go to this looks like they’re talking about active
shooter situation this is again lockdown at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
here’s a map now and this was an active shooter situation Linna you’re hearing
about possible victims in this situation yes we’re hearing multiple victims this
is the shipyard so this is the area in the back the drydock area is what they
call it so it’s where the ships get repaired now it is still being called an
active shooter situation and the base is on lockdown everything is on hold so
it’s called hold in place is what the shipyard employees have been told we
have heard that there are multiple people down we don’t know the extent of
the injuries or exactly what that means but we do know there are multiple
victims anywhere from three to five but again we don’t know the extent of the
injuries at this point again guys it’s no longer an active shooter this is from
a little while ago these agencies who are offering assistance that the
military says they do believe they now have control of the situation hopefully
that means this is no longer an active shooter and more along the lines of an
investigation into what happened and intending to anyone who may be injured
in this situation but at this point they are telling some of the other agencies
that they do have the situation under control and that’s that we’re talking
about the military so hopefully the situation is is being contained and we
are able to perhaps report some so News coming any minute now and we heard
from multiple people who are at the base that they heard on the overhead speakers
that the base is on lockdown now in terms of a possible suspect or shooter
so do we know confer is it confirmed if the shooter is now dead
we don’t know that situation right now again we have heard from anywhere from
three to five victims no indication yet that the situation is finished but
certainly the base says they are starting to gain control of the
situation that is good news hopefully we will get more information in the next
few minutes but again this was reported as an active shooter
the base remains on lockdown this is the drydock area where the ships are
repaired a part of the Joint Base pearl harbor-hickam all right we’re gonna
continue our team coverage online but for our TV viewers thank you for joining
us join us on Hawaii news now dot-com for more continuing coverage of this
breaking news situation Linn again the base Naval Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
is on lockdown right now multiple victims that you said that the military
has said this is under control but it’s still unclear if the suspect all right
so this gives you a good view a little bit of an overview of the exact location
of where this shooting took place reports are pointing to the gunman was
in uniform so we don’t know right now because it’s such a preliminary
investigation I’ll use extreme caution with this we don’t know if the gunman
was an active duty military personnel or if it was an imposter that made his way
onto the base so at the same time we’re going to use a little bit of caution
here in what we what we talked about but it looks like a gunman entered the naval
base here in Pearl Harbor at drydock number two and opened fire at that
location possibly five victims that reporting right now two fatalities
including a third with the gunman turning in a
cowardly fashion on himself that’s confirmed the gunman did shoot himself
and is DOA at this time hello Desiree good to see you my skinny bikini model
good to see you Alex daily TV B lady Apriori thank you so much for coming in
and red like wine Tiffany thank you for coming I appreciate you being in here
guys if you haven’t shared on to your social media please share it on to your
social media Shipyard shooting at pearl harbor just around two hours ago I’m
gonna be looking on Twitter and the various outlets to see what we what we
have going on at this point right now it looks like no longer is in an active
shooter situation due to the fact that the actual the the actual actor is DOA
on the scene so let me just let me just take a peek here I’m gonna let this play
for another minute or so it’s dead again this is old news clear where we are in
this situation right now still considered an active shooters still on
lockdown no one can leave it’s actually a hold in place type of situation so
everybody needs to remain where they are it is a very serious situation the base
is not allowing people on or off unless you are part of a law enforcement agency
hopefully they get this all under control in the next few minutes and we
do have multiple crews there at the nimitz gate and as you said no one is
being allowed in or out and I know there’s a lot of families in the area
who are worried about their loved ones and we are trying to get as much
information as we can we’ve reached out to several agencies for more
confirmation but again we’re hearing from people friends and family members
who do work on base that they heard this overhead announcement that the
the shipyard was unlocked down yes and it was about 2:15 this afternoon that
people reported being told that they are locked down at the shipyard again the
back area of Pearl Harbor where the ships are repaired I have spoken to
people who were on base and they say that everybody has been told that they
have to hold in place they have to stay where they are there were about four to
five shots heard this is from people who were in the area they heard about four
to five shots and they haven’t heard shots since not sure what that means not
sure if we’re getting close to wrapping the situation up but again the Navy has
told other agencies that they do have this under control there are other
agencies responding Honolulu police obviously other federal law enforcement
agencies as well as sheriff’s deputies obviously they’re connected through the
Hickam side because of the airport but also Honolulu police out there as well
so we hope to get more information but it does appear that the situation is
contained to that area of the shipyard and you know when people go to Pearl
Harbor I mean anyone who’s gone on or off base in terms of civilians who are
on there in fact for military they they have to go through port happy birthday
Desiree happy birthday thirty-six never looked so good military
but for civilian certainly when you drive in there you have to give your
license plate all right so again you know these reports are all preliminary I
did read and I did see that several outlets were were reporting that the
that the gunman was in a in uniform but not not confirmed at this time and I’m
looking for live press conference updates
I’m not going to probably be live in you know in that time so I’m going to just
bring you guys what I would I have you know at this time so thank you
Paul Peck drywall for the super love I appreciate that Paul Peck is a great
drywall tube’s great channel thank you for all you do duty Ron much love and
respect brother right back at you and thank you to life of MC everyone go
check out life of MCS channel as well and we’re gonna get right back into this
I’m just going to play a little bit more you have to give your insurance
information and there’s certainly a protocol in and out but right now
because the base is still on lockdown and it hasn’t been on lockdown for very
long no one is going in and no one is going out in this situation and
definitely we’re still getting more information into our newsroom according
to one witness the shooting took place at dry dock two and so there are several
dry docks there are normally on a on a certain date if there’s nothing going on
it’s very quiet obviously when those ships come in
there’s a lot of activity a lot of flurry but on a typical day it’s very
quiet yeah and on a typical day a lot of people do leave around this time there’s
a lot of movement right a lot of different shifts and it goes 24/7 as
well so while there is heavy security obviously it’s a military base so there
there is a lot going on and there are a lot of people there as well and again
this is the shipyard site this is the the back side where the ships are
repaired they call that the drydock area so it’s not right there accessible near
the road or where the gates are this is not an area that you can easily access
if you are part of the general public and also when you’re driving around on
the base you know it’s very much like a neighborhood at times and it’s it is
quiet at times and and we do have a tweet that just came out can our
producer tell us where exactly this tweet came from this is a text that
would alright so here is the active shooter actual alert on on a cell phone
so this is how it comes across to everybody on the base universities and
you know our higher education have the similar system where active
comes over the phone you know lockdown lockdown so this is what they were
getting I’m gonna just take a peek real quick to see what additional we have
what we have additional here so let me just look for any updates right now I
will switch back over so you guys can see me I am still here thank you to
everyone who is joining hi Winkie whispers great to see you thank you for
coming in I’m just gonna refresh the page and see what we got going on let’s
see what they’re reporting three victims injured gunman dead
two confirmed so this is this is not looking good hopefully there’s no more
casualties but they did report early on Hawaii News Now reported reported that
there was up to five injuries early early on they said five people shot they
could be that could be wrong a lot of the early reports come in and and they
they could be either inflated or underreported so we don’t know there
could be more it could be less hello bells reborn thank you so much for
coming in I appreciate everyone giving updates if anybody has anything update
wise I’m gonna look at Twitter real quick I’m gonna take a peek at Twitter
and see what is being reported on Twitter real quick so let me just give
that a shot let’s see what’s going on search Twitter Pearl Harbor updates
let’s see what we got okay so this is coming from the Joint
Base pearl harbor-hickam this is a confirmed account this is something that
I would give you definitely would I definitely would show you let’s get
let’s get this up so this is the official joint Pearl Harbor Hickman
Joint Base ph h official Twitter page of the Joint Base pearl harbor-hickam and this is from an hour ago so they have
nothing updated here and I’ll have anything updated here gates and base
gates to the base access are now open stand by for further information so this
is from two hours ago so that that’s really all they have on that not really
much at least three people injured two critically this is over 57 seconds ago
so different reports coming out at different agencies there here’s the
here’s one from Kalb newsChannel five at least three people were injured two
critically in an active shooter situation Wednesday afternoon
that was one minute ago so multiple victims reported an active shooter
situation at Pearl Harbor so let’s let’s see what these folks have to say it
looks like some of the same some of the same stuff that we’ve been seeing here maybe two seconds updated 814 so that’s pretty recent
spocream says the situation at the drydock
too has been contained and a witnesses said he saw a gunman fatally shoot
himself so she’s told Hawaii News Now that the
gunman gunshot victims are civilians one of the victims was taken to triple-a
Tripler Army Medical Center one to pally Maui Medical Center and a third to
Queen’s Medical Center there is live coverage about it but I’m I watched that
on the side I have that going on the side live coverage hello Ralph’s
trucking hello Margie Margie thank you so much for coming in I kind of
recognize wha that they were gunshot says the witness I looked out in time to
see the shooter and he shot himself the shooting at the Joint Base pearl
harbor-hickam triggered panic for those obviously who live and work in the area
traffic near the base on a Nimitz Highway is very heavy and officials are
urging those heading to the airport to allow for extra travel time so here’s an
official here’s the official account for the Joint Base pearl harbor-hickam and
you know that it’s just a vague advisory I’m going to go back and see what else
is happening on the news feed let me just refresh this real quick so we could
see what’s current US News is reporting at least one injured that’s old that’s
not correct here’s some breaking news sure two dead three people injured so
nothing fantastic here what we have is definitely a tragic tragic situation
don’t know you know it’s all speculation of why this happened and why this gunman
opened fire and ultimately killing himself so you know one never knows
what could be the motive behind it and unless there was something left behind
you know we don’t know we don’t know at this point so again I’m currently
searching for you know current news in regards to this situation but as it as
it stands now we have the gunman who turned a gun on himself into casualties
at this time and possibly two to three other injuries that are at the hospital
so we’re going to say prayers and you know we will pray for the victims from
these gunshot wounds to survive and will send out prayers and thoughts to the
victims families they’re talking about civilians who were shot and killed and
there’s talk that the actual gunman was a naval base personnel but we don’t know
it’s not a hundred percent yeah I agree Ralph very sad very sad
situation CNN’s got a 23 minute ago a report I’m going to refresh this page
and see if there’s anything new let’s just let’s just see what CNN has to say
I’m not really a fan of CNN but let’s see what these guys have to say we’ll
just listen in the background mr. video let me see what we got here is
if these are all old but the Twitter Twitter seems to have seems to have the
most the most up-to-date info on this it’s it’s alive let’s take a peek I think I saved one
other thing here one guys yeah this was 23 23 minutes ago let’s wait until that
commercial stops and I’ll show you I’ll let you guys listen to what we got going
on as of 23 minutes ago bee lady apiary thank you so much for being here
appreciate you Winky I hope you’re feeling better I hope you feeling better
my friend free shipping on millions of items at Amazon how’s that Amazon
commercial hey what is this nonsense it’s just this
is not what I want all right guys let’s see Google is not cooperating with me Google
is not cooperating with me it’s not being nice to me right now but that’s
okay that’s okay this is 20 26 minutes ago all right so thank you for giving me
the correct pronunciation I appreciate the correct pronunciation
so again guys we have another shooting situation on a on a naval base you know
these these situations when they happen at military installations always baffle
they always make my my they always make me think about it
Hickam thank you so much Hickam Air Force Base thank you for that V with a
bunch of exclamation marks hey Ron I hope you’re having a great day Thank You
Kim I am having a good evening I’m getting ready to pack it in in a few
minutes Hickam so thank you for the pronunciation correction I’ll be sure to
say it correctly all the time so let me just take another peek at the
Twittersphere and see what’s happening on Pearl Harbor shooting updates let’s
see again we have to thank you Kenny TV for
changing your screen name that was great thank you so much for for correcting
your screen name I greatly appreciate that so here we go
hiccup here we go breaking news there’s nothing additional being
reported all right so guys again you know we’re gonna hear more about this as
the as time goes on as the night gets goes further they’re supposed to be in a
news conference where they all update the where the military is going to
update the news and there will be an official statement sometime overnight
good night Kenny TV great to see you thank you for coming in I’m gonna just
I’m just gonna play the rest of what I had there the this was this was the most
detailed this is the most detailed that I had
you better get your phone really quickly right now this is almost done as a base
as they finish their further information and we surely there is a lot of concern
out there given we’re gonna give you a little bit of better right now yeah you
can see the backup for me now my news is 14:02 arrived there are people who need
to get back and you’re not charlie camera right there come on highway don’t
that old backup forming it is a short distance you’ll pass you can see the
guards they’re standing in the lanes of traffic usually they’re in the shacks
and they wave people through with they have military ID or they check your ID
they check your trunk you can see though no one is being allowed in or out as the
base remains on lockdown also people on the other side other
gates trying to get in as well a same situation when it is in lockdown
everybody holds in place no one leaves and no one comes in yeah it’s
interesting that situation there obviously you don’t see any cars coming
out except for that city bus that’s now on the side there but all of those cars
dozens maybe hundreds of cars just stuck in the line well they were trying to get
in the base or you’re wondering if they’re gonna try to turn around or
what’s the traffic situation but even though this is on a military base Pearl
Harbor Naval Shipyard this is clearly a multi-agency effort right now we heard
from the Honolulu Fire Department earlier that six units were responding
from HFD that’s 22 personnel and that they got the alarm at about 237 this
afternoon the first unit got on scene just a few minutes after but again we
got that message from the military that this is in regards to an active shooter
event all personnel on lockdown that means if they’re in a building they have
to stay inside if they’re outside that means they have to go inside
no one is going in and no one is going out the traffic is at a
standstill right now you see that Honolulu police car right there coming
to the scene looks like multiple multiple agencies are responding to this
active shooter situation yeah very scary situation for all of those people who
are trying to get to work you know or trying to leave work you can
see HPD now arriving you can see the patrol cars arriving at the gate now as
I said before other agencies have asked the military what do they need what else
do we need to do we’re talking about federal other federal law enforcement
agencies HPD Sheriff’s everybody else asking what
else can we do to help and it appears that the Navy feels as with respect to
the active shooter situation on the shipyard that they have that under
control that is a good thing to hear while it is still considered an active
shooter possibly they have control of that person and hopefully this situation
and shortly but they are using the other resources
HFD all of those other personnel coming on to the base or around the base
surrounding there you can see that patrol car they’re turning around
perhaps helping with traffic and these are the back again guys this is this is
footage from in the past it’s no longer an active shooter I’m just trying to
give you guys a little bit you know for some of yous who don’t have the coverage
or have not watched this is what was reported you know 30 minutes 40 minutes
in the past and you know it is no longer an active shooter but this is what was
being the h1 going there by by Hickam the airport it’s gonna get really bad
here soon so I would imagine that other agencies
are going to be needed to help with everything outside the base affected by
this lockdown and as you said Lin the military saying that this is now there
was someone there the scene is extremely acknowledged that a situation like this
is so fluid and the information coming in is all preliminary yes yes yes so we
have here based on sources and different people at the scene and witnesses but
again we’re gonna get confirmation on all of
this later from the authorities at the scene but in light of that I can pass on
some new information from people there who are deeply involved one federal
source who is at the scene and involved in the effort to rescue these lives is
telling us now that there were three people shot and they have been
transported to hospitals one of them in stable condition and two other in
critical condition and so they have actually been transported away from the
scene and it appears that there’s no information to suggest you’re wrong that
the shooter has been contained we don’t know exactly what that means we’re gonna
hold off on saying whether the shooter is down or dead or not but it appears
the threat is contained we haven’t heard anything else other than that
and so the lockdown continues as they try to figure it out but at the scene
there three people taken away with gunshot wounds and we are told that
people are being men and they see all of the battleships on how extinct an
important point kiai obviously as the lockdown continues and they are going to
be processing the scene there for quite a quite a while this is going to be all
afternoon through the evening trying to figure out exactly what went on and you
make an important point keahi because Pacific historic parks there aren’t
thousands of tourists at those parks who come to visit every day so we we weren’t
clear on how extensive the lockdown was if we do it we did know that it was the
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard so apparently it is affecting the tourist
areas where they come in and they see all of the battleships we’ll try to get
more confirmation on that but that certainly would be a scene affecting
civilians tourists military contractors people going in and out certainly a lot
of information there for people to take in especially when you hear overhead
that there is a lockdown situation we did hear from the Pacific Historic Park
so they’re also talking to us that the me all right so um I think that you know we
we do we do have the the gist of what’s going on more reports will be
continually coming in and things will change as the time changes you know you
know I’m trying to look at some of the most recent stuff i refresh the page
this is not current here’s the live feed you know because of because of I know
that I know the shooter is dead he turned the gun on himself
so I’m gonna give you a little bit I’m gonna read you a little bit responders
were called to the base at around 2:30 p.m. local time in the minutes after the
shooting base personnel were urged over the PA system with the text message to
shelter in place a lockdown was put into place after the shooting was lifted at
about 4:00 p.m. so the lockdown was that was put in place was lifted after 4:00
p.m. so from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. they were on
lockdown authorities said at least 100 witnesses were being interviewed about
this incident while the Navy is taking the lead in the investigation Honolulu
Police detectives and the city medical examiner’s office has also responded
I’ll tell you this as a law enforcement professional when you have the City
Medical Examiner’s Office respond they don’t respond unless there’s a DOA
unless there’s a somebody dead so the fact of the matter is is as I’m seeing
here Honolulu Police detectives and the City Medical Examiner’s Office responded
to this location they’re not going to dispatch a medical examiner team if
there’s no fatalities at the scene so you know governor the governor of Hawaii
said the White House has offered assistance in the wake of the shooting I
join in solidarity with the people of Hawaii this is the governor speaking
I joined in solidarity with the people of Hawaii as we express our heartbreak
over this tragedy and concern for those affected by the shooting and that was
the governor of Hawaii that was his statement just a short time ago also the
shooting broke the calm of what was an otherwise uneventful day witnesses said
one witness said he was at his desk when he heard the loud pops a few people in
the chat mentioned witnesses hearing or seeing the event take place so this
isn’t an account of one of the witnesses I kind of recognized that as the
gunshots I kind of recognized that as gunshots the witness said I looked out
my window saw three people on the ground I look out in time to see the shooter
shoot himself a will Churchill reported will Churchill reported their first day
at work on the base Wednesday when the active
shooter situation started so Alex Ojeda and will Churchill reported to their
first day at the base and this is what they were greeted with an active shooter
situation we were actually on our way out oh he decide we didn’t expect that
at all of course not one member of the military said he was
getting a haircut when his cell phone blew up with the text message we got a
bunch of text from on the ship and on the barge letting us know that there was
an active shooter so people were texting these members of the military that we’re
getting their haircuts that hey don’t come back here we have an active shooter
situation so they talk about traffic near the base was heavy and that’s
pretty much it for Hawaii news now we just watched this old clip here let’s
see what they have in the news room Seiler shoots three civilians at Pearl
Harbor Naval Shipyard before turning the gun on himself Hawaii medical team arrives in Samoa to
help with deadly measles outbreak that’s not what we’re talking about here all
right guys so let’s let’s take a peek at this one and take a peek at this see
what they have to say Wow
Red Lake wine Red Lake wine said my husband gets his hair cut on the base
and it’s boots etc so much cheaper alright
this this is proven not to be anything major but see what Chelsea Davis had to
say yeah yeah he this is known as the Nimitz Gate gonna step out of the way so
you can kind of get a better look of what we’re looking at you can see
Guardsmen there at the entrance I’m preventing anybody from going in besides
first responders law enforcement since we’ve been here it’s been at least an
hour we’ve seen several military personnel law enforcement officers HPD
officers as well ambulance fire trucks all head into the base it hasn’t I
didn’t seen a lot of activity out here in the last 15 or 20 minutes or so but
every now and then we do see those sirens we hear those sirens see those
those lights on base so we know that they’re they’re still actively going
door-to-door asking people getting information from witnesses on the Beast
we can see those first responders on the beast as well but as you mentioned
there’s a long line of vehicles just waiting to get onto these there work on
there trying to get you get the idea again you know people state mental state
comes into play we always have to keep that in mind
bells Reborn nursery thank you for hanging in there and also Imani shooters
thank you for all that you contributed into the chat I appreciate the extra
info life of emcee Joey Brooklyn all the moderators great to have you guys in
here thank you for helping moderate but again we have a shooting at the Pearl
Harbor this is this is something that we never get used to obviously it’s a real
tough situation but you know you have to think about the person’s mental
state that goes and takes as Paul Peck said and as I always mentioned you know
somebody that turns a gun and shoots innocent people and doesn’t use that gun
as self-defense we have to think about one’s state mental state of mind what
they’re thinking at the time you know it always runs through my mind because as a
professional police officer when I would go to the scene of a shooting not
necessarily active or multiple casualties shooting settings but when I
would go on to a set of a crime scene where three or four people were shot in
some of the inner cities when we would catch the perpetrator they would get
interviewed by the detective squad and a lot of the perpetrators who commit these
crimes they’re not mentally sound and they’re not thinking the right way so
you know that immediately comes into play for me it means mmediately comes
into play only because this is one of the contributing factors to it it’s not
the only factor that makes these things happen but when we look at someone’s
someone’s mind and how they are thinking you can’t be thinking clearly and do
something like this Linda Cormier thank you so much for
coming in from Canada great to see you love and respect always thank you I will
tell mrs. Doody Ron hello you know Bridget I do too and you know it’s it’s
a system that’s not perfect there’s nothing perfect about this world there’s
nothing perfect about our criminal justice system the mental health our
health care systems are all needing to be a little bit fine-tuned good to see
you Ryan anybody that’s coming in for the first time hello to all my new
viewers Dale great to see you and great to see you my friend
so again guys if you are new here please hit the subscribe button hit the
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I won’t even mention his name if they release his name to be honest
with you if it was out right now I wouldn’t put it out there I don’t like
to give I don’t like to give these people the center stage people that do
things like this I don’t like to speak about them I don’t like to mention their
names I will refer to them as perpetrator and such but I’m not going
to give them a center stage burl I wish these things didn’t happen either if
you’re new here on the broadcast with a very first time Cindy great to see you
yes another one if you’re new here on the broadcast for the first time let me
know where you’re watching city and state
there’s my stream labs new merch there’s my merch store for stream labs you guys
can check that out josh has been working hard on that so I appreciate that Josh
Paul Peck drywall thank you for being in here Marky I appreciate you being in
here and agreeing you know this is a situation that needs we need help we
need to work on the system that is not providing that’s not providing an
adequate health care for our people who need this mental health counseling you
know Thank You Imani I know that you and I think along the same line so I don’t
like to give the shooter any type of you know any type of platform or street
credit I want to just say that this is a cowardly act this was a cowardly act
this is somebody who took their own life after taking other people’s lives and
you know to me you know for me that’s the most cowardly thing you could do is
take another human beings life and then take your own so my heart and my prayers
go out to the families of the victims first and foremost I pray for the people
whose lives were cut short today you know these are people who are just
walking around going about their everyday business and their lives been
cut short and as a police professional I’ve seen so much of that happen over
the course of time it almost you almost become numb to it
because I as as crazy as this sounds I’ve seen so many people’s lives taken
early and cut short by gun violence by weapons of like knives and stabbings by
choking and you know physical violence strangulations things of that nature it
is it’s almost something that is part of everyday life for a law-enforcement
first responder and we kind of have to this is our job this is our jobs are to
respond to these types of situations and defuse or handle and calm the situation
down but you know at the end of the day folks it’s about the families it’s about
the victims they are left behind to live without answers because when someone is
a coward and takes their own life and there’s no note left behind there’s no
motive for it it just leaves the families with emptiness for the
remainder of their lives you know so I think about whenever there’s murder
victims I think about their surviving families because I’m the one who speaks
to them when I was a police officer and a detective we would have to deal and
speak with the families and they were looking for answers from us and you
don’t always have the answers when someone takes their own life when it’s a
murder-suicide there’s nothing that we could say to them so it is said Sully it
is said this sign behind me is courtesy of Matt Sully I want to say thank you
this is the you police sign and I greatly greatly appreciate that Mattie
boy thank you for coming up with that Murch again we have a shooting situation
at the at dry dock number two over in Pearl Harbor at the base there today
2:30 p.m. Honolulu Hawaii time and thank you for coming in bells reborn I
appreciate you everyone go and check out bells reborn nursery she’s got a great
channel her and Mama Bear run a channel over
there and they do great things so go and check them out again there’s no winners
here this is a situation that has no winners and no losers it’s it’s you know
it’s it’s a really really bad situation for everybody involved but I want to say
thank you to everyone who has tuned in make sure you share this video and
broadcast out on to your social media I’ll give you some updates on my
community tab and on my Twitter Instagram and Facebook so if you’re not
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you an invite and I also have a police and crime chat group on Facebook duty
Ron police and crime chat Facebook and the YouTube video share group much love
and respect from my house to you as Paul Peck thank you so much for being in here
again another guy to go check out Paul Peck drywall Tube and Joey Brooklyn Joey
Brooklyn here is in the chat is one of my favorite moderators and he is my
chief of police so to speak he is my director of security so Joey Brooklyn
did a wonderful broadcast from Dyker Heights Brooklyn it was all the
Christmas lights so if you wanna get a quick pick-me-up after this broadcast I
know it’s kind of depressing to hear about these shootings go to Joey
Brooklyn’s channel he’s right here in the chat
Joey Brooklyn did a great Christmas light show and Dyker Heights go and
check out that broadcast it’ll make you feel good it’s a feel-good broadcast so
go and check out his replay subscribe to his channel and I will see you guys all
soon deco paintin t is saying December 6th I don’t know
what that means thank you says Berle imani shoes have a good evening saying
good night to Paul Peck drywall to Paul pecks a 72,000 subscriber channel on his
way to 75k and he does his live streams I believe Sunday 2:00 p.m. Paul Peck
drywall Tube Sunday this coming Sunday 2:00 p.m.
set your reminders and check him out Jackson RC Aviation thank you for being
and he a life of MC goes live almost every day Daphne great to see you my
friend thank you for being a moderator on my channel great to see you too Dale
a wake up thank you for being in here she says mom my heart is with all those
affected by this tragic shooting just three days before Pearl Harbor day yeah
yeah terrible situation alright guys much love and respect from
my house to yours thank you for joining make sure you share the replay make sure
you invite your subscribers to come in and check out this video watch the
replay for those of you coming in late frog
thank you so much for being in here frog I appreciate you and I will speak to you
guys on the next live love and respect from duty Ron to you

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