Orphaned bear cub’s incredible recovery story 😍🐻- BBC

Every year, around the world,
thousands of Grizzly bear cubs are orphaned
because of conflict with humans.
Pasha, the smallest orphan, has lost the use of his legs.
It’s just splayed out. It’s like a starfish.
It’s actually wearing away
the skin on his knees, on his hind legs.
In the wild, a cub like Pasha would be unable
to follow it’s mother during emergence.
The Pazhetnovs have never seen this before.
We’ll try to treat the sores on his legs with anti-bacterial cream.
But, it’s going to take time for them
to heal.
Pasha’s wounds are not completely healed.
They’re still there, they’re not bleeding
and he’s starting to use his back legs.
Before they were just splayed out like a starfish
and now they’re coming closer and under his body.
He’s actually using them. I would expect
within a few days there’s gonna be a lot more improvement.
And as soon as he starts using
his back legs, those wounds will fully heal.
Pasha remains the smallest. His legs are completely
But, he’s always at the back of the group.
And when the others climb, he really
struggles to keep up.
The cubs are becoming expert climbers.
But Pasha lacks confidence.
Just a couple of metres up, he stops…
and freezes.
Pasha needs to climb higher.
In the wild a predator could reach him from down here.
Cautiously, he pushes on.
Testing each branch to check they’ll hold his weight.
If he makes a mistake, it’s now a 15 metre drop
to the forest floor.
The other cubs are already at the top of the tree.
By focussing on the others, Pasha conquers his fears.
Making it to 30 metres above the ground.
Inspired by
his fellow orphans,
Pasha has finally learned to climb.

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