Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China tops 24,000

Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China tops 24,000

China confirms 65 more deaths from the
Hubei Province on Wednesday and this brings the total number of coronavirus
dust to 490 and what’s more concerning as the other countries are reporting
more coronavirus cases as well our Kim Morgan has the latest China’s National
Health Commission announced that as of Tuesday evening the total number of
deaths caused by coronavirus had reached at least 490 and that more than 24,000
people have tested positive for the virus it was an increase of at least 65
deaths and more than 3000 new infections from the previous day and was the most
of either figure recorded in a single day all the deaths reported on Tuesday
came from Hebei province where the outbreak is most serious amid ongoing
efforts to contain the virus china’s finished building a new hospital in
Wuhan the first batch of coronavirus infected patients arrived at the whole
Shan Shan hospital on Tuesday for the past week
Wuhan has been building to hospitals with thousands of beds for confirmed
patients to help ease the shortage of beds in the city
the second hospital is set to be completed on Wednesday outside of China
more than 220 confirmed cases of the corona virus have been reported in at
least 25 countries and territories there’s also been one death from the
virus in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines as of Tuesday Hong Kong has
seen at least 18 confirmed cases all the Philippines as to according to NHK Japan
is the country with the highest number of confirmed cases outside of China with
33 cases after 10 people on a cruise ship tested positive for the virus
Thailand has 25 confirmed patients Singapore 22 and South Korea has 18
cases of the virus ten cases each happen confirmed in Malaysia Macau and Vietnam
and there are six and France five in the United Arab Emirates and three in India
the United States saw 11 confirmed cases after two cases have been reported from
California on Monday new mogan Arirang news

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100 thoughts on “Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in China tops 24,000

  1. People evacuated from the United States, Japan, and Taiwan can calculate the number of infected people in Wuhan, more than 200,000, dead more than 4,000

  2. 20000 to 24000 in just one day…at start it was just 1 guy how could this disease spread at a rapid rate..the number are increasing so fast

  3. A Chinese citizen revealed that on its first day the case is over 90,000 so this number 24,000 today is a lie. I think now it is already a million. This is a horrifying number. Sign of the end of humanity

  4. Thailand has alot of more cases than they are reporting for obvious reasons. They even openly stated that closing the borders would hurt their economy. So money comes first..

  5. Dam !!!! 2 weeks ago there was only 4 death's. Now it's 490+.. this is getting out of hand .. by next week there will be over 1500 death's !!!! And the week after that over 4,000+… Save your self. Time to go off the Grid. If you have a safe shelter use it! Don't wait. For the news to tell you where it's at. At this point in time you might have it. No joke

  6. Theres one thing that shows..just how a country can build something do fast if they want to…with no red tape…or millions to build a

  7. I think it is time for china to focus for the betterment of their citizens in terms of preventing this from happening in the future instead of putting so much effort in claiming other territories. Let's pray for the entire human race, God help us. AMEN

  8. 24k cases? make it at least double that. i simply doesn't believe that amount is accurate especially when it's china we're talking about here

  9. Take that 24,000 you presented, multiply that by 100 and you get a more realistic number. In a population of 11+ million people in Wuhan alone, it'd make no sense to quarantine an entire city and disrupt city operations and big businesses if the total infected is roughly only 1%. Goes to show you can't trust these maniacs. As for the sheeple thinking this isn't serious, you've got your head up your ass. This thing's spreading faster than HIV on steroids and if this thing decides to mutate and shed off a new strand, it's game over humanity. Anyone thinking this is a cakewalk for the CDC and WHO, give that guy a red shirt(Star Trek fans will get it) 'cause he's as good as dead.

  10. Please eat four Tulsi leafs and four pepper or four gova leaf every day morning and evening 40 days Corona virus control

  11. Chemical warfare… that's what it is! You'll end up dead before the rest! China started it and it will be responsible for it's country's wipeout.

  12. Oh fuck off more like 150.000 get fucking real who believes a ducking word them Chinese government officials tell you? If you do your living in a dream world!!! Been going on for months

  13. Japan got the highest record because of their fast and hi-tech labtest while the other country got the lowest record due to lack of lab instruments for virus testing.Sad to say many died without knowing they are infected with corona virus 😥

  14. U buggers kill poor animals,now its karma bitch. Stop killing poor animals close ur markets or people around the world gonna make u close animal markets 😠😠

  15. well they shojld plant 11 million of trees to combat polution….if you make a hospital in a very poluted city?!?hm no chance to destroy the virus…but …communism party is no thinking…no brains ,no God…hm there is no virus after all…it.s a imagination…..

  16. There is still hope a treatment will be found. Longer term a vaccine is likely for those not infected.

  17. It sure looks like there won't be a break with the number of people who are getting inffected and dying. The Japanese cruise ship with the 10 confirmed coronavirus cases is not helping at all especially that the remaining 3,000 passengers are now in quarantine. They should start cancelling all Asian cruise ships for now. Allit takes is for one person to have the coronavirus on a cruise ship with 5,000 passengers and the next thing, all the passengers are forced to stay on board in their rooms for 14 days.

  18. It is easy to understand China's statistics, just double it. 24000 means 48000 Infected, 65 means 130 DEATHS. Common practice by China to lie and deceive and this has been proven

  19. Dear China we even have met us I'm sharing the videos for your health and your government still lieing…….your people there are strong but they Die ……………I will gone on sharing the video . Stay strong …..stay Human ……stay hopeful………China I hope you get well as soon as possible and maybe some day we will meet us
    From Human

  20. Many say it's not serious because of low number of deaths, but the number of infected is rising and the virus is becoming a part of our genome so nobody knows what will happen in the future, they know nothing about this virus, it's a new virus.

  21. 15 million people would be infected in 3 months if this virus spreads at this pace and god knows how many will need .

  22. Die china. Karma is hitting you now for Eelam genocide 😍
    Your economy will fall and your people will keep crying 😂👍🏽

    Thamizhan da 💪🏽

  23. New report of coronavirus If you want to know visit to

  24. How many in the world has flu and the deaths of the flu are reported probably more …. this isnt s pandemic.. its bullshiit

  25. Corona virus is very dangerous for human life in the world to prevent the spread of Corona virus worldwide, preferably the Communist China in the Nuclear Bomb, so that Corona virus and Communist China disappear from the world.

  26. Back off, corona!!! We kill it! We fight it! How to prepare
    and fight? Pray first. We curse the virus to die and bless the people to heal.
    Take Vit C, green juices, elderberries, citrus fruits, Mullein, staghorn,
    etc, to strengthen the immune system. Smashed garlic, onions, and honey,
    turmeric, colloidal silver, sodium chlorite 80%, etc, to kill the virus.
    Wash hands, gloves, masks, avoid agglomerations to prevent contamination.
    Don't touch your face. We curse the virus to die and bless the people to heal. We
    fight!!! We win!!! Back off corona!!! China, don't give it up, we're praying
    for you. Love.

  27. I feel bad for not feeling bad.
    Since I know how bad the chinese government is, I feel sorry for the innocent life’s taken, but man… I wish the deaths were from the government itself.

  28. The numbers what they report are should add 2 zeros would be close to reality. This is the evil regime. The whole world should take this devil regime down in order to have safety and liveable world.

  29. Today dead 500, in 6 months dead 10.000. In 2 years dead 650 millions. In 5 years dead 1 billions infected 6 billions end of humanity god creat coronavirus amen

  30. I'm watching this with a cough and fever .I would rather lock myself in a room than to spread it among thousands of others .

  31. The Criminal Chinese Communist Party has been hiding 154,000 infected and 25,000 deaths. No one should buy anything from them and no one should trust anything they say.

  32. Would have been far worse if China had not isolated Wuhan. Thank you China for doing the right thing. China has sacrificed an entire province for the greater good. Total respect for the people of China and their solidarity in this crisis.

  33. For a fact is more than 24,000 I’m sure is 240,000+ and 20,000 deaths so far
    They wouldn’t wanna share those numbers.
    China has a corrupt government and ours to in USA.

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