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100 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 19th)

  1. Corrections on the reporting on Puerto Rico should be made by #nbcnews. Wanda Vasquez knew about the supplies being stored in the warehouse after an official asked that he should report to Puerto Rico’s Justice Department and she instructed him before she became governor that he should not report it so she won’t be forced to investigate. Now she is firing people, she is hiding the truth that she knew about it before she became governor. The dates on the bottle of water packages from Richmond, Virginia were dated the year 2017 suggesting the supplies been there for about two years. I saw the 38 minutes live Facebook video from Ponce, Puerto Rico.

  2. Surprise us, Richmond, and all outside attendees – exercise your rights peacefully. Show the world how it's supposed to be done.

  3. Go away harry & rachel. More important things going on than your splitting from royal family which wont last, once he & rachel split up he will go back to his palace👍👍👍💔

  4. Seriously? There is still a person out there who "had no idea" that businesses share data on their customers? She's a relic!

  5. So , , , NBC News and the Democrats blamed & accused President Trump for the misery in Puerto Rico.
    Mr. Trump rightfully pointed out the blatant corruption hampering Puerto Rico and got additional slander from NBC News.
    Once again, President Trump was right. NBC & the Democrats have been proven to be slanderous liars by the Puerto Rican people .
    ~ Hey NBC News: Your blatant, partisan, slanderous propaganda has backfired again.
    . . . . . Donald Trump 2020 . . . . .

  6. Someone should check Moscow Mitch McConnel's pockets for rubles??? I hear Putin's going broke from paying off all those republicans.

  7. Grinder: "We didn't read the report, but…"
    Also Grinder: "We expect you to read long, arduous, vague legal-eze and hope you'll click on Accept, tell us, complete strangers, all about yourself and your inner mind and heart, and we'll do what we want with that info and hope you never sue us."

  8. Earthquake in Puerto Rico. We have to go visit to Florida first, and then, we should go back to Virginia this year, yeah?

  9. this democrats continue to be contradicting for they keep asking for the same things they denied the president to have ,Adam keeps trying to make people believe that his not a witness and as well as the others who keep coming out on TV for nothing because even thou they were able to manipulate the votes on the quick dismissal ,I hope they don't get suckered into anything else and just deal with the 2 accusations and dismiss the president and then if they want they can go over this other stuff but not before ,this people have to be taken out of the government what part of danger do you congress men and ….you know am starting to believe that the senate can not deal with this situation and will if not kept in check ,loose to this untouchables who defenetly think they are above the laws ,this socialist,calling themselves democrat keep turning everything around ,everything they do they blame the president from doing it and I can see that you the people aren't doing nothing about it

  10. White supremacists…??
    I am a gun owner, a patriot and second amendment supporter. And guess what..? I am brown from head to toe….
    NBC News…?? what an insult these corporate globalist parasites they have become…
    They what us divided to destroy us…

  11. The media never stopped disparaging the couples so this couple decided to move to a friendly country, Canada where they can live as normal as possible..See what the media can do to a family??? …

  12. One officer shot, they should have shot him. Plus his landlord was stabbed, OMG – why did the officers put themselves in harm's way?

  13. The truth is a powerful force. Diana was a transgender. And now is successful, talented producer David Furnish. ROTHS-CHILDS used her, programmed her to divide the Monarchy.

  14. lol oh yes, breaking news that the british crown is racist, jee, where did they get all their money…..was it 500 years of colonialism, brutalizing and stealing from others?? is that some mind of mystery

  15. I don't like seeing blk children with white ppl. It bothers me. She is a foster mother and she was getting an income. Why all blk children in that state?! When I know there are white children that need a home. I don't like it at all. No matter what anyone say. They will be disconnected from their culture. I pray they have influential blk men and women in their lives.

  16. Single mother dashing away Fathers seeking free monies from the State and Feds is a regular thing in the USA .Note Father's are first , and it takes a man to raise a man. opps.

  17. Did he go to Austin to suggest the real deal behind MLK's death. Wow some presidential history is not to be repeated. Albondigas…drain the fat.

  18. FB – Makes it’s Money – on Selling your personal INFO.
    Why do you think that it’s Free ??
    APPs also sell your Info.

  19. A white woman raising deserted black kids is a tuff call. Not only 4 her but the kids themselves who may not get over the cultural divide–esp. in black Milwaukee.

  20. After all that negativity in the news about diseases, killing and selfish ppl . I’m glad the foster parents story brought a smile on my face 🙂

  21. Harry needs to get some saw dust in his shoes down at the saw mill and make a man out of his self and learn how some turnip greens and cornbread tastes like

  22. Don’t we love it wack nuts on the loss with guns, and looks like gasoline wow soon will need to register your gas can.


  24. 2:25 pray for us??? No no pray for the Hawaiians who can surprisingly tolerate this shii tht you foreigners brought🤙🏽💯

  25. Apparently that protest in Virginia was quite peaceful. You see, conservatives actually understand the right to peaceably assemble unlike the fascist left.

  26. Rather than stepping back, it is more like stepping down!!!

    Quitting actually! They are quitters!
    Quitters quit!!! It is what they do!

  27. I would love to be a foster mom but my hubby is not supportive , so i don't know if it will ever be in the cards for me.

  28. Ok…lets say the bald eagle is worth more as trained animal or a employee… it can fly create nets, recharge, netowrk stuff, there knda lke sky dolphins or sky whales, then you can brain storm
    its a internet world, were building a network… lets put billygoats and wifi to work, through recharing collars on them create serers and hotspots

    alright how weirdd do you think this is?
    – a eagles nest, half the eagles in the nest are baby birds, half of them are drones sitting on drone chargrers, they fly togther, kinda kucckoo bir dhtoeury

  29. HAY!!! aoc 9:14 might help you understand why. Woodstock was a success because of the LITTLE to no police presence. Wavy Gravy……

  30. He was getting evicted. So he stabbed his landlord and then shot 2 officers then set the house he doesnt even own on fired… so sad..

  31. Nightly News :
    Watchman Report:
    दिल की बात "चरित्रहीन" "कश्मीर की कली" के लंगड़े त्यागी खान के ओंठो पर आ जाए ,हँसते हँसते, आंख कहीं ना भर आए!😊
    अब करे क्या ज़नाब, बच्चे भी तो Convent के है ,तो इन्हें तो Twinkle Twinkle Dirty Stars ही अच्छे लगेंगे,ये कौन से Good Star है!😊
    लहू तो लहू को ही पुकारेगा, इसमें ग़लत भी क्या है!😊
    बधाई हो बधाई, गोपियों के घर कृष्ण कन्हैया "कुमार (छल कपटी,ग़द्दार तैमूरलंग) पैदा हो गया,द्रौपदियों का भैयायार पैदा हो गया,पांड़वों का जुगाङ,सालेभाई यार पैदा हो गया!
    गोपियों के वस्त्रहरण,द्रौपदियों के चीरहरण का सामान तैयार हो गया!😊
    वृंदावन (JNU) में रासलीला का अजीबोगरीब त्यौहार पैदा हो गया!

    लगे रहो लल्ला छल कपट से "Race" जीतने में!😊
    Touch Me,Touch me, Kiss Kiss का प्यार पैदा हो गया!
    ॐकारा (अजेय) का क़ातिल पैदा हो गया!😊
    बहुत बढ़िया ये आर्यवर्त में मायावियों का रिवाज़ पैदा हो!😊

  32. My friend was there for Maria. The governor used the truckers union to hold supplies from people getting aid. The government there wanted billions in cash aid that they could steal the money and line their pockets. There still are warehouses of aid supplies all over the island. They actually let all the food supplies rot instead of giving them to their people shame on you Puerto Rican Govt.

  33. Surfs were share croppers and slaves stop worshipping the so called royals! Land Lords are not your friends.

  34. That’s what happens when Barack Obama bails out the banks and the wealthy elites and leaves us homeowners buying tents for our new homes!!! Good for that man standing up for his self. The banks are the winners and the American people are the losers! Bail out the banks!!!! Wow really!!!

  35. Your information is worth lots of money, that why dating app sell them , and things that u sign up for like, "win a car" that ask for all your info but no one ever win the car ,just company call u to sell stuff!

  36. No offence ,but the royal family are just people and rich enough to take care of themselves. You can get to real problems now. In regard to police pushing protesters together; can you call starting conflict a mistake when it was deliberate?

  37. As Trump said in Battle Creek, Michigan; "It does not feel i am being impeached" In other words lets ignore all this non-sense and get on to Presidential business and lead, for goodness sakes ,,,

  38. What a remarkable woman who took those kids in and gave him a home they didn't have a mom, is she didn't see color all she saw with people children little bitty people what a blessing, this is what y'all supposed to be doing is nice to know that some white people are just not killing us in allowing us to live thank you God for that woman, set , let her blessings reach the sky, that's called making a difference

  39. I hope Puerto 🇵🇷 Rico stays calm and no riots start over this secret horde of bottled water, cots (or beachy lounge chairs?), baby food, and baby care products. What about other provisions for children and adults, like canned food, blankets, tarps, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, clothes, etc? Whoever held back those supplies should be utterly ashamed of themselves! I hope they get fired from their jobs, and publicly named! Hang in there Puerto Rico! ….. From Diana, Indiana, United States. 🌎

  40. I want to know what kind of trail is this without any form of witnesses, it is one of the biggest jokes I ever heard of. It is just wasting taxpayers money on nonsense, since the chief justice cannot called no witnesses. What is he sitting on the bench for, and he does not have any form of power. Because Congress set the stage of the trail,that to showed the judge does not have any form of power to change the way Congress set the stage. So he haveto abides by the rules of laws, because the judge is only an observer of the trail. Anyone from Congress who are lawyer could overseeing the procedure, the whole thing is a fake trial.The are only wasting airtime and hold up the people's TV stations,from watching their shows.

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