News Wrap: At least 40 civilians die in Afghan raid on Taliban hideout

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the days other news: At
least 40 civilians died at a wedding party
in Afghanistan in a raid by Afghan special
It happened in Helmand Province as troops
attacked a Taliban hideout next to the bride’s
In the aftermath, the wounded were pulled
from the rubble while relatives waited outside
the hospital.
Officials said 22 Taliban fighters were killed
as well.
In Hong Kong, transit systems returned to
normal and crews cleaned up after weekend
demonstrations once again turned violent.
Clashes broke out last night at subway stations,
where protesters damaged ticket machines and
vandalized walls.
Outside, they barricaded streets and lit fires.
Riot police charged with tear gas to disperse
the crowds.
It marked a 16th week of unrest by pro-democracy
Thousands of travelers worldwide were left
looking for new arrangements today when the
British travel firm Thomas Cook shut down
without warning.
The company halted flights and canceled bookings
after failing to secure $250 million in rescue
Around the world, anxious passengers scrambled
to get to their destinations.
Sue Hoskins was stranded on the Greek island
of Corfu.
SUE HOSKINS, British Tourist: We have been
given no information at all by anybody.
And we have just been brought to the airport
late, and we’re now told we might not even
get a seat on the plane.
So I think it’s really bad that no one is
here to help.
JUDY WOODRUFF: In all, Thomas Cook canceled
more than 600,000 bookings worldwide.
The company had been in business for 178 years,
but had struggled for years against budget
airlines and low-cost online booking sites.
Puerto Rico is shuttering schools and closing
public agencies, as Tropical Depression Karen
The storm could hit the U.S. territory with
winds of 35 miles an hour and up to eight
inches of rain tomorrow.
To the north, Tropical Storm Jerry moved toward
Bermuda today with sustained winds of 65 miles
an hour.
A former Dallas police officer, Amber Guyger,
went on trial today for killing a black neighbor
in his own apartment.
Prosecutors said that Guyger was upset and
distracted when she entered what she thought
was her apartment and then shot a man she
believed was a burglar.
The defense said that she made understandable
The jury will decide whether she is guilty
of murder or a lesser crime or no crime at
The strike against General Motors is now in
its second week.
The automaker and the United Auto Workers
bargained through the weekend.
There were reports of progress, but no sign
that the end of the walkout is near.
Some 49,000 workers are on the picket lines,
paralyzing 30 GM sites in nine states.
On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average
gained about 15 points to close at 26950.
The Nasdaq fell five points.
And the S&P 500 was virtually unchanged.
And the best in television entertainment were
crowned last night at the Emmy Awards, and
“Game of Thrones” ruled again.
The HBO fantasy epic won best drama for its
final season, while Amazon’s “Fleabag” took
home the best comedy honors.
And Billy Porter became the first openly gay
man to win best actor in a drama series for
his role in “Pose.”

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