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35 thoughts on “News Now Stream 11/08/19 (FNN)

  1. Joe Biden sure does step on his own words often. 8:15. And he had hit his quota on the word "folks" within 5 minutes

  2. @8:18:15 Not completely true. You can't sue manufacturers of vaccines Mr Biden. How about you mention that? Why not? Did they put money in your pocket?

  3. Trump sounds like he's enjoying this. As he should be. The dems conduct an investigation behind closed doors, don't use a tape recorder to verify what is transcribed, and ban the Republicans from attending the initial hearings. This has to be CRIMINAL. They should all serve time in jail. Sock it to 'em, Trump. The Donald for 2020! KAG folks!

  4. Bernie Sanders has low energy brain, and old school manners.
    I can SEE this! He is sad and empty and limited in brain.

  5. Trump for 2020 – that’s the only way our country will avoid becoming a Socialist state. What do you really care about? All this crap going on in the press, or do you care about our country? We are a free nation, but we are at very real risk of losing it all if these far left extremists come into full political power. All you have to do is look at what’s happened (or not happened) with the new majority in the House of Representatives ever since the voters elected President Trump. Their full and complete focus has been getting rid of him because, in their own words, “we have to impeach him because we can’t beat him in an election.”

  6. President Trump never asked for a press conference from Bill Barr. More lies. The enemy of the people are Demonrats and MSM.

  7. All problem districts are Democrat. Isn't that nice. Do nothing Demonrats are corrupt and only want power. Their constituents are like ants to them. Listen to them.

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